Saturday, September 24

Mawan defends Jabu

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom defended Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang against a blog and news portal’s unfair perception on the latter’s tone and body language at the just concluded Forum Jaku Iban 2011 (FJI 2011) here.

Mawan who is the Patron of the FJI 2011 said the blog and news portal were not correct to state that Jabu condemned and slammed the organisers or event managers when delivering his closing speech on Sept 17 2011 at Hotel Four Points By Sheraton.

By any standard FJI 2011 event was successfully managed, he said in his press statement delivered to press yesterday.

“Even so they must by all mean read the other side of the coin. Jabu donated RM10,000 and even advised the organisers or event managers to register their team with Registrar (of Society) and study the Iban alphabet.

I was told that the committee took the advices positively and constructively and intend to start Iban alphabet training centre here,” he said.

These are constructive advices and Jabu stated them passionately at the end of his closing speech, said Mawan who is Social Development and Urbanisation.

To the anti-government bloggers and news portal, Mawan said: “We must accept each other and let us not bring political differences to the forum talking about a very important subject – the Iban identity.”

Mawan was referring to the Iban Alphabet founded by the late Dunging Gunggu from 1947 to 1962 when he revised it. The alphabet is now developed by Assoc Prof Dr Bromeley Philip of UiTM Sarawak in computerised fonts.

Mawan reiterated that all Iban must accept each other when it comes to their identity, especially through language and the latest, ethnic or Iban alphabet.

“As the patron of the Iban language forum, I accept all responsibility and will also try to accommodate everybody. The forum is not the end of the matter and we must not look back and try to tussle each other that may slows down the process of establishing our own identity,” he said.

Bromeley, FJI 2011 Chairman of Papers Presentation, said he will start a class with Jabu’s first RM10,000 donation.

The committee members who will be his first few students will not be charged fee but still have to buy the software at discounted rate. Others may be charged fee.

Channel 180 Astro or TVi ‘Sitok Kamek’ will broadcast Bromeley’s interview on his alphabet system and the just concluded Iban forum at 6pm today (Saturday). He said this at a FJI 2011 committee post mortem meeting at Hotel Four Points By Sheraton here.

The above story will appear in The Borneo Post tomorrow (23 September).


Foot note: The Broken Shield stand by its news story, as the whole of Jabu’s speech which lasted one hour and four minutes.

The Broken Shield is given to understand by a reporter that two days ago, the organisers of Forum Jaku Iban were summoned to Jabu’s office asking them to defend him that the whole criticisms labelled by him against the organisers were not true.

But the organisers replied that they could not do that and suggested William Mawan Ikom, the patron of the forum and minister of social development and urbanisation to defend him.

Mawan was contacted and agreed to defend Jabu.

A statement was drafted and passed to him, and later distributed to the Press including the Broken Shield.

Please don’t try to dig a hole to cover another hole.

What do the readers think of the whole thing?


Banting said...

Twisting the facts are common by BN ministers. When someone tries to correct Jabu, he is accusing him/her of twisting the facts. Now who is twisting the fact?

FairviewBetong said...

Given the opportunity i bet 99.9%of the dayaks race in the world would not mind sacrificing their life in defence of our paramount chief Tan Sri Jabu. Tan Sri William did the right thing when he "defended" our big boss.

It must have been a misquotation in total regarding his purported speech - nothing less. A man of his standings, Tan Sri Jabu is second to none in manners and choice of words used in all his speeches. This is also our proud (Betong) addressing and oratory ethic.

Tan Sri Jabu is also second to none when it come to affairs and matters affecting his beloved dayak people. He make sure that NCR land are not grabbed by unsclupurous parties and / or individuals, dayaks are given fair and equal opportunity in education and employment advancement, infrastructure and utilities development are accorded and extended to all longhouses accordingly.

If one is to check, Tan Sri Jabu is as poor as any other dayaks in sarawak because he is not selfish. He never use his position to acquire wealth that is why he stays in the present system (being so trustful) for as long as he wishes.

Unlike what some peoples may have said, Tan Sri Jabu never licks CM's ball to be honest. He is a straightforward man and this is why taib likes him to the bone.

Coming back to the issue at hand, it is most rediculous for anyone to misread Tan Sri's committment regarding his protecting the dayak race.

Be kindly informed. Thank you

Banting said...


Deka mutah aku ninga komen nuan.

The fact is the people support toward Jabu in Betong, his own home town is declining. For the last 10 years about 2,617 his own people in Layar constituency had turned hostile against him.

