Tuesday, July 22

Protem members are still pursuing MDC registration

Within a period of one month, Nicholas Bawin has again mentioned that the formation of Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) has been shelved. He has now joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) as one of the deputy chiefs.

By joining PKR, Bawin has therefore automatically opted himself out from MDC. In fact since he made the first statement on 28 June 2008 that he had joined PKR, he has therefore been replaced by someone else as protem president of the yet to be registered MDC. The rest of the protem committee members who are still in MDC are still pursuing the registration of the Congress as a political party. In fact the protem members have recently discussed with a legal firm with a view to sue the government over its no response to their appeal.

Since Bawin is with PKR, he has no more relevance talking about MDC and indirectly talking about Dayak agenda. Now he has a different agenda - an Anwar Ibrahim agenda.

But what puzzled the protem members was why Bawin single-handlely decided to shelf the formation of MDC. Did he discuss with other members? Or is he telling the hardcore members of the defunct PBDS that there is no hope in registering MDC as a political party and that they should follow him into PKR.

With due respect to Bawin, he has not got the charismatic personality of persons like Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem who have a great following.

Further more Bawin was asked to be protem president of Malaysian Dayak Congress when the proponents held their first meeting in April 2005 and once MDC was registered someone else who was academically better qualified and had greater influence would lead the party. Even the protem committee members had agreed to be replaced.

We hope Bawin should stop using the yet to be registered MDC as a tool to entice the hardcore Dayaks to join him in PKR. In PKR like other multi-racial parties, the Dayaks are only making the numbers and contributing to its strength but with little influence. Are we going to play a peripheral role under the Pakatan Rakyat?
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tiyungdayak said...

According to Buah Nyior Post, Mr. Bawin went to see ROS 25 times but then, it all went into smoke!

It's an open secret that such effort could have been squizzed by the bomohs...


Jetty said...

This so-called "bomohs" are so powerful even ROS are scared to reply a simple request from MDC.

Ben-Tajai said...

I'm not a pessimistic political animal. And I wish you all the best to pursue MDC registration.
My humble comments:
> Dayakism was coined by Adinan
> Dayakism lacked sustainability
and capacity building.
> Dayak unity in one political
party is already shattered dream.
> The Broken Shield = Demise of
> DON'T WORRY: There a new "James
Wong" or "Sng Chee Hua" or
" Tiong King Seng" in waiting.