Monday, June 9

The author of The Broken Shield in Bintulu from 13-15 June 2008

The author of The Broken Shield will be in Bintulu from evening of June 13, 2008 to June 15. He is bringing with him several copies of the book. Each book is being sold at RM60.00. He can be contacted at HP 019-8763222.

Meanwhile, the editing of the second volume of the book is ready and is about to be sent to the printers. The book, which has about 350 pages, contains lurid details of power struggles in SNAP, PBDS and PRS. The last chapter of the book is on Dayak Agenda - the creation of new breed of Dayaks upon them the future of the community will lie.

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`;' said...

You're stalling away this book stuff now, my friend. Too much about book promotion kills off your blog. You're not creating this blog for the sole purpose of selling your book, are you?

What about the ideas, the beauty of Sarawak politics or its notoriety, or the political spirits which the book is trying so hard to make known?

If you care for some advice -- I'm being a regular visitor to this site -- why don't you drag readers to discuss some events in your book. I know Leo Moggie is Dayak champion but what others think of him? Is he the same arrogant bastard I painted in my mind? What you think of him? Should we hang Moggie? Or do we need to scalp and skin him first? You know, stuff like this might be able to make your blog interesting from this point on.

You already have a good stuff there with you. Develop the theme. Afterall we're talking about a broken shield. We have little interest with the fixing of the shield... maybe a post mortem is the next best thing to do. We have alot of What Ifs to discuss there, would you agree?

Anyway that's only my suggestion.

::: James anak Bond :::