Thursday, January 3

"Broken Shield" Promo Tour to Miri, Sarawak

On 27 Dec 2007, my family and I went on a tour by road from Kuching to Miri as part of our efforts to promote my inaugural book, 'The Broken Shield - The Birth of Dayakism', launched on 16 Dec 2007.

We began our journey at 6.30 am sharp from our house at Tabuan Dusun. Our first stop was at Lachau, a small town in Sri Aman where we had our breakfast. At Lachau, we managed to sell a copy of the book to a friend who happened to pass by the area. He was really happy to meet us there and wished us a safe journey to Miri.

After having our breakfast at Lachau, we continued our road tour to Sibu. Before reaching Sibu, we had our lunch at Jakar, Sarikei - which is about an hour's drive to Sibu. We ordered pork rice and mix-vegetable soup. By the time we finished our lunch, the time was almost 2.30 pm.

From Jakar, we continued our journey to Sibu through Durin road. Unfortunately, it took us nearly two hours to reach Sibu via Durin because some parts of the Durin road was still under construction and it was quite slippery at that time because of heavy rain since early morning. Finally, we reached Sibu at 4.30 pm after a long and exhausted drive. In Sibu, we had a short break at a coffeeshop near Sibu Jaya to refresh ourselves.

We departed from Sibu at about 5.00 pm and by the time we reached Bintulu town, it was already 7.30 pm. Initially, we thought of staying overnight in Bintulu instead of continue driving to Miri because we were quite tired and hungry then. Moreover, we were very skeptical to drive to Miri at night because we were informed that it was quite dangerous to drive along the Bintulu coastal roads.

Anyway, on second thoughts, we decided to continue our journey to Miri. We prayed to GOD so that we will reached Miri safely. Finally, after three hours of driving, we reached Miri at about 10.30 pm. We were quite relieved and happy although we were very tired, thirsty and hungry. Praise the Lord!


The next morning (28 Dec), we started to contact our friends and managed to sell 10 books. Some of the buyers include lawyers Mr Christopher Sawan & Mr Telajan Luyoh, Councillors Mr Richard Wil & Mr Dennis Ngau Jok and Pastor Law.

(Pic) The author promoting 'The Broken Shield' to fellow bloggers at Halo Cafe, Miri on 29 Dec 2007

On 29 Dec, my son and I attended the Miri Bloggers Gathering at Halo Cafe, Miri organised by and Uchu Keling. At the gathering, we sold one book each to fellow bloggers i.e. Mr James Ripon (Bidayuh Nigeria) and Mr Kelvinson (Kipong23). Before we returned to Kuching on 30 Dec, we sold another 3 books.

In summary, the short tour to Miri was quite a wonderful experience to us. For those of you in Miri who wants to buy the book can contact our marketing agent, Mr Mervin Joseph at 019-8471001. Once again, we would like to thank all our friends and guests who have supported us in our promo tour to Miri. Regards. #