Monday, August 22

Ibans in the Federal Civil Service

KUCHING: There are only 13,882 Ibans and 7,108 Bidayuhs in the Federal departments and ministries out of 601,862 Malays and 57,578 Chinese.

These figures were released by the Prime Minister Department in reply to a question raised by the MP for Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen.

During the recent sitting of Parliament, Chong had asked the Prime Minister to give the total number of civil servants in all the ministries and the racial breakdown of Malays, Chinese, Iban and Bidayuh up to 31 March 2011.

“Based on the reply given to my question in Parliament there is a big discrepancy between the Malays and Chinese, Iban and Bidayuh civil servants,” he said.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should improve the racial composition of the civil service if he is really serious about implementing 1Malaysia concept.

“He has been shouting about the concept for the past two years, and yet the racial composition between the Malays and Chinese in government departments has not improved,” said Chong who is Sarawak DASP Secretary and state assemblyman for Kota Sentosa.

Quoting the reply, Chong who is the MP for Bandar Kuching said: “In the Prime Minister Department, there are about 31,297 Malays to 797 Chinese or 39.27:1. This is about two percent.

“And there are only 412 Ibans and 279 Bidayuhs in the PM department.

“The worst is in the Rural and Regional Development Ministry where there are 2,442 Malays to 18 Chinese or 135.67:1 or less than one percent of the Chinese, and 26 Ibans and 18 Bidayuhs,
” he said.

Among the ministries mentioned by Chong included the following:

~ Ministry of Youth and Sports 2,980 Malays to 32 Chinese, 27 Ibans and 21 Bidayuhs;
~ Ministry of Home Affairs 40,263 (M) to 614 (C), 823 (I) and 476 (B);
~ Ministry of Works 6,221 (M) to 156 (C), 21(I), and 9(B);
~ Ministry of Health 130,106 to 9,500 (C), 3,657(I) and 1,894 (B);
~ Ministry of Finance 15,835 to 508 (C), 247 (I) and 155 (B);
~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1,215 to 53, (C), 7 (I) and 6 (B);
~ Ministry of Education 273,791 to 43,669 (C), 7,379 (I) and 3,434 (B);
~ Ministry of Tourism 455 to 19 (C), 6 (I) and 6 (B);
~ Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development 5,461 to 75 (C), 75 (I) and 42 (B);

~ Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture 8,839 to 402 (C), 231 (I) and 134 (B);

~ Ministry of Higher Education 15,012 to 334 (C), 84(I) and 54 (B);
~ Ministry of Transport 9,028 to 205 (C), 198(I) and 168 (B);
~ Ministry of Defence 12,078 to 113 (C), 123 (I) and 76 (B);
~ Ministry of Housing and Local Government 11,363 to 173 (C), 201 (I) and 88 (B);
~ Ministry of International Trade and Industry 785(M) to 29 (C), 7(I) and 4(B);
~ Ministry of Domestic Trade, and Consumer Affairs 2,645 to 47 (C), 43 (I) and 23 (B);
~ Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry 8,826 (M) to 206 (C), 54 (I) and 45(B);
~ Ministry of Entrepreneur and Commodity 195 (M) to 5 (C), 0 (I) and 0 (B);
~ Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation 3,596 (M) tyo 240 (C), 48 (I) and 48(B);
~ Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 11,849 (M) to 227(C), 108(I) and 67(B);
~ Ministry of Human Resources 6,457 (M) to 129(C), 98 (I) and 60 (B);
~ Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water 553 (M) to 19(C), 5(I) and 0(B);
~ Ministry of Federal Territory 570 (M) to 8 (C), 2(I) and 1(B).

Total 601,862 (M) to 57,578 (C), 13,882(I) and 7,108(B).

Pointing out that these are some of the examples, Chong said: “This clearly shows such unbalanced racial composition in the various government departments and ministries.

“It also clearly shows Najib’s 1Malaysia slogan is a mere slogan. There is no concrete policy to implement the concept,”
he said, adding that he had been shouting about it for the last two years.

He said: “There is no improvement in the racial composition based on the racial breakdown in the government departments. Even in his department it is worse than the average.

“It shows that Najib is not the prime minister for all, but the prime minister for one single race,”
Chong said.

It should be interesting to know how many Ibans and Bidayuhs in the State Civil Service. Can any Dayak state assemblyman ask such a question?


Banting said...

...and the racial breakdown for police 96,421 Malays, 2,431 Chinese, 3,843 Indians, 296 Punjabi and 17,393 Lain-lain Bangsa (including natives of Sabah and Sarawak). The figures still show the "Malay Supremacy" (Ketuanan Melayu). Is this in line with 1Malaysia concept?

Are these racial breakdown figures mean that there is no bias or discrimination in the public service?

Does it mean a stark polarisation of races in our civil service and that one group would have a sense of superiority from believing that they are members of some elitist group that is superior to others?

Apai irau said...

In state civil service its worse,for sure.Do not put any hope on 1Malaysia concept.It has nothing to do with political,economics or social balance;It is a MERE POLITICAL PERCEPTION,created for political expediency of Najib BN.

Anonymous said...

By virtue of their numbers the Malays should be proportionately represented in the civil service. So does every other races. Iban population for example is slightly over 600,000. Don't expect to have more Ibans in the civil service than the Malays, Chinese and even the Indians.

The important thing is that each of the racial groups should be proportionately represented according to the racial composition of that particular state. And in the case of Sarawak and Sabah the West Malaysian should not be allowed to rob the locals of job opportunities.

I would like to see what are the racial compositions of Sarawak Civil Services.

Sri Belalang said...

Mr.Anonymous 22nd August 2011 @10.17pm,

Percentage of Dayaks population in Sarawak is roughly 46 % ( Iban 33%,Orang Ulu 8% and Bidayuh 5%) compares to Malay of 21%. And as you said, by virtue of their numbers Dayaks should be proportionately represented in the Sarawak state civil service. May be Statistic Department or State Civil Service Department release the racial breakdown for civil service in the state to find out which race is employed more? I am sure, they are still Malays/Melanaus are the majority.

Anonymous said...

Just split.

Apai Semalau said...

The answer is loud and clear. The media mis-interpreted najib's call for 1melayu. 1malaysia is just a red herring to con the gullible natives!Shame on our dayak leaders who fail to see this glaring discrimination. Are our dayak leaders fighting for ketuanan melayu too? Your guess is as good as mine.Dayak leaders betraying their own race?

Concerned citizen said...

Well I really don't know what is happening.I have friends working in nland Revenue Board and they told me since the early eighties intake of chinese has more or less frozen. The chinese do apply but usually they are not even called fo interview and then the board will give the excuse the chinese are not interested. In some IRB office there is not even one chinese and they have problems dealing with chinese taxpayers which everyone kow the chinese make up a larger portion of taxpayers. This ridiculous situation exists in almost all government agencies.