Proof - in 2001 election Jabu won Layar seat with 4,533 majority, but his majority had decreased to 2,677 votes in 2006 and 1,916 votes in 2011 state elections. The results of these three consecutively state elections had enough to prove that more Iban have not been very happy with Jabu. There must be reasons for that.

Perhaps, had he safeguarded the interest and welfare of the Iban in general and especially protected their rights, he would have won the 2011 state election with a big or increased majority.

FairviewBetong said...

My dear Banting,

I do not blame you for being ignorant of our ever progressing Betong. Just admit that you envy us to the core.

It is not correct for you to judge his majority per see. You must understand and be certain that his area has been (since after the 2001 state election)realigned. A new DUN seat called bukit saban where another of a real dayak warrior YB Robert Chuat won handsomely with ease was formally part of YAB Tan Sri Jabu's electoral area.

It is only natural that the figure (votes tally majority) should proportionately be reduced from 4,000 to 2,000.

Like i said, the dayak especially the Ibans are indeed very lucky to have a paramount chief in the able individual of YAB Tan Sri Jabu. Without him, i believed that dayaks in general are still incommunicado and irrelevant to the toes. His able leadership and honesty has tremendously elevated all aspects of dayaks-need-to-have.

Mr. Banting please proof me wrong and should you wish to know more of BN's success stories, you are welcomed to communicate with Mr. Majang Renggie (PRS Bintulu) care of his house or office Petronas LNG, Bintulu.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Jabu is an idiot iban leader.

Banting said...

Mr. FairviewBetong,

I have never said that the government did not implement development to bring about changes to the fortunes of the rakyat. In fact, government of the day and development should go together like a P.Ramlee song which said "irama dan lagu cannot be separated."

I have noticed that some of development projects promised by the BN government long time ago have not been implemented until now.

After 48 years of independence, why there is still no roads to Kapit, even though Shafie Apdal announced that Nanga Tada Kapit road costing RM174 million and from Song to Kapit costing RM152 million to be implemented, whereas Michael Manyin said RM700 million to get Kanowit and Kapit linked? You know, James Masing seemed not to be very happy when he commented that why there was no road to Kapit since the formation of Malaysia until now. Why did they leave us?, he said.

On top of that, have these development projects promised by BN government during Batang Ai by-election implemented:-

(i) The upgrading to tar-seal Batang Ai settlement scheme costing RM12 million;

(ii)Another road linking Ulu Sg. Engkari and Batang Ai costing RM360 million.

(iii)The new longhouse concept proposed by the government.

(iv) RM15.2 billion public hospital in Petra Jaya, Kuching.

FairviewBetong said...

Mr. Banting Sir,

It must be understood that the Dayaks Iban especially are all over the state with most living in remote areas only accessible by river.

For the government to implement or execute certain projects, the process is unavoidably long. With the almost 'no-returns' it is only fair that the dayaks in the rural interior be given less priority. As an example, it may cost 10 million to build access road to just one thirty-door longhouse in Ulu Kapit. What does the government gets in return?

We in Betong are no exception but with our undivided support to the present BN government under the able leadership of YAB Pehin Seri, our patience has been paid off handsomely. Again without the holy wisdom and assistance of YAB Tan Sri Jabu we may not see all longhouses linked. There are projects and programmes on other infractural nature (Clean water, roads & bridges and telecommunication facilities) coming our way. The rule is SUPPORT BN 100%.

Banting may also wish to accept the fact that the Dayaks of Sarawak are the one race getting top and most assistance from the government. BIG THANK YOU to Tan Sri Jabu, Tan Sri James Masing & Tan Sri William Mawan and Datuk Manyin. They are the true leaders of the dayak people.

Banting may also wish to accept the truth that the Dayaks people dominates the civil services, intake into higher learning institution (VERY FEW dayaks are studying in private college because most of them are accepted to UNIMAS and UiTM) not to forget business opportunities. Very soon all dayaks shall live above the poverty level and again thank you to the honesty of YAB Pehin Seri Taib for being so good to the dayaks through the tireless efforts of the three Tan Sris.

Hidup Tan Sri Jabu

Apai irau said...

Firstly,I am glad to note that Broken Shield is firm in its stand,stood by the news item it published.Secondly,i feel glad too,to note that Jabu is now employing Mr. Fairview Betong to engage angry comments aimed at Jabu,quite recently.Fairview Betong must have every reason to admire or to adore Jabu,reasons best known to him.But for me,whatever were said by Jabu at the closing of the FJI,were not kind ,diplomatic and were unbecoming .To Fairview,yes,Betong may have progressed over the years,but if you want people to consider Jabu as the Paramount Chief of the Iban,then he should have taken care of the whole community,not only the Betongnites like you.I am sorry to say this,Jabu has failed the Ibans.He hid when it come to issues besetting the Iban but he will roar to defend Taib.Ke pengujung jako,enchelak akih ngambi ke meda taka pengidup Iban ti di banding enggau bansa bukai.

