Monday, March 30

News from Batang Ai (Part 6)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election


1. 'Satu lawan satu'

Jawah Gerang (pic, right) of PKR is facing Malcolm Mussen of Barisan Nasional in the Batang Ai by-election announced on Thursday.

Sone 10,000 people were present to send their respective candidates to the nomination centre. While the Parti Keadilan Sarawak’s supporters were from local people, the BN’s supporters came from civil servants, council staff and etc.

Johnny Chuat, an Iban blogger and producer of Iban magazine, failed to submit his papers even though he went inside the nomination centre. However, when he came out, he wore PKR shirt and called his supporters to support Jawah Gerang.

2. An encounter with James Masing

One day before nomination day, the small town of Lubok Antu was full of people literally to its brims. Wherever you went, you were bound to meet the same people.

While looking for food, three of us – myself, my colleague and our driver – we met Masing, the BN director of operations and his supporters. After finishing our food, we thought it be discourteous if we did not say hello to the minister.

So we shook hands with him. I was the last to do so. “Hello, YB Dr.” I said. Replying, he said: “Why is your Broken Shield always broken?”

“Well, because its parts and pieces are still with PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, and other parties. Unless all Dayaks are united under one political party, the Shield will always remain broken”, I said. Masing looked rather uncomfortable.

3. The pig that did not die

Whatever Ibans do such as farming, constructing a house, working in distant land, “miring” (rites) is part of the custom.

When Malcolm Mussen procceded to the nomination centre yesterday, a “miring” ceremony was performed.

Part of the ceremony was for him to spear a pig. Usually after the pig has died, its livers were scrutinized carefully looking for any strange or unusual formation.

However, in Mussen’s case, they did not look at the livers as they had to hurry to the nomination centre. After they had left, someone found out that the pig was still alive. It had to be speared for the second time. What does this signify? Bad omen?

4. Dominique Ng causes a stir

During yesterday’s nomination day, the entire cabinet of Abdul Taib Mahmud were present. Sabah’s deputy chief minister Joseph Kitingan and two federal ministers were present.

A special tent was constructed for the VVIPs so that they could drink and wait for the outcome of the nomination. Another one was constructed for the Opposition.

Dominique Ng (pic above, left), PKR State assemblyman went to the tent housing the VVIPs to take photographs when one of the VVIPs asked him whether he went to the wrong place and that he should change his shirt. (Dominique at that time was wearing PKR shirt).

“No. I am happy with my baju,” he replied.

“Then you better leave, we do not want you,” said Alfred Jabu, deputy chief minister and deputy president of PBB.

“After this, we also do not want you,” replied Dominique.

“You talk big,” remarked Abdul Taib Mahmud, chief minister and president of PBB to the laughters of all present.

“Don’t worry, we are all big,” said Dominique before he was pulled away by a security personnel.

5. About RM500,000 spent on nomination day

About 5,000 BN supporters were present at the padang during the nomination day yesterday holding BN flags.

It was said that each participant was paid RM40.00 That will come to RM200,000. What about money spent on drinks and food for the VVIPs and other invited guests?

And claims, travelling and lodging allowances of civil servants? There were more than 800 police personnel present. That day alone not less than RM500,000 was spent.

More to come…stay tune to


Phyrestarter said...

First of all....this morning, I would like to give a shout out to YB Dominique for having the balls to answer the stupid Jabu, the so called Iban who thinks everyone likes him and wants him around.

Secondly, to Broken Shield, next time no need to talk to James Masing. He got nothing more to say. Balls cut off, pride stepped on, integrity...long time already gone. Make you angry only everytime you see him.

Sunday's commentary by Kaypo was good...says voting in Batang Ai is all about the person rather than the party...finally see some good pieces being written.

The tale of the 2 Joseph's should be happening more and more....Tuai Rumah's should be making their stand.These 2 better be careful...might end up like James masing...cut-off at the balls...

So let the Games being...

Anonymous said...

1. I shall appreciate it very much if you could interview Tuai Rumah Ambau. I will link to that post, to allow more readers to read it. Thank you.
2. Were the kidnapped local Dayak leaders released yesterday? I suppose it is a good idea to interview some of the 'reluctant-to-be-kidnapped' victims. SMS to me, for one good example.

Anonymous said...

James Masing gave you a good challenge. Perhaps the shield will be mended via PKR movement.

Anonymous said...

Jabu seems to be going senile. Keeps behaving and talking like a small boy. And why is he sticking to Taib like a conjoined twin?

NEIL said...

Dominique Ng should have told Jabu that he should be the one to get out becos he splits the dayaks.And also tell Taib that everyone talks big when he or she got money but there comes a time when he or she have to talk small.

NEIL said...

masing is just wasting his time there.These lapdogs will all be having their tails between their two legs on election night.

Apai Semalau said...

