Friday, September 26

Why Jabu does not like Dayak NGOs?

Organisers of the state level “Operations Sikap” road safety campaign must have been wondering or even regretting asking Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang to launch the campaign yesterday (24 September 2008) in Kuching. Instead of talking about road safety campaign and the advice given to road users during the coming Hari Raya when most of the celebrants are returning home or “balik kampung”, Jabu talked some things irrelevant to the occasion. Imagine Jabu talking about the “gila-gila” Tua kampung in Lundu and Bau, who were dismissed and about Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) bringing in foreign NGOs to SALCRA briefing.

How did the road safety organisers and road users feel when Jabu blasting at SADIA which has nothing to do with road safety? For all these listeners, I am sure, they must be wondering what this minister was talking about. They asked him to launch the campaign, so that he could advise all road users.

But for people who know Jabu, they know his style, his rhetoric. He always talked something irrelevant to the occasion and would always take the opportunity to condemn those who crossed path with him.

As much as he likes to project himself as the Dayak leader, the Dayaks and the Dayak Organisations sad to say do not accept his leadership. The non-acceptance of his leadership makes him very angry, and this explains why he does not see eye-to-eye with Dayak organisations such as the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU), the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), the Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA), the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), the Dayak Cultural Foundation, etc.

And the only association he loves is the Serakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS). This is because his wife, Empiang is the president.

And the question most readers are likely to ask is: Why are all these Dayak NGOs not accepting Jabu as the Dayak leader? After all as the most senior Dayak minister, and the most trusted by Abdul Taib Mahmud, he has some political leverage and some power which should be useful to any Dayak organisation, if only it is friendly with him.


Anonymous said...

The old guards are all having 'maglinant' kleptocracy. The medical profession would call for total 'kleptotectomy' to cure this problem.

Anonymous said...

By now the Dayak, particularly Dayak NGOs should know who their REAL enemy is. As I have said earlier, enemies can be from within and from outside. My advice to all Dayak, quoting from Senator Joe Biden (Democratic party Vice President candidate and Barack Obama running mate) is this, "Do not despair over the situation we're in, we have the collective power to change it". (COLLECTIVE POWER emphasised). Obviously, we Dayak can do without such leader, and can be better without such leader. The sooner we collectively discard such leader, the faster is his road towards the political scrapheap. One sure way for a leader to render himself irrelevant is NOT listening to his people. Do not worry too much brother. Let him say much more of those staff without him really realising that he is evoking Dayak anger. To all Dayak Muslim, Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Raya.

Rgds DJ

Anonymous said...

There are three(3) categories of people about CHANGE INTERVENTION

(1) DON'T WANT TO "CHANGE" - to ensure that nobody else have access to what they have now and what the future holds for them if the cake is shared!. By all means, if neccessary strong arms tactic and play dirty if other options does not work

2) WANT TO CHANGE BUT CAN'T - too poor to antagonise the people in power. RM50 or RM100 or RM... every five years enough lah and them grunmble

3) WANT REAL CHANGE - individuals who had made it in LIFE through blood, sweat and tears without the "TONGKAT" being rendered and those who are able to differentiate between rights or wrong and be able to decide for themselves

Unknown said...

Jabu is always great in seizing the NCR land. Good to hear that he hates Dayak NGO. The hatred will chased him behind.

Anonymous said...

Borneo Warrior short rant:

It is a simple fact that ones who dont like another is a fearfactor factor! An individual who has the influences and power that dosent like an organisation is disoriented to certain surroundings around him!Causing the fear factor turnarounds!yet again,endlessly and unwantonly!To put it in a square hole, that person is hopelessly having an inferiority complex of extreme dimension! Make sense?

Anonymous said...

he's simply envious of the NGO's who are progressively helping the Dayaks and he could not match their works. simply put, he's ashamed for himself.

Anonymous said...

pooh poor old guard. he knows his days are counted giving him not enough time to amass more lands of his own people.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this poor old is simply envious of the NGO's especially the NGOs run by the Dayak. This old guard only know how to angkat pelir only.

recently,he really make people in Kapit 'got really mad' about his word on road link from Kapit. Adakah patut, when he said, transportation by river is very much cheaper.

to me, this leader is the main hinderance to the Dayak progress.

Anonymous said...

Jabu condemned 3 local NGO(sadia)Good.............what sadia can do to help the dayaks?what have Nicholas Mujah and Peter John done for us....?i think both of them and sadia are Rubbish....

Anonymous said...

Mr Edward anak Belaga,

In case you are not aware or maybe you are totally ignorant, SADIA through Nicholas Mujah, Peter John, Bawin and other Dayak lawyers have been very active in helping the Dayaks (especially Ibans) involving many NCR court cases (without charging a single cent).

In fact, they are always on the front line to protect the rights on the Natives to ensure their sustainable livelihoods.

Now, what has Jabu done to help the Dayaks?? He only knows how to 'carry balls" with his famous slogan "Ketua Menteri Yang Dikasihi". What rubbish..!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with u Mr.anonymous.If not SADIA and its active members such as Nicholas mujah,bawin and Peter john who else is willing to do unpaid risky task?It is learned that these hidden heroes are always in the police lock up for protecting our rights.Cheers to the the brave boys of SADIA...Rubbish to JABU numpang urang.WAKE UP to BELAGA communities.

Anonymous said...

By the way,what does Nicholas Mujah and Peter John Knows about land matters.?Both of them are an ordinary person like you and me.Do they really know or ever work in the law firm or land office?If both of them are really sincere helping the dayaks land issue,ask them to go to Belaga or Bintulu then.Why only in Betong?

Anonymous said...

dik apai deh,kasih ga aku ninga dik edwaard belaga...tak kelalu enda nemu utai,diau dalam kutak kah dik tu....Enda nemu nyau ka abis menua kitai di ambi taib enggau jabu.You better move from you are now then you know what is really happening to the dayak.PLEASE SOMEONE...explain to him what is sadia and its role or maybe tell him who is nicholas mujah,bawin and peter john.

Anonymous said...

Nuju anakku Edward Belaga,

Amat paloi di anakku Edward. Anang ngelaban orang bedebate enti facts nuan salah.

Peter John Jaban worked more than 20 years in the Land Office headquarters in Kuching.

His section was mapping, surveying and recording of NCR land. He resigned before he contested in the 2006 State election against agi dik Jabu.

Both Peter and Mujah have travelled to Betong, Simunjan, Sri Aman, Lundu, Miri, Bintulu, Mukah, Belaga and Kapit to help the NCR land owners fight Taib-Jabu cronies. Malu aku ninga pemeli dik anak. :(

Ari indai nuan

Anonymous said...

Aku tu baru tamak ngaggai Blog ruai tu wai...Anang nganu aku au...By now we should know Sadia members espcially Nicholas Mujah and Peter John are in trouble and at risk.Kasih amai ney wai....bisi meh macha dalam surat khabar empai lama.Kumbai enda serious cerita tu....By the Is there any Dayak Leaders or Dayak Association helping them?How can we help them?