FairviewBetong said...

Mr. Apai Irau sir,

It is beyond us all should you opt to take the wise wisdom of YAB Tan Sri Jabu on a flab-wing. The general dayak populace acknowledges repeat acknowledges the unbeatable-to-date track record of YAB Tan Sri Jabu.

Being rightly supportive of YAB Tan Sri Jabu's correct move does not mean that i am employed by him and neither my being a betongites should influence your "upstairs" to suggest the same.

The honesty and dedication (to ensure the alleviation of the livestandard of the dayak people) of YAB Tan Sri Jabu should not be construed as otherwise purely because your being a lock-head anti-Jabu. This is not fair by any standard.

I am challenging you both (Mr. Banting & Mr. Apai Irau) to list down in this blog details of Jabu's detremintal politics to dayak progress (if any) including his failure (if any) in addressing dayaks problems. Please do ASAP.

I will then list mine if you so wish.

Give it your best shot Sirs.

Apai irau said...

To Fairview Betong,thanks for your reply to my comments.As i' ve commented earlier,you must have every reason to idiolise Jabu,its your definite right. As for me,i do not judge a politician vide his tenureship in politic.I would instead prefer to see his or her real and actual contribution to the rakyat,in case of Jabu,to the Dayaks specifically.To Fairview Betong,i do not have to list Jabu's misdeeds all this while,the people are aware of these.Jabu has been an elected representative of Betong since the 70s and has been DCM for years,but till today,still many longhouses in Betong itself do not have the basic necessities.Do not offer lame excuse of geographical factor and all the shits ,as billions were given yearly to Sarawak.Has Jabu got the gut to really bark for the Dayaks? Check for yourselves.Jabu has been roaring on Salcra purported success,but on the average,its only involve a few ringgit income per month for per participant.Jabu like the Dayaks very much but supported the abolition of the word 'Dayak" in the interpretation ordinance.Jabu cares for Dayaks NCR but hid in the drain when the Dayaks raised their hands to protect their land.Jabu want the Dayaks to progress but cursed the SDGA,DCCI,FJI ,ngos that genuinely care to help the Dayaks. Lot more my dear Fairview,but as i said,the rakyat are the best judges,not you or me.And one more thing,never say "our paramount chief" for i and many others,i believe,had never recognised Jabu as being such.Jabu is certainly your paramount chief but to me he is not even an indian chief.

shoe polisher said...

To Fairview Belong,you said 99.9 per cent of Dayak race in the world willing to sacrifice their lives for Jabu? What? Are you dreaming Mr. Ball Polisher? Tell me,how many per cent of Dayaks or Ibans votes Jabu get at the last State Election in Layar,99.9 per cent? After pouring at least RM.4 million to bribe the voters Jabu just managed to get less than 60 per cent out of the total votes in Layar.pooooooorah.

FairviewBetong said...

I am a bit disappointed with your comment on our beloved YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu. To generalise his so-called failure is unfair as alone the same breath you failed to include his success list.

YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu is 100% dayak at heart. He cries when he sees there are dayak street beggers during the 60's. The last 20 years do not see any dayaks walk in single file like ducks collecting reject mandarin orange no more. IS THIS NOT YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu success stories.

YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu can testify that the dayak are the towkays today compared to them being petty labourer 20 years ago. IS THIS NOT YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu success stories.

YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu announces dividen and bonuses in the MILLIONS paid to dayaks landowners before gawai every year and during election. IS THIS NOT YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu success stories.

I can list down thousands and thousand success stories of YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu but to give way to his critics, i shall pause herewith.

Please respond Mr. Banting and Mr. Apai Irau and the rest of you out there who thinks that YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu has not done enough for his dayak people.

God bless YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu.

Apai irau said...

God bless you Fairview.You said you can list thousands of Jabu's contributions,but you only talked about street beggars in the 60s,the dayak towkays and the millions paid by Salcra.Where are the remaining 900 over contributions.Pooooorah.Now name me the Dayak towkays CREATED BY JABU. And also state how much a Salcra participant get,on avearage,per month. Even the deaf and blind know.Paramount Ass.