Friday, February 1

'The Broken Shield' Roadtour: Saratok, Sarikei & Sibu

Dear readers, I will be promoting my book by visiting the following places and dates:-

Friday, 1 Feb 2008 (3.00 pm onwards)

Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 (12.00 noon onwards)

Sunday, 3 Feb 2008 (12.00 noon – 2.00 pm)

Thank you.



I admire your efforts in producing this inspiring books.

Unfortunately, most of us still do not understand the importance of politic. It gets worse when our people lose their determination to complete their study and consequently fail to understand your book. Would you please encourage all the dayak leaders, perhaps a discussion regarding the importance of staying together when it comes to fighting for our rights, education opportunities and business opportunities? Can somebody really voice it out?

The book can help but not much. However, it helps a lot only if we adapt to the changing environment.

1.) Stubborness is good if it is used correctly. If our stubborness can be changed to determination especially in academic and business, the dayaks will stay ahead.

2.) ENVY: Envy is good if we use it correctly because we need envy to boost our spirit. Without envy, we will not be able to have the will to compete. However, we must compete positively. Don't "kill" our contenders. Learn from them.

3.) In the past, we were heavy drinkers. However, nowadays we must stop being a heavy drinker. Choose to be an occasional drinker. If we don't, we will forever live in debt and finally we will become stray dogs

4.) Open to criticism. Others judge us better than ourselves. We need a good mirror in life.

5.) Loyalty: We are famous for loyalty. However, if we are being loyal to someone who becomes rich and we become slaves forever, that is not loyalty. That is called stupidity. We are supposed to be loyal to our people not the ones who steal from us. Let me give an example. A dayak mechanic, who is very good at his job choose not to leave his company due to loyalty despite the low wages. That is blind loyalty. Open up your own shop. Then you will be the boss. How long do you want to be slaves?
We can be the boss.

Jetty said...

Thank you for your constructive comments and your support towards my book. This is just a small contribution to unite our Dayak community.

The volume 2 of the book will be more juicy and it is expected to be ready by August 2008.

Best Regards.



"A true dayak leader that the new dayak generations are looking for now is the one who has an unshakable stand and principles. We do not want a leader who once builds a party but destroys it due to greed and power. I know most of Dayak leaders who do not really fight for the Dayaks because I am the son of a man who once fought against the government in 1991 in the name of PBDS. We are looking for a leader who fight until the end of his breath, not the one who can easily be stupified by money and power. We Dayaks must not let the spirit of "agi idup agi ngelaban" fade in us. Look at the Japanese. The spirit of Kamikaze is still with them until today.

May God bless the dayaks who are being tortured mentally and economically since Stephen Kalong Nigkan era. AMEN.

rambochai said...

nice to meet you. very nice blog post on here . i'm the one - we met and the namecard printing shop .. :)