Thursday, December 8


Few People realise that UiTM that takes in only Bumiputera including from Singapore!...has a current enrollment of something like 130,000 students, and it is expected to reach an enrollment of 200,000 by 2013!...

In comparison University Malaya has only an enrollment of 23,000 students, and there they are talking about ensuring that more than 60%+ are Bumiputeras in University of Malaya.

Do you know that there is a University Science Islam?...that is also producing dentists and doctors as well?? This University is different from International Islamic University, which is also producing doctors and dentists.

Do you know that UiTM has more than 1,000 PhD. holders on their staff? UiTM now takes in 200 students for medicine every year!...all Bumiputeras of course! Selayang and Sg. Buloh Hospitals have become their teaching hospitals.

If you go to the PNB website and read the Annual report of Amanah Saham Bumiputera you will realise that that fund alone has about 80+ billion....and compare that with Public Mutual a subsidiary of Public Bank, the Largest Mutual Fund in this Country, which runs some 35 Funds or so with a total value of only less than 30 billion!

Although they say that there is cap of 200,000 units in ASB...Please read the Annual Report, carefully, and you will realise that there are several thousand Bumiputeras having an Average of about One Million Units in that Fund...Tax Free, Paying anything from 8+ to 11+ % per year!...and we are only talking about that one Fund!...ASNB manages Funds to the Total Value of about 130+ billion Educate yourself

All Older Malaysians have much to be accountable for what Malaysia is today…

Tolerances had been abused, and patience had been taken for granted… We are now what we had been—–By doing nothing. Right then, that is how we had ended up to what it is today!! If we choose to remain as what we had done, then we can expect nothing more than what we already had today!!

1Malay or 1Malaysia?

Malay, Chinese and Indian are all Malaysian brothers and sisters. But BN has screwed Malaysians and Malaysia up.

Malay 1st…. Malaysian 2nd

When a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian, all Malaysians, apply for:-

1) Scholarships, Malays will get it first irrespective of how bright other Malaysians are.

2) Entry to the local universities and best courses such medicine, dentistry, law; Malays will get it first irrespective of quality. Residential hostels, Matriculation courses, MARA Uni, Malays will get 90% to 100%. (By the way, matriculation exams are internally set by their own lecturers – about thousands of straight A students in Matriculation compared to the straight A’s in STPM which are few. This is “Malay meritocracy vs Malaysian meritocracy”!)

3) Social Welfare, Malays will get it first irrespective of how poor the Malaysian rakyat is and the Malays demand that it is their right, that the govt owe them!!!.Malay 1st.

4) Business Contracts, all GLCs Malays MUST get it first irrespective of who can offer the best value, quality and unblemished track record. Even when blacklisted, Malay associations have the right to complain because the rakyat owes them a living.

5) Sharing of wealth and equity, IPOs, ASB, Malays will get it first. Even with ASB for Malays give higher returns and principal guaranteed capped at RM200K instead of other bonds for Malaysians with lower yield capped at RM50K. This is ongoing. Why Malays cannot reach 30% equities? Statistics are manipulated so that valuation of shares are based on par value (Imagine valuing CIMB, Maybank, Sime Darby etc at par value of RM1.00 instead of market value of RM12 etc. Malaysians must accept these assumptions or make sure this is hidden or else priviledges are gone..!! )

6) Low cost houses, lands, houses even bungalows , Malays will get it first because they are the supreme race and the rest of Malaysians are immigrants. Quotas for Malays are 30% to 50% with steep discounts to be subsidized by the rest of the Malaysians.

7) Important Senior management jobs, CEO positions in government linked companies, Malays will get it first irrespective of the best qualified and most capable Malaysian candidates.

8) Government linked positions, civil positions, nurses and teachers training, Malay will get them first irrespective whether they are qualified.

9) Religious land for worship or terms of God , Malays own it and the rest must obey.

