Wednesday, August 10

Are the interests and needs of the Ibans neglected?

According to the Borneo Post today (9 Aug 2011), Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh pledged he would dedicate more time working for the Chinese community by going down to the ground.

Speaking in a dialogue with the Sibu Division United Chinese Association (UCA) on Sunday night, Wong is also Minister of Public Health and Environment said he wanted to ensure the needs and interests of the Chinese community were not neglected by bridging the gap between the people and the government.

“It is for this reason I shall go on tour of duty in towns throughout Sarawak to meet the Chinese community,” he said, pointing out that the dialogue in Sibu was his first stop.

“I started with Sibu because it is my hometown and I have a deep affection for the place I grew up,” he said.

In the process of helping the Chinese in Sibu, it is hoped that Wong, who is the assemblyman for Bawang Assan, will not neglect the needs and interests of the Ibans in the constituency.

In the last election Wong’s victory was due on the main to Iban voters, despite the fact that they have been neglected for the last 47 years or so.

Like other Chinese voters in Chinese majority constituencies, the majority of Bawan Assan Chinese voted against him. Wong won by a 1,808-vote majority.

Bawan Assan has 5,834 Iban voters as compared with 10,001 Chinese voters.

During the campaign for the Sibu by-election in May last year, we found out that the majority of Iban longhouses lack basic amenities such as medical care, water and electricity supplies and good roads.


Anonymous said...

No wonder people say, "Balik China!"

Ethnically or universalist foundationed political parties now has become meaningless with leaders unable or unwilling to be straightforward or honest.

It's no wonder that citizens are more loud in their contempt.

You might wonder if the posturing by WSK is provocatively intended?

Banting said...

Very cheap publicity after SUPP was dealt with a serious blow in the just concluded Sarawak state election when it lost 12 out of the 19 seats it contested, including its president.The intention is to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese voters, but the Chinese who are more educated and financially sound, will double check any promise sweet to the ears but are empty in substance. Not like Dayaks who know that as long as there is the so-called development fund or instant noodle projects and cash coming their way, they are for the ruling coalition.

JJJ said...

Nya-lah bos! Maya utai ke berat, Iban di asoh ngesan.

Tang ngesan ke sapa? Ke Wong n Andrew S.B.
Manyak susah lo!

Peng. Maja said...

Andrew Wong See Ling @ Andrew shilling Bangit. Where does your (Blind Loyalty) Club stands???

Please remember that your Pol Sec appointment is only temporary and now that your usefulness in SUPP is thinning (remember Jawan Empaling, Jerome Rungol, Peng. Maja etc etc), SUPP shall abandon and replace you with another Iban traitor.

It is not too late for you to reveal the truth that SUPP is not the right platform for the Dayaks politics.

May god bless you if you are honest enough (to reveal that truth) otherwise Dayaks in sarawak shall curse you for 7 generations.

Lintong said...

He had short memory and had forgotten that he had won through Iban votes

Bok pisin dunggol manok said...

Don't blame WSK or any SUPP YBs for that matter.You and me know well who are they fighting for and yet we still vote for them.So,with due respect,enough of the blame game.You let yourself got cheated by happily accepting 200 ringit during election,that's it; that's your only interest and needs.Your price is SMALL so your interests and needs also minimal.Useless to cry like a baby,you asked for it.

Anonymous said...

One good example of being a die hard SUPP supporter,the people of pasir mas long house just recently being given eviction notice as the long house site has been sold by Taib to the chinese Towkay. Tuai rumah Juing and his anakmiak was asked to find a new site for them to build their new long house,hopefully Dtk. WSK can assist the people of Pasir Mas under tuai rumah Juing to find a good location with title for this people to build their new long house. Tuai rumah Juing is too eager to move out,looks like for him every things has been taken care of.That's the price of blind loyalty to SUPP BN.

Anonymous said...

This joker Chinese minister voices out to take care of their Chinese welfare, who is to speak out for our Dayak longhouses? Where are the Dayak YBs and Menteris? Remember no Cina vote you, only Dayak make you the way back to your comfortable offices

Apai Semalau said...

The difference between "orang chanton" and "ibans", the latter h can bought with $$$$$ comes election time. Thats a fact as history always repeats itself. Sadly, the chinese knows that $$$ is only a temporary remedy but to the ibans it means more "ngiruping"! Unless we ibans change our values we will be forever be side-lined and get only to eat the crumbs of others. When are we going to wake up and realise that we have been used by SUPP to prop up their political interests and enrich these chinese rejects? Thats a fact! We may deny as much as we want.

S.O.S. said...

Heartiest Congratulations to all Dayak YBs (ADUN) for their role in the supporting the "Dayak Cleansing"bill during the DUN Sarawak sitting in 2000.

The SPR stastic below confirmed their success.

(Page 4 of The Borneo Post newspaper dated 13th August 2011)

Highlights of the 10th Sarawak State Election which was held on 16 April, 2011.

Budget: RM50 million

Constituency: 71 state assembly seats

Breakdown according to races;

Malay: 188,554 (19.24%)
Chinese: 325,975 (33.27%)
Indian: 1,806 (0.18%)
Bumiputera sabah: 3,966 (0.40%)
Bumiputera Sarawak: 457,593 (46.7%)
Orang Asli: 421 (0.04%)
Others: 1481 (0.15%)

Sources: Sarawak Election Commission Department (SPR Sarawak)