Tuesday, April 24

MACC Report on Mong completed

According to The Borneo Post, Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission (Sarawak branch) has confirmed that it had long completed its investigation into the alleged abuse of power by an assistant minister which was reported here recently.

Its state director Bahri Mohamad Zin said it took them only two weeks to complete the probe into the case from the day the complaint was received.

“Yes, investigation had been carried out and was completed two weeks after it was reported.

“However, I cannot reveal our findings. All I can say is that the investigation paper has been forwarded to Deputy Public Prosecutor for further actions. On our part, we cannot reveal anything more,” he told reporters during their annual invitational shooting competition at Semenggo Army Camp near here yesterday.

To another question, he said the state MACC was still waiting for directives from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur about preparation for the coming general election.

“Whatever the directives are, we will, as usual, work closely with the Election Commission (EC) throughout the election period,” he said.

He said the most common cases during elections were attempts by certain people to give bribes in order to gain votes.

He said as far as the MACC was concerned they would take any complaints but whether they merit further investigation or otherwise, it was for a special committee to decide.

“Usually in the evening, the committee will sit down and go through all the reports received during the day. The committee will then decide which ones have the elements of corruption and require investigation.

“If the committee feels that there are elements of corruption and should be probed then investigation papers will be opened. If the committee feels that certain complaints fall under the jurisdiction of other agencies, then they will be forwarded to the agencies concerned,” he said.

He stressed that MACC would receive all complaints but not all would be investigated especially those that were not substantiated and incomplete.

NOTE:  The Borneo Post did not identify who was the Assistant Minister. However, everyone knows that he is Mong Dagang. The MACC was investigating him for abuse of power for ordering the withdrawal of subsidies and welfare payment to an OKU person Frusis Lebi just because he supported an opposition candidate. The investigation was made following report made by PKR Youth.

Would it not an abuse of power if YBs order the sacking of community leaders like Tuai Rumah and Tua kampung? We have heard of several community leaders being sacked on such ground.

It may be an interesting to know whether MACC would investigate if we lodge a report with the anti- corruption commission.


Apai Semalau said...

There is absolutely no doubt that this is a clear cut case of abuse of power unless the prosecutors are dammned ignorant and are directed by higher authorities to close file!
Mong, a former lowly bank personnel turn Yb. Now an asistant minister of agriculture. How do we justify a banker with absolutely no knowlege and credential on agriculture be made an assistant minister in that ministry makes one wonder? Goes to show that PRS will pick any "lapok" to fill any portfolio given, provided he is a crony of Masing. Hungry for wealth and power makes this assed minister thinks that he is licensed to abuse his position of authority vested by the rakyat. No thanks to Masing his mentor who agrees to his tyrannical abuse of power in "jangan lawan tauke". Its a "Mother of all time Sarawak scandal". High time for Mong to pack up his luggages and resign or in the alternative gets fired by the CM for bringing disrepute to his government!

FairviewBetong said...

I think it is important that the dayak iban community, (being the subjects of his highness - YAB Dayak Hogansiau) refer their predicaments to the office of their hogansiau YAB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri or his assistants (hpgansiau). His learned our Hogansiau or assistant hogansiaus can then advise on what further actions is necessary. With that procedure being followed the dayaks (subjects) are seen as disciplined herds while saving the fovernment office from unnecessary workload.

Please take note.

Banting said...

MACC to prove their consistency by the actions without fear or favour and there shouldn`t be double standard but to charge him if there is sufficient evidence. Hence, the commission are accountable to the Operation Review Panels on their decision.

pelacur politikus said...

Our current government,be it Federal or State,operates under the tagline "Malaysia Boleh".Najib walloped 500m from scorpene deal,Tajudin sucked in billions from MAS,IGP can turn into head of Underworld,NRD giving foreigners automatic citizenship,Election Commission creating phantom voters,Taib and state government of daylight robbery of NCR and cronism,and whatnot are all products of " Malaysia Boleh".Mong's case is just a peanut,as long as he bows to Taib and taukay Masing,Mong is safe.The investigation papers will be marked NFA.

Bok pisin dunggol manok said...

Don't worry Mong.As long as you kiss Taib and taukay Masing's asses,you are in heaven.To Mong,don't get distracted by the opposition,just continue your effort to fool and victimize your own people.If possible,bulldoze your people's land as much as you can .You may make public announcement in radio or newspapers to demand for the Beri Rasuah Satu Malaysia BR1m 500 recepients who are from the opposition to return their money,better still.

Bujang Begunan said...

If found guilty, stripe Mong naked of his datukship. Sudah salah guna kuasa, ada pangkat sikit mau tunjuk kuasa.
Mong has forgotten where his pangkat YB come from. It is from the rakyat who voted for PRS/BN.
Hope that Mong will get his dues.

shoe polisher said...

MONG TRADING=Trading his people' fate for self benefits.He thinks he is so big he can do anything even cutting people' subsidy.Wait,once you are not a YB,your face will drench with saliva.