Monday, June 13

DAP to set up Dayak Brain Trust

As reported in The Borneo Post (12 June), Sarawak DAP will set up an independent advisory body called “Dayak Brain Trust” by recruiting 10 Dayak professionals to advise them on serving the rural community.

This has come as the opposition party prepares to penetrate into the Sarawak heartland in the coming general election.

The opposition has reason to be eager on the penetration.

The party’s national leader Lim Kit Siang said the people of East Malaysia had saved the Barisan Nasional from collapsing in the last general election.

Speaking at their workshop, he said the prime minister had regarded East Malaysians as BN’s fixed deposit.

Lim said that they are already sourcing for the 10 outstanding personalities to set up the Dayak Brain Trust.

He said they would be professional to advise the opposition including giving their views on ways to lead the folks towards economic, social, cultural and political awakening.

Among the professionals, the party has approached a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman and those from specialised fields.

The idea was born in a discussion over a dinner on Friday.

“These Dayak professionals were receptive and welcomed the idea,” Lim said and he left to Sarawak DAP to work on the idea. And hoped the body would be formed within this month.

Although the body would comprise members from the Dayak community, the Malay and Melanau communities would not be neglected, said Wong Ho Leng, chairman of Sarawak DAP.

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