Thursday, November 10

A lesson for us all

First, it began through Facebook which is very popular nowadays among young girls, boys and even their mothers and fathers. Through Facebook, many become hooked, intimate and then cheated.

Take for example the case of Beatrice Johie, a 27 year old nurse and a single mother of three from Kampung Seratau, Kuching/Serian Road, who was arrested last Sunday at Melbourne Airport carrying 1.5 kg of heroine in her luggage.

The luggage which she was carrying belonged to her Nigerian boyfriend named Anthony, and the drug was hidden in its lining.

The boyfriend was supposed to go with her but because of his visa ‘problem’ he could not go. He asked Beatrice to carry his bag. Any logic or not?

Beatrice met the Nigerian through Facebook. She was advised by her relatives to be extra careful with the foreign boyfriend especially if he comes from Africa.

She ignored their advice.

Many young Malaysian girls have been turned into ‘mules’ to carry drugs for their boyfriends and several have been arrested overseas.

Beatrice was charged at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday. She is now being remanded until January 9, 2012.

She is facing a 25 years imprisonment and or a fine of A$550,000.

In some countries like Malaysia, she could face mandatory death sentence, if found guilty.

Beatrice is bringing shame not only to herself, but also her family members. Worst, her detention is certain to affect the future well-being of her three sons aged two, six and eight years old.

What is so attractive about this African man that she is prepared to risk herself by agreeing to follow him to Australia? Is it the promise of big money? Or is it really love?

She ignored her relatives’ advice and therefore pays a heavy price for it.

Something our young girls should ponder.


Banting said...

Don`t carry other people`s luggage be it your friend.

If she was arrested in Malaysia, she would face dead penalty because under Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 any person who is found in possession of 15 grammes or more in weight of heroin shall be presumed, until the contrary is proved, to be trafficking in the said drug.

Under the Malaysian Drug Law any person who is found to have had in his/her custody or under his/her control anything whatsoever containing any dangerous drug shall, until the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been in possession of such drug and shall, until the contrary is proved, be deemed to have known the nature of such drug.

Apai irau said...

hey ladies, Almost every month we heard news of girls or ladies being used as drug mules.We read papers,we listen to radio and we watch t.v from time to time talking about this issue and we still pretend not to know.Sorry to say this but in some cases i believe these ladies are not totally innocent but succumbed to greed.And sorry to say this too,try to avoid befriending Africans especially Nigerians as most of them here are not really students but doing "their business."

Apai Semalau said...

This apparently is not the first case involving dayak maidens whose so called "heart throb" are from the african continent! Don't they ever learn? She gets caught and will no doubt suffer the consequences but he on the other hand is on the loose and will not hesitate to hunt for his next victim to be his next mule. Hopefully the media attention given to this case will be an eye opener for those who are in such relationship!

JJJ said...

Just wondering why the bag was NOT nabbed at KLIA b4 it is loaded to the aircraft leaving for Melbourne?

All outbound luggage are supposed to be "screened" by the supposedly sophisticated machines @ KLIA. There is a "bad smell" that our machines or our people "failed" in nipping the problem @ source!

The KLIA personnel who were on duty involved in the flight needs to be interrogated as it brings name to "who we are as Malaysian" assigned to the very job we are supposed to do with undue care and integrity!

There is a "red flag" there - NIGERIANS have many records of internet scams and drug peddlers. What is our government doing about it?

The Auditor-General" recent report revealed many "shortfalls". The Ministers and the relevant ministries are answerable. Look at what Australia did!

Another sad day for Dayaks after the revelation of Betong lass was also caught in "similar" predicament. Both lasses are also to be blamed even though warnings after warnings were given!

Anonymous said...

Baka ni pun kitai madah utai tu, enti udah paloi, paloi meh. I feel for the children and the parents but I hope we don't waste taxpayer money trying to get her back. Let that be a lesson to her and to all potential stupids people out there.