10) Demonstrations, freedom of expressions, racial blurs, Malays can have their say, others under ISA …

Now you know why it is Malay 1st, Malaysian 2nd Education, welfare, economic, business policies are to benefit Malay first then Malaysian 2nd. The rest of the rakyat, who works hard, contribute to nation building will continue to be Malaysians 2nd. So it is not so difficult to understand if a Malay Indonesian Badminton player is playing against a Chinese or Indian Malaysian, those who subscribe Malay 1st, Malaysians 2nd will cheer for the Malay badminton player.

When there is a citizenship application of a Malay Indonesian and a qualified non Malay, the Malay Indonesian will get it irrespective of merits.

That is why we have Malay is 1st class other Malaysians 2nd class. This is the only country that has racism and special rights enshrined in its Constitution because Malay is supreme. So if you have the opportunity to migrate to be treated fairly and justly, why stay? Malaysians 2nd means you will always be an immigrant. Why become an immigrant with 2nd class rights when other countries are willing to give you equal rights.


Ex Malaysian said...

I was a Malaysian of Chinese descent and have been living in Australia since 1991. I am an Australian now and so are all my 3 children and grand kids. All my 3 children had their Australian university education without any problem. They are all married now and working in Australia without any race or religious discrimination shown to them from their fellow Australian work mates. In Australia, as long as you can speak and write English well, you will be respected. The Australian law will not tolerate any kind of racial, religious, gender discriminations and you can sue anyone who did that to you, if you have proof !!! On the other hand, the Malaysian UMNO/BN government practised the 1MALAY policy openly and no non-Malay can do anything about it. Best solution, if you want your children to have a decent life, is to emigrate to a country where the government appreciates your contributions to the country.

Anonymous said...

The NON-MALAYS constantly refer to Malaysia as our "beautiful country". Oh Yes, it is definetly beautiful and marvelous ONLY IF you have been classified as a Bumiputra. So we have Indian Muslims, Bangladesh Muslims,Indonesian Muslims, Filipino Muslims all jumping in the band wagon to declare themselves MALAY, just to reap all these government benefits. Yet the majority of the TRUE GENUINE Malays do not realise that in a matter of years, these FAKE MALAYS will one day overtake the Genuine Malays as the Majority race. WAKE UP NOW, espcecially the GENUINE MALAYS.

Edwin said...

This is the sad state of affairs in Malaysia. But then....if it's meritrocracy, then Chinese will sweep everything, even the crumbs will not be left behind for other races. As it is, the Chinese has a strong monopoly of Malaysia's economy...even with Government's giving unfair benefits to the Malays. Imagine if the Government was fair to all races....the Chinese will conquer everything...wa lao eh....just like what's happening in private sector today. In a multi-racial country, we cannot have 1 race to be super-rich and successful, and another race to be poor. This is a recipe for disaster and racial riots. So a responsible government needs to balance things up.

Anonymous said...

I think the chinese/indian community biggest weakness is the chinese/tamil schools. All UMNO need to do is to threated of their removal and these community leaders will agree to anything.

selva said...

Thanks Prof for the detailed account of the various races in this country,I agree with you but if we want change then we all have to unite to bring in a NEW govt but the stumbling block is that the opposition is not united so whatever we talk it is no use.My suggestion to this problen is simple but difficult to implement and that is overhaul the whole system from today onwards Politicians do not call the shots academic & professionals do can we if so I am ready to help.

rexuan said...

its a disgrace and malice to use prof's name in your one-sided article. u keep printing numbers but its not a proven facts. despite what you've mentioned of unfair allocation to the malays, the non-malay still reign supreme on the economic plate of the country thus proving wrong of ur allegations.

Apai Semalau said...

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that you and I and all natives of Sarawak and Sabah are actually pariah class (lowest of the low) bumiputras. Its so glaring that Malaysia subscribes to apartheid race discrimination of the highest order! We, the natives only get to eat the crumbs after the malays have eaten their full share,the chinese have taken their picks, the indians have chewed on the bones, and the left overs craps(if any) are grudgingly given to the us! We should rightfully call ourselves Sarawakians first then Malaysian2. Our current status of being a a colony (fix deposit)of Malaya is a liabilty to say the least. About time we speak out and vote for change!! Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

That is why umno must go.

