Friday, November 2

Excerpts from Chapter 3: The SNAP Crisis

Rumours of SNAP’s president, Dunstan Endawie having loggerheads with his secretary-general, Leo Moggie and the senior vice-president, Daniel Tajem were at first considered as “mere rumours” especially after the party had won with a resounding victory in the recent State election in which it won 16 seats, losing two to independents including one SUPP-backed. SNAP accused SUPP of manufacturing those rumours in an effort to divert attention from internal problems affecting SUPP itself.

But after a while, the rumours and allegations seemed to gather some elements of truth. Such allegations, even if they were untrue, were made by Moggie’s supporters that he was sent to Kuala Lumpur to be made a Federal Minister (Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Posts) so that he would not become a threat to Endawie’s leadership.

Helping to fuel such rumours was Endawie himself, when he openly told his supporters that he wanted to step down as president and was looking for someone outside the party to take over from him. Among those mentioned by him was Rufus Nanang, who was an assistant Director of Education. The author remembers attending a dinner with the late Edward Jeli, Endawie, Atong Chuat and Jefferson Jingan in March 1980 at Holiday Inn Kuching. He told us that he wanted Rufus to take over from him as the president in order to make things difficult for Moggie and Tajem. As a friend, the author said to him that such a move could be disastrous and even could split the party, because Rufus was not even a member of the party and had no political experience. Further more, he was still working with the Education Department. Even if he resigned to take over the leadership, his appointment could not be made automatic. It had to be elected by the Triennial Delegates Conference (TDC).

How would Moggie and Tajem feel if they were sidelined? In fact the duo was the most suitable candidates to take over the leadership. Compared to Moggie and Tajem, Endawie was less academically qualified. Perhaps this could explain the reason why he felt insecure as the president. There was also a time he told his supporters that the duo had also undermined his leadership. Endawie must be referring to Moggie and Tajem who advised him to stop his night clubbing and cock-fighting activities (sometimes he was present in illegal cock-fighting).

Although such activities were personal, they could, however, jeopardise the good name of the party, the cabinet post he held as well as the community he represented. Endawie, who disliked Rahman, seldom attended cabinet meetings or attended to his ministerial functions. Many a time he did not go to his office, but spent his times at Rumah Dayak. So when Moggie and Tajem gave their advice to him, he thought that they were undermining his leadership.


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