Friday, April 27

RFS ‘poisoning mentality’ of rural Dayaks

Barisan Nasional leaders in rural Sarawak want the government to clamp down on Radio Free Sarawak broadcast.

KUCHING: Barisan Nasional grassroots leaders, increasingly disconcerted by the reach of Radio FreeSarawak (RFS) in the interior of Sarawak, are claiming that the news aired by the Internet broadcasting network is “poisoning” the “mentality” of the native Dayaks.

“The radio is rubbish and it may destroy the mentality of the Ibans and the Dayak community as a whole,” said a local pro-government leaderpemanca (chief), Wilson Siang Lim.

He said before RFS does more damage, the government must clamp down on the widely popular broadcasts.

“Before RFS spreads more ill-will, the government must take action,” he said.

RFS broadcasts daily from London from 6pm to 8pm on SW 15420 KHz to Sarawak, especially the rural areas.

Since its first launch in 2010, RFS has gone on to become a “leader” in alternative radio-news broadcast with call-ins from locals highlighting BN’s lies, broken promises, rampant corruption, and abuse of power.

Locals have also called in to register their protests against the government’s contentious hydro-electric dam projects and land grabs by the state government, ignoring their native customary rights (NCR) status.

Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat has called on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to restrict the frequency of RFS.

Lamat, who apparently has been listening to RFS, said the news clips were discrediting the government.

‘Refute RFS stories’

He said the radio channel broadcasted in the Iban language was introduced by the opposition party to condemn the government ahead of the 13th general election.

“We urge related agencies to take immediate action to stop RFS from spreading lies by restricting its radio frequency,” Lamat said recently.

He said the opposition was using RFS to fish for votes.

“RFS was spreading false information with elements of sedition and defamation to rural voters. This is part of their strategy to fish for votes,” he said .

He urged inhabitants in longhouses in Sarawak to bar opposition members who promote the radio channel.
But unknown to Lamat, RFS is where the rural people phone in their complaints and pour out their grievances.

Chastising Lamat for his “advice” to natives, Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said: “This is indeed a very destructive and uncalled-for advice.

“Firstly, it is an affront to the longhouse culture of welcoming any person notwithstanding backgrounds, race, religion and political affiliation.

“Secondly, such statement is going to cause ill-feelings among residents of longhouses, which should not be the case as anybody is free to give support to any political party.

“Supporting political ideologies is legal in Malaysia.

“Thirdly, if RFS is not telling the truth, refute it. BN has all the means to refute any purported lies, but don’t plant seeds of discord by destroying our culture.

“Perhaps, the truth hurts,” said Bian, who is the Ba’Kelalan assemblyman.


Anonymous said...

both Prime Media and RFS playing the game of political propaganda.

Prime Media channels Bad Impression of Opposition Parties.

RFS channels Bad Impression about Ruling Parties.

The difference is that Prime media beside say negatives about opposition, they also advertise their goodwill to develop Malaysia. RFS doesnt advertise Oppositions' policies for rakyat.

Apai irau said...

These BN grassroot leaders are in fact not leaders at all. They are merely bunch of cowards who for the last 50 years have been lying to the Ibans.If the BN has never robbed native land then why hundreds of native land cases filed in court.If the BN really cares for the Dayak,especially the Ibans,why after almost 50 years of forming Malaysia so many longhouses do not have the basic amenities and infrustructures. These BN leaders,be they ministers,YBs or their tumpang sekaki are just a bunch of morons and paranoids.They just do not understand what is democracy,freedom to associate,freedom of speech and even freedom to choose.Their brains are not in their upper head but inside the 'other' head under their waist.RFS is only one but the government has thousand of means to tell their versions of truth,tvs,radios,papers and websites-so why so afraid of RFS if the BN has done a good job?Otak udang.

shoe polisher said...

Pemancha Wilson Siang Lim,what race is this poor ass licker,Iban Chinese or Chiban?This Pemancha should be re-named Pemancha Siang-Siang Coffee shop,where great politicians charted the course of nation building.

Apai Semalau said...

Wilson Siang Lim is not elected by the iban communities but a nominee of BN! He therefore is not qualify to speak for the ibans. We are no longer the Pemanca's generation of "Paloi" who are basically blind followers, mentally retarded having been brainwashed for years by RTM propaganda. Fortunately, this new generation of dayaks can discern and have the mental capability to distinguish between the truth and lies be it from RFS or elsewhere.
Maybe this kindergarten Yb. Ripin Lamat would like to disprove the so called "lies" propagated by RFS. RTM is at his disposal to counter these lies if any. The onus is on him to counter the alleged "false information" failing which makes him the biggest liar in Sarawak because RFS speaks the truth with supporting evidence! Furthermore we, dayaks don't need this little napoleon to dictate on our choise of guests to our rumah panjai.

FairviewBetong said...

In the true spirit of ibanism, Our honourable Pemanca Wilson Lim Siang Lim should be honoured instead of condemned. His appointment (as Pemanca) is not ordained by ordinary folks like you all from the longhouse but by the government (PERINTAH). It should be recognised and respected.

Our Hogansiau YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred and his assistants YAB TAN Sri James and William are no fools when they endorsed a calible of Wilson's Lim integrity and intelligence.

RFS is nothing more than an entertainment channel so just ignore the airtime. At the same time, make sure (and help promote to all dayaks) all RTM (Wai fm as well as Cats Radio)news must at all costs be listened to. Any government news broadcasted through the RTM radio channels must be taken seriously.

Remember all dayaks.

- It is worth to die for the good policy of the BN government.

- Continue to be loyal to your leaders exactly the manner we pledged our loyalty to the Rajah, the Japanese and now Malaysia.

Thank you dayaks for being obedient.

Kopi O kosong said...

Who is this pemancha Wilson Siang Lim? Just a pemancha living on the 'gaji buta' doing nothing but 'makan tidur saja'. Just shut up...!!
He is just looking for cheap publiSHITy saja. And trying to champion for the cause of the dayak...maklumlah election sudah dekat.

Bok pisin dunggol manok said...

Pemancha politik rumah panjai.Not chosen based on people's preference but rather handpicked because of his skill in lying and cheating the rakyat.Fuboooo