Anonymous said...

That's why true blue Malaysians need to step up their battles for a more equitable Malaysia. And the 1st order of battle is to remove the current UMNO/BN regime from the seats of power. Henceforth will a more democratic and equitable Malaysia have a chance to take shape.


One MALAYA said...

This time, the fight for power is solely a malay affair and may lead to an Uprising. We of other race will sit back and watch the fun.
Personally, I see the end of the road for UMNO/BN as they chose the worst leader ever, after the mamak.
We have gone back thirty five years and such a sad scene.

Anonymous said...

A detailed break down of the racial/religious "caste" of malaiseia:
First = Malaise muslim umnoputar ultra (eg Mooidiotdin, Ibrailehim Ali, Mamaktahi, and other dumno linked extremists whom may even be pakistani, bugis, suluk, jawa, arab, etc.)
Second = Malaise muslim umnoputar (Najis, Abdoolah and other bumno linked whom may be suluk, bugis, jawa, pakistan, arab, etc.)
Third = Malaise muslim bumiputar ultra (Non umno hudud suporters - includes malaysian malays as well as bugis, suluk, jawa, pakistan, arab, etc.)
Fourth = Malaise muslim bumiputar (liberal malaysian malays and bugis, suluk, jawa, etc.)
Fifth = Non malaise muslim bumiputar ultra (Those that wear beard, arab clothes and turban - they think that dressing like their prophet would make them more pious)
Sixth = Non malaise muslim bumiputar (liberal non malaise muslims)
Seventh = Non malaise non muslim bumiputar ultra (rare as these are ususally damno linked)
Eighth = Non malaise non muslim bumiputar
Ninth = Non bumiputar muslim ultra (eg ridone t)
Tenth = Non bumiputar muslim
Eleventh = Non bumiputar non muslim
Twelfth = Foreing muslim ultra (abu sayaf, taliban, al-qaeda, hamas, moojahatin symphatizers and other anti semitics)
Thirteenth = Foreign muslim
Fourteenth = Foreign non muslim
Fifteenth = Local malay (non bumiputar) jew (if any)
Sixteenth = Local non malay jew (if they dare to admit)
Seventeenth = Foreign jew

Sri Belalang said...

It means lMalaysian concept is just a slogan. While there is rule by the majority, the rights of every everyone must be clearly spelt out and systematically protected. The majority cannot do what ever it wants. That is the tenet of democracy. Is our country practicing discrimination because of race, social status and nationality? Do we need to have a Constitution which unambiguously spells these rights and which is respected a lot more by all parties?

From the article above, it seems that other races, especially Dayaks have been marginalised,sidelined and bullied. Shame to you all Dayak ministers!!!

Dr. JCT said...

Wow, this is an eye opener. I knew there were discrimination but I didn't know to what extent. If what you said are true, then I am glad I made the right choice to emigrate to the U.S. By the way in the early 80s' I couldn't get into any of the local university in Malaysia because my results were either not good enough or for being of a wrong ethnicity ( go figure) so I have to go to Canada to continue my studies and mind you, my parents are not rich. After graduation and working for a few years in Canada, I decided to go back "home" to Malaysia. It was a bad decision. I couldn't tolerate the blatant and obvious discrimination and decided to emigrate to the U.S. When I first arrived, I applied for a study grant and successfully manage to enroll in a university there. Part of my tuition and fees were taken care of. The thing I will like to stress here is the fact that, I was not an American then but was given a grant and financial aid, whereas I was born and bred in KL but couldn't get into the local varsity. Today I work in a top fifty university in the world doing cancer research. Maybe Malaysia's loss is U.S. gain. You decide but I know my wife and kid will thank me for making the right choice. So for those who have no choice but to stay behind please make the right choice, vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

So sad...But TRUE
Time to get rid of UMNOB and their cronies for good for the good of the Nation.