Your answer to Masing's stupid question hit it right on the bud! You gave him a truthful answer that is hard for him to digest for a long time to come. His feeling uncomfortable shows that the truth hurts. You should have asked him on what is he doing about it. He is counted as part of the reasons for the broken shield. Is he going to pick up the pieces or is he going to further shatter the shield in order to hold us Ibans disunited and under the bondage of poverty. Ironically,70% of Ibans living in Batang Ai are surviving below the poverty line despite the fact that Sarawak is one of the richest state in Malaysia. Where have all our riches gone to? Without question, currently, Masing and other dayak YBs are dancing to the tune of PBB to disunite the dayaks. A disunited dayak nation,gives them legitimacy to cling onto power and gouge our natural resources. Thats their true agenda. Our tax payers money to the tune of $500,000+ for a day in Lubok Antu could have been better spent on improving the living conditions of many rumah panjai dwellers.
Now we dayaks should only show respect where it due and not blindly like in the past. Respects need to be earn. Just because they are "menteri" or "YBs" so what? Let us all be a true "Tuai Rumah Ambau"! Face the bull, pull it by its horns and speak our mind.

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, the Dayaks will still vote for BN eventhou Jabu, Masing & others Dayaks BN's leaders are yes man to taib.out of the 3 by election, BN will win B.A as the Dayaks are very happy with their current lifestyles...& as long as BN leader live like king and become filty rich...the Dayaks will always vote for BN....

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, if I were by your side that day, I would have added that he, Mr. James Masing has been the great one to "Break The Shield" from PBDS to PRS....

Last night after a tired day, I have a dream to see many broken pieces of eye glasses on the floor and being trempled into more smaller broken pieces,( CAN SOME ONE PLEASE INTERPRET THIS FOR ME, THANK YOU!!!)

Anonymous said...

Tuai Rumah Ambau is muscle strong in build and voice, the 2 Jospehs tied together also not his opponent what more to say that these 2 Josephs have so much broken promises and lies to Batang Ai N29

N29 Ambau Spirit is in the build and many will sacrify their monthly RM450 to fight for the rights of our race... Please BN , give us some more Ringgit back, because all these you have stolen and robbed from us

Anonymous said...

I salute you, YB Dom Ng, you are a real man with real balls not like those Iban sitting in BN VVIP tents who have their balls removed and seemingly making their tails as their front pieces

Syabas PKR, Jawah, Bawin, Johnny Chuat, Dom Ng, Adit and all the un-named heros and heroins, anak Sarawak, anak Lubok Antu

Lubok Antu, you will be the name remembered in political reform history of Sarawak by April 7th

God blesses all who fight for righteouness and justice on the land He has given to our ancestors


According to the Iban rituals and beliefs from the ancestors generations, if the pig (supposed to be slaughteres) by using spear during Miring ceremony....and the pig concerned was still alive after speared at the neck....MEANING and tne interpretation :- BN candidate Malcolm Mussen will lose severely during the election later on....

The omen send by God still ( bisa baka kacang padi..... mah disema ka orang enti kacang agi pedas sampai ke sari tok....meaning any bad omen like that will still be workable....BELIEVE ME MY FRIEND..!!! )

Torres said...


So we shook hands with him. I was the last to do so. “Hello, YB Dr.” I said. Replying, he said: “Why is your Broken Shield always broken?”

“Well, because its parts and pieces are still with PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, and other parties. Unless all Dayaks are united under one political party, the Shield will always remain broken”, I said. Masing looked rather uncomfortable.

I feel the same too. Iban and Dayak must unite under one roof. Then, our voices will be heard, loud and clear. Enti enda jako kitai semina baka orang ti betelai aja.

Let it start from Batang Ai... menoa asai Iban di Sarawak.

Iban Batang Skrang

Phyrestarter said...

Just read thru today's paper and it seems the only thing Bee End can say is about Jawah's track record when he was YB. Says he hasn't done this and that bla bla bla etc etc...

Hey Bee End Idiots...don't you know by saying this it makes you yourself look bad. Even when Jawah was Bee End YB also you don't care bout Batang Ai ppl...what makes you think that with Mussen, it will be any different. By putting Nyallau's name in the mix also shows how you have undermined Jawah's effort in trying to help Bstsng Ai.

Douglas Uggah's name should also not be brought up as he is the "Betongman's" lackey...Basically kiss my ass, sacrifice your principle and integrity and your area will be developed.

I dare any of the BN dayak YBs to go to other areas by themselves and preach and see whether they won't get booed and thrown out. That's the true measure of a politician and not pay people to show support. That goes the same for "Georgie Porgie".

Why don't you ask YB Daud to tell you his experience when they tried to turn Muslim graves into High Priced Condos? If not for his body guards sure long time he will be hanging from a tree. The Dayaks won't be so forgiving.


NEIL said...

Taib is playing his gong, masing ,jabu and william mawan are all dacing to his tune while george chan and all his gangs are clapping their hands.These gangs are partying while the dayaks are all suffering.
Batang Ai have woken up and on election night,all BN gangs will ave to play hide and seek with the dayaks.
We must end this partying by BN.Vote PKR.

Anonymous said...

