Friday, December 21

First Buyer of "The Broken Shield"

(Pic) Mr Johnny (right) and Mr Joseph both proudly holding a book that they respectively authored - "The Broken Shield - The Birth of Dayakism" & "Gempung Jerita Tuai Bansa Iban".

Mr Johnny Chuat, from was the first person to buy The Broken Shield. He came all the way from Bintulu just to meet the author, Mr Joseph Tawie and get him to sign the book at First Family Cafe, Kuching.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnny Chuat who is also the Managing Director of Pegari Iban Production in Bintulu has been appointed as one of the Marketing Agent to promote and sell the book. Those staying in Bintulu who are interested to purchase the book can contact Mr Johnny at 019-8758576 or email

(Pic) Mr Johnny Chuat (right) received copies of the book from Mr Joseph Tawie during an informal gathering at First Family Cafe (FFC) in Kuching on 23 Dec 2007 while others look on.


sarawakiana said...

Congratulations on a great effort.

I hope that readers all over the world will welcome this publication which is well researched and truthful, without malice and slander.

Thank you for publishing a honest book!!

Jetty said...

It was great to meet up with our friends from Miri to share this book with them. Thank you for all the support and encouragement.