Saturday, June 25

Ho Leng accuses Jabu of telling lies

KUCHING: DAP chairman and Opposition leader Wong Ho Leng today (23 June) slammed Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang for continuing to tell lies in the state assembly and (Land Development minister) James Masing’s big bin meant for the DAP rubbish should be used to fill the rubbish and lies uttered by Jabu.

Jabu has repeatedly accused DAP of suppressing and oppressing the opportunities of the natives in native customary right land development.

“We have denied and denied it for more than 10 times, but he repeated the same lies,” Wong said to reporters.

“Saying a hundred lies repeatedly will eventually become truth. I think that he is trying to do that by repeatedly telling lies in the state assembly.

“I told him on the spot today that he is a liar. I am sure you heard it and he has no audacity to rebut it,” he said.

Jabu said that in 1996 DAP members went to a stage in Kanowit and opposed NCR land development.

Wong said that DAP had not got a branch in Kanowit at that time and what Jabu claimed is a complete garbage.

“So Masing’s big bin should be used to fill garbage and lies uttered by Jabu. The bin is very fitting,” the Bukit Assek assemblyman added.

Asked to comment on Jabu’s outbursts today, Wong said that he feels sorry for Sarawakians if he is to be the transition chief minister in two years’ time when Abdul Taib Mahmud steps down.

“During the transition period, it will not be Adenan Satem, but it will be Jabu. And the way he yelled at the opposition members today, and if that is how Jabu carries himself, then I feel sorry for Sarawakians.

“You cannot as deputy chief minister yells at opposition members as you are not permitted by your own decorum and protocol, integrity and dignity of your office. You cannot also repeatedly accuse DAP as oppressing and suppressing the opportunities of the natives in NCR land development.” Wong said.

The opposition leader said that the statistics released by him today showed more than 60% or 70% of the hardcore poverty comes from the rural areas where there are Bidayuhs, Ibans and Malays and Melanau.

“Although he enjoys high office as deputy chief minister of Sarawak for more than 30 years, yet he has totally failed to look after the interests of the rural folks.

“He blamed me for his inability to look into and take care of the interest of the Dayak communities and the fact remains that we the DAP have never suppressed or oppressed the opportunities of Dayaks in terms of the NCR land development.

“We are actually in favour of NCR land development to make the people especially the natives rich, but the development must be meaningful.

“You cannot do something that is wrong in the name and guise of development and therefore deprive them of the opportunity. Not me and not us in the DAP,” he added.

Jabu was seen very angry and very emotional when he tried to answer two questions asked by Violet Yong, the member for Pending during question and answer session.

The questions were: To ask the chief minister on poverty eradication programme to: (a) explain the status of poverty and hardcore poverty in Sarawak. Please provide detail by reference to racial composition in the state, and (b) state the measures to curb hardcore poverty in the state and the manner in which the state government has been assisting them.

Most of his answers went out of tangent.


Banting said...

YB Tan Sri Alfred Jabu ak. Numpang,

Would you please come to Miri and try to take a walk on the streets where you can see some Ibans are sitting on the five-foot-ways begging for money. Some women and small children are found begging in front of of lottery outlets and their number tends to increase on lottery draw days - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.May be you can see some of the poor Ibans in other towns in Sarawak are begging for money on the streets too.

Some of them said there was no joy in begging; we had to swallow the prides because empty stomachs forced us to do this.

You said the development of NCR land by Salcra had helped increase the household income of the rural folk, but why these Iban beggars left their longhouses and migrated to the towns in Sarawak?

Ulun Purih said...

Jabu is known to go off tangent always. He some times putt into wrong holes. Hole of Punaii instead of putting into the (solemn) hole-in-one aim-pee-young.

Maybe the position of chief-minister of persatuan angkat pelir is more fittings for his tiny 'devil box" brain upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Jabu will be always Jabu.Those got most dividends are his relatives,those who got most jobs from Salcra are his relatives too.Talk about this fella also no use lah.

Anonymous said...

The younger generations including my children will remember Jabu as the Dayak leader that remain rich himself and his family but as the person reponsible to place the Dayaks be very far frm other races in their socio-economic & educational development. Yes, we do develop since Jabu 30 yrs reign but what we see the disparity compared to other races are shockingly wider.