Apai irau said...

You may migrate to avoid discrimination.But not every victim can do that.Emigrating is not the best choice.The best choice is to change the the current regime.Change the elected reps in our area who supported the current regime.I,for one,has never put a shred of hope in 1Malaysia concept.Its merely political rhetoric to mislead the average rakyats,but in reality the head of the regime and his cohorts are doing just the opposite.From the bubbling mouth of Najib,1Malaysia is not only aimed to unite all Malaysians but to give fair share to every race in every socio-economic opportunities available in this country.But judging from what were done or said by UMNO or Najib himself ,they are doing just the opposite to the idea of the concept they themselves mooted.. It is definitely a serious mean to cheat the rakyat,doubtless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rexuan Despite all the help the chinese still control the economy proved that government assitance has failed miserably

Anonymous said...

Chinese you give them everything also still complain. Nothing can satisfy their greed. They used every opportunity to maximize the cheat on bumiputra. Once they become rich, they will treat the bumi worst than dogs.

There start they make themselves king of everything; they will shout at govt servants who failed to bow to their ego. They become road bully, jump queue, parking indiscriminately. They make higher wall on their houses so that nobody can ever touch their wealth. They terrorist the underprivileged, they spit on those who try tell them to behave. Even the gangsters can make RMmillions and protected by police & custom officers.

However, I salute those Chinese who are considerate because they know back in china mainland their grandparents are living in hardship.

Lexter said...

And I'm a 3rd Class Malaysian! Being born in the Peninsular I still need to apply for work permit every year for working in Sarawak. Even Indonesian maids can apply for a work permit for a period of 3 years!
I may even subject to refusal of entry 'if' they classify me as threat to the state!

Anonymous said...

Let me just mentioned a few points for thought, after reading all the comments:

1. Most non-bumi are asking for goverment change. Look at the racial composition. Can the non-bumi change the goverment without or to certain extend the helpful votes from the bumi.

Looking at the benefits that they enjoy, you think they will vote to change goverment. Will you or the majority of you change the goverment if say you are enjoying those benefits. I not sure I will. That's the fact and human nature.

2. As someone mentioned, one race i.e. Chinese will dominate the economy if based on meritocracy.Problems also as happened in some countries.

3. Notwithstanding, the opposition is also in a mess, that should not deter us for change as I'm sure will not be worst then present goverment. If worst just vote back, the point is that fear should not be a hindrance for a chance to change better.

4. I'm just wondering the writer of the article is now still in Malaysia or migrated. If not migrated why not as suggested by him? Fighting for a change?

5. I'm not saying it's hopeless, the fact is we need those disgruntle bumi's vote to change goverment

Anonymous said...

but who are the police officers and the customs officers that protect those chinese gangsters?
i totally agree that malaysian chinese is a race that cannot be given face. we have seen alot that they show no respect for other race once they are rich. look around to believe it. atleast there are good malays around to neutralise the situation. ofcourse there are good chinese around.
about the malay supremacy, nothing we sarawak bumiputras can do. we are poor so we are manipulated around.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of an egoistic, ungrateful and greedy chinese. I guest, if we put you as king, you still want our rice that can only feed 1one mouth. U just think about yourself. You'll never get kindness, warm welcome, as you are getting from malays/bumiputeras here in malaysia, we give you honey, you give us back a poison. Try migrating to indonesia or china, let see if you can have what we let you take here in malaysia.

Tony Eu said...

It is disgustful that the Malays
have put full claim to ownership and rights of a country built by
multi-racial group. Together, we lived and worked together peacefully with no animosity towards each other. The change came when a pendatang by family name of Kutty changed everything
for the worse and made himself a Malay afterwhich, he started his cheating and corruptive ways. Therafter, Badawi and subsequently Najib followed in his type of leadership hence our country is doomed unless we vote UMNO out of power. We can do it.