Wednesday, October 24

Excerpts from Chapter 2: SNAP Joins BN

On 18 July 1975, a SNAP delegate’s conference was held authorising more or less the party to proceed with the negotiations to join Barisan Nasional. SNAP was promised some cabinet posts both in the Federal and State governments. Wong was released from Kemunting Camp and placed under “restricted residence” from 31 January 1976 until 10 March 1977 as one of the conditions for the negotiations for the party’s entry into the Barisan Nasional government.

Negotiations went for more than one year, before SNAP finally joined the Sarawak coalition government on 1 November 1976. SNAP president and Member for Krian, Dunstan Endawie was appointed deputy Chief Minister III and Minister for Local Government. Leo Moggie, who was the Member for Machan and the secretary- general of the party, was made the Minister for Welfare. Two other Council Negeri Members from the party were made assistant ministers. Joseph Balan Seling was made the assistant Minister for Agriculture and Community Development, while Lo Foot Kee, the assistant Minister for Local Government.
The author accompanied with the Chief Minister in a helicopter, visiting Temiang, Sematong, Mawang and then Gedong in the Simunjan District. It was in Gedong when Rahman stunned those present numbering a few hundreds with his intention to resign. As a government press officer covering the function, the author double-checked with the Chief Minister himself with what he heard and whether the author could write the story. He said to the author “Jang write the story and flash it over radio in all languages.” The author rushed to Kuching by taxi and informed the Head of the Press Division, Encik Balia Munir about the story. After typing the story, the author passed it to him and urged him to reconfirm it with the Chief Minister before flashing it to radio and the press. Rahman might want to change his mind. Two hours later Balia telephoned to say that the story was to be “killed”.


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