Monday, December 17

Launching of "The Broken Shield"

"The Broken Shield was launched by Dr John Brian Anthony (right) at the 2nd Dayak 21st Century Seminar Series held on 16 December 2007 at Penview Inn, Kuching.

"The Broken Shield" - latest book on Dayak politics

‘The Broken Shield’ which was soft-launched on 16 December 2007 during the Dayak 21st Century seminar and workshop is the latest book written on Dayak politics.

Authored by Joseph Tawie, a retired civil servant, the book attempts to cover political events from the author's perspective and knowledge.

It is about a journey or a "roadmap" of Dayak political unity from the day Sarawak gained its independence until this present day political scenario. Along the journey, the Dayak unity was persistently being undermined. Their hopes and struggles were constantly being frustrated either by the Dayaks on their own out of personal greed and jealousy or they worked in collaboration with others whose interests were detrimental to the Dayaks' political struggles.

The book is so titled 'The Broken Shield' because the shield is more than a Dayak warrior's weapon of self-defence against all weapons of enemies and which symbolises the unity, strength, struggles and hopes of the Dayak Community. And for this reason, the shield has been incorporated into the logos or symbols of all Dayak-based parties like SNAP, PBDS, SPDP and PRS. Even Pesaka, which merged with Bumiputra to form Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB), to this day still continues to retain the shield as its emblem to reflect its aim of protecting the Dayaks' interest in PBB.

Figuratively speaking, the shield breaks into pieces in its efforts to protect the Dayaks' unity, interests and rights, and its bits and pieces have been scattered all over the place. Translated into modern day politics, ‘The Broken Shield’ reflects the Dayaks' profound disunity while its fragments represent each and every one of the Dayaks who are divided and scattered among the existing political parties in the State.

Priced at RM70 per copy, the book can be obtained from Joseph Tawie (019-8763222) or email or fax 082-363794.

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