Tuesday, December 11

Excerpts from Chapter 6: BN Rejects PBDS’ Application

Although PBDS had submitted its application to rejoin the BN coalition five months ago, some of its leaders were cautious about the application and were sitting tight as they waited anxiously for the State government to decide.

The questions uppermost in their minds were: what should they do if the application was not accepted by the BN3 coalition? Who would fight the PBDS future battles? Should they commit the PBDS machinery to the State government cause before or after coming onboard? Or should you ask your “troops” to go to the other side until you are definitely sure you are going to be friends and not enemies anymore?

This was the situation that PBDS was in. It must be admitted that there were members who were not happy of rejoining the BN3 government, when the party’s bargaining power was practically nil. They said that the leaders only talked about political reality, but they forgot about political strategies.

In the meantime, the State Barisan was giving PBDS till the end of March 1992 to “prove” its sincerity in wanting to rejoin the BN3 coalition. The decision would then be made after the six-month “cooling period”. Taib said: “It is just after the elections. We will give them time. We will wait and see what efforts they will make for PBDS to rejoin the BN with a sincere heart and not a tactic to sabotage the BN.”

Taib stressed that the Sarawak Barisan wanted political parties to reduce politicking and work towards achieving greater development in the State. This could be realised if there was greater consensus among the political parties.

And to achieve a greater consensus and development, it was appropriate to bring the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak back into the State Barisan, although it had enough political strength. “However, PBDS must first show its sincerity and observe the BN discipline,” he said over RTM.

SNAP, a member of the BN coalition, had expressed its decision to oppose the readmission of PBDS into the coalition, because in accepting PBDS, SNAP would be weakened, said Peter Gani, secretary-general at the National Council meeting of the party. He suggested that as members of PBDS were ex-members of SNAP, they should rejoin SNAP individually.


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