To all, FYI
Last night BN PBB PRS visit to Malay kampong was a dead failure one with almost no turn out. Why, the answers are in the hearts of BN Ybs, ministers and especially PRS
One of these nights, BN will meet town people one more time again to be led by PRS linked Chinese Head-Man. Ready to hear the Boooo...and storming of words. BN, you do not have to come now to see the Chinese men and women, they dont need your RM 50 per head or RM500 per house. They have suffered a poor and bad leadership and are waiting for this by-election to use their every ballot paper to tell you BN their feeling, rages and angers. They are rock hard in their decision now to vote out BN, and especially PRS from N29

Broken Shield, please follow up.

AWANBIRU said...

Tahniah anda semua di Sarawak, sanggup berubah untuk perubahan. Jangan biarkan orang lain menjajah kamu. Angkat bangsa kamu, untuk kamu, anak-anak dan cucu kamu supaya mereka tidak merempat di tanah tumpah sendiri. LAWAN TETAP LAWAN...TAKBIR.

* Pihak Admin kalau boleh banyakkan upload gambar kempen. Kami di Semenanjung ingin mengetahui dan input kempen di Batang Ai.

chapchai said...

A very good answer to Masing re the broken shield. Now is the time for ALL DAYAKS to unite. Without this you will never release Sarawak from the grips of Taib and his gang. Tell the voters to take whatever goodies BN throws at them but vote for PKR instead. They will not have done anything wrong as these goodies and cash are theirs by right anyway, considering the way they have been mistreated in the last 30 odd years!

pensioner said...

To all members of the defunct PBDS who are still party-less, let us join PKR to continue our struggle.

Give a solid support to our PKR candidate, Jawah Gerang in Batang Ai by-election and tell the people in Batang Ai to give their mandate to PKR. Continue on with our struggle on NCR land issue and fragmentation of Dayak society.

We are in despair over dayak unity being divided into small groups in four political parties, thus easy for `Babun` to bully and rule us.

There is no way `Babun` want to see dayak united, even SPDP-PRS merger was never materialised.

Vote for PKR for a change.HIDUP PKR.

Anonymous said...

good reply to jjm

he must be terkedu

DeePo said...

tu baru ya....good luck to jawah...

we support u from afar....

-iban kapit-

Anonymous said...

Third Wave for Tsunami.

For that to happen Dayak must arise and vote PKR and repay Barisan Nasional for their lies by humiliating them.

Anonymous said...

pensioner said...
To all members of the defunct PBDS who are still party-less, let us join PKR to continue our struggle....
Vote for PKR for a change.HIDUP PKR.

March 30, 2009 5:52 PM



Anonymous said...

Quoted from BPost 30.03.2009

Malcolm Mussen said...
"Being technically trained in problems solving, my style will be more on brain storming and mind-mapping sessions to fine solutions. It is important not to fine faults but to find remedies."

That is typical thinking of management studentwith A+ mark. However, he failed [symptomatic of DENIAL SYNDROME]to see the other side of the coin. Dare he brain-storm Masing, Jabu and Taib NOT TO BE GREEDY AND DIVISIVE any longer????

How can he find the RIGHT & EFFECTIVE REMEDIES without knowing the practical importance of identifying the REAL sources of faults; Why & How they happened, WHO caused them and the ADVERSE effects. By his statement, M.Mussen could be like medical doctor who prescribes PANACEA for all kind of body pains.


Anonymous said...


if word 'dayak' made ros afraid to register mdc, then use 'Sarawak Congress'.

the membership in the application form (if requirement) is open to multiracial but you as the leader can decline any membership from non dayaks

Anonymous said...

nama kita udu ngano apai YB James jemut?

Masing nya apai Jemut, kita tu iban ke kayan?

sempama jako, apai burik anak ritih

bisi kualiti ketuai iban ke baka Jemut nunjuk ke nya aje meh kualiti iban...

sapa meri masing, jabu kuasa??

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

“Well, because its parts and pieces are still with PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, and other parties. Unless all Dayaks are united under one political party, the Shield will always remain broken”, I said. Masing looked rather uncomfortable.


Mata Kuching said...

Masing the idiot will forever be defensive and shift the blame on Jawah for the lack of developments in Lubok Antu by having the balls to say that Jawah did not lobby hard enough. By having said that he also meant that the late incumbent for Batang Ai, YB Unting did not lobby hard enough too while he was alive.

Such is the kind of Dayak leaders who refused to acknowledge that Taib's evil and divisive policies had kept the rural Dayaks poor forever so that he could use developments to benefit himself and his families.

Did Masing not always refer to the mini hydros as Taib's plan? Did not all BN Dayak leaders always sing the same song that Taib is the master architect of Sarawak's "developments" which include plundering and robbing our lands and selling them to listed companies. Even a pirate is given higher recognition and respect than Rentap who fought the brooke or Chin Peng who fought the british and hasten the independence of Malaya.

We must change all Dayak leaders from BN. Show no mercy. Let us give Jawah and PKR a resounding victory.