Monday, November 7

About 500,000 people have no electricity

KUCHING: The DAP Member for Padungan, Wong King Wei told the Press that he recently received a written reply to his questions submitted to Dewan Undangan Negeri on electricity and water supply during the last sitting of the assembly.

The reply is as follows: “For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Padungan, as at the end of 2010, the number of people who are not connected to the state grid is estimated at about 500,000 people or 111,000 households.

“However, these households are supplied with electricity through alternative systems.

“As for the water supply, the number of people who do not have treated water supply as at the end of 2010 is estimated at about 450,000 or about 100,000 households. Nevertheless, these households are supplied with clean water through alternative systems.”

According to Wong, the majority of the 500,000 people who do not have any electricity and 450,000 of them who do not have treated water supply are the rural population especially the Dayaks.

“It is sad that after 48 years of independence, many rural Sarawakians have not been given basic needs like electricity and water,” he said.

So what are our so-called Dayak leaders have been doing all this while?


FairviewBetong said...

I am pretty sure that YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu's (overzealous) critics are adjusting their lenses onto this issue but before they could engage their gear (to criticise) i wish to clarify that as far as i know, YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu is also equally concerned of this "rural predicament". YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu loves his rural people so much that he cries the moment this kind of news hits his ear. Working so hard to try to upgrade the rural livestandard, YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu tirelessly visited all nook and corners of the state to have a firsthand knowledge of the problem. When he reaches his office in Kuching he communicated with the authorities and appealed to them to have the problem addressed immediately.

Insyaallah, apart from the electricity and water issue (of which there are many alternatives to - water from river, streams or gravity feeds and lights from Kerosene Lamp and battery operated bulbs as well as the ever handy torchlight or genst for electricity)there are no other major issue of which the rural dayaks could complain because the wisdom of YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu and his team has pre-empted and appropriately addressed such petty issues that could possibly affect the rural dayaks.

with the above, i suggest the matter be put to rest and leave it to YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu and his able team to tackle (the not so urgent electricity & water issue affecting the rural dayaks) when the money is available. My advise to all dayaks in the rural areas is just keep being patient but continue to support the present BN government. Your support to the BN shall be appreciated accordingly.

With that, Enjoy your coming X'mas celebration.

Anonymous said...

Where are the YBS who should be looking after the interest of the Rayak. Sleeping?????

Banting said...

Sad to note about half million people in Sarawak mostly Dayaks still have no basic amenities, even though BN has been in the government for 48 years. It seems that Dayak BN ministers have not been helping their own community.

I am very optimistic should Pakatan Rakyat forms the next government the mighty Pakatan Rakyat leaders have the ability to manage, thus capable to eradicate rural poverty and to improve the living standard of the people, to bring education and industry to the rural areas in order to improve the quality of their lives; to provide for the specific needs of rural communities - electricity, water supply, fertilizers, zinc roofs, telephone, metal roads and bridges.

I know Pakatan Rakyat will be clean and efficient government, no practice discrimination, the right s of every citizen must always protected, guaranteed and respected and all Malaysians would sink and swim together.

Anonymous said...

sleeping with the corrupt rajahs and enjoy the crumbs doled out by the Maharaja.

Anonymous said...

Dear JT,

Don't you have any comment about the dividend of RM100.88 MILLION declared by our beloved DCM.Chairman of SALCRA?

Sri Belalang said...

The fact is there are still so many hardcore poor families in rural areas and lack of basic amenities, but all this while the state BN leaders claimed that Sarawak has developed tremendously and not a single race in Sarawak would be left out from enjoying the benefits of the politics of development. BUT until now why so many rural communities, especially Dayaks have no specific need facilities such as electricity, water supply and roads etc????

Apai Semalau said...

Dayak Ybs.and so called leaders are too busy polishing the white rajah's balls and looking for "kang tow" instead of demanding for the basic necessities to be provided to the voters of their rural constituencies. These good for nothing "suckers" should be given the boots long time ago. However despite the hardship, comes election dayaks still vote for the same "shits" to be Ybs. No wonder the cina kui call us "lakia"! Now this is a perfectly fair definition of fairviewbetong regardless of his/her race.

Apai irau said...

Since forming Malaysia,billions and billions ,through annual grants and allocations have been poured to Sarawak by the Federal Government.Billions also come from our oil royalty yearly and billions from our state's income.But,where were these monies? Why are there still so many hardcore poor in Sarawak today? Why are there still so many longhouses do not have the basic amenities? In fact,Sarawak should have been able to become a welfare state should cronysm and corruption is manageable.Everybody should have been rich ,even without working,if these billions and billions we received are distributed equally by less than 3 million population.The biggest problem is not the geographical size of Sarawak or its scattered population but the real problem is A FEW PEOPLE TOOK TOO MUCH and the MAJORITY LEFT WITH NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

I for one, fully support FairViewBetong and the Iban YBs. Leave the Dayaks alone. This is a non-issue to them, as proven time and time again during election. They are patient and can afford to wait another 100 years for electricity and treated water. Economically, the Ibans are the poorest demographic but they are also genetically not gifted with superior intellect. Therefore what other folks may view as basic wants & needs (eg water/medical/electricity/financial independence) are not their priorities.

It is easy to criticize the YBs and Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu when we're not in their difficult positions. Sure, they are filthy rich but the stress of thinking about their future income are, unimaginable. They deserve our compassion and support.

Anonymous said...

Look Dayak, just a cow condo project costs us 250 million, why you still want BN ?