Wednesday, April 16

The Broken Shield - Volume 2

The volume two of The Broken Shield sub-titled the Dayak Dilemma is now in the final stage of editing. The book should be ready by July 2008. This time, the second volume will be about 350 pages.
The contents are as follows:
  1. SNAP Crisis
  2. Formation of Sarawak Progressive Party
  3. The Power Struggle in PBDS
  4. PBDS Deregistration
  5. Formation of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS)
  6. PRS Crisis
  7. The Effort to form Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC)
  8. The Dayak Agenda

Students of political science must read this book. For that matter every Dayak should read this book in order to understand Dayaks' dilemma, the unfair treatment and unjustice meted out to them, the taking away of their NCR land, the rejection by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) for the Dayaks to form their own political party such as MDC and accuse them of being a security threat, etc.


RemaungNegung said...

Aku booking 5 copy ...

Henry Anak Joseph said...

Looking forward to reading both books. We have met on numerous occasions but we never had the chance to talk about the book that you have authored.

Iban authors are rare breed indeed. The indication is explicit. We just can't find one Iban author either writing in English language or the Iban language. There are a few books written in the Iban language in our our public libraries and those we find were written years ago mostly on folk tale. Those of other gentres are almost none.

We have rich sources but too few who are willing to commit themselves to writing. The reason is obvious. It takes great patient and commitment.

Please keep up the good deed for poterity to ponder upon.

Henry Anak Joseph said...

Correction of typographical errors: the word "gentres" should be "genres" and the word "poterity" should be "posterity"

Thank you for the email that I have just received.

Jetty said...

Mr Henry, thank you very much for your encouraging and inspiring remarks. I am looking forward to have a cup of coffee with you. Please telephone me when you are free.