Sunday, January 18

Malaysian Dayak Congress to decide on party registration soon

Following a brief interview with BERNAMA yesterday, the following article was published in The New Straits Time Online, today 18 Jan 2009.
By: Caroline Jackson, BERNAMA

KUCHING, Sun.: The pro-tem committee members of the yet-to-be-registered Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) will decide soon whether to make a fresh application to the Registrar of Societies (ROS), its protem information chief Joseph Tawie said.

He said, alternatively, party members, comprising former Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak PBDS) members who remained partyless, could join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) or other political parties in the state.

“We (MDC) have received a number of invitations to join the opposition but we are still holding on as we have yet to decide on the next course of action,” he told Bernama today.

The Home Ministry, in a letter dated April 9 last year, rejected MDC’s appeal to be registered as a political party on grounds that its registration could pose a threat to security and public order.

The pro-tem committee members had appealed against the ROS’ decision to the Home Minister in August 2006, after an application to register the MDC, submitted on May 6, 2004, was rejected on July 19, 2006.

Following the deregistration of PBDS on Oct 21, 2004, many of its 200,000 members opted to join its offshoot, the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), a state Barisan Nasional (BN) component party while “tens of thousands ex-PBDS members remained partyless,” Tawie said.

In the May 2006 state election, MDC candidates had to contest under the opposition Sarawak National Party (SNAP) tickets as its registration could not be approved on time. ROS, meanwhile, advised the applicants to submit a fresh application if they were still interested to pursue the MDC registration.


Anonymous said...

The official letter from the Interior Ministry was not published. The Home Minister is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

So according to this blog, we Dayaks are a Security threat on the political landscape in Borneo.

Dear Encik Tawie, you will do well to publish the Interior Ministry response here on Broken Shield, for us to read. Thanks

Apai Semalau said...

Mana Dayak Congress? The problem with Dayaks are, we love to procrastinate! Procrastination is not going to help the dayaks. How many more appeals and how much longer are we going to wait? History should not be given another chance to repeat itself. The last appeal took years for a simply reply that doesn't take half a day to decide.
Just accept the fact that MDC will never be approved Mr. Tawie. Stop dreaming. Its a battle long lost. Hopefully some younger turks will talk some sense into him to move forward for the sake of the Dayaks and all Sarawakians. BN is using MDC to split and rule can't you see?

Borneo Warrior said...

Form a new party. The scenario is timely,politically. The Home Ministry will approve this one I reckon.
Call it: SPSP (derived from the first name of past and existing parties; S-SNAP

The idea is to combine all leaders and members of all those parties. Gather our unity and strength. Then we decide whether to continue to be Barisan partner or join Pakatan.After all,these parties were all from SNAP in the first instance.

Mohd. Nizam said...

You have been splitting and scattering, never regrouping.People are laughing, not wise to have another political party.Join us in PKR and we promise for good.

Tiyung Dayak said...

I agree with Borneo Warrior’s comment. SPSP, uh? Uhm… Heh! Anyway, the other hidden reason for the “banning” (is the word correct to describe it?) of MDC is the use of words “Dayak” and “Congress” – kind of “racist” or “it looks similar to MIC, and then HINDRAF, etc.” The present gomen is sort of phobia about this thing! That’s why the present gomen views the Dayaks as potential threat to national security…

Well, this is just my 2-cent opinion. No harm was done!

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone,
Borneo warrior, i totally disagree with you. You see what was the reason for PBDS and PRS breakage? It was because Masing wanted and is always want to be the leader. He wants to be Jabu of Kapit river. I totally dont want Masing to be part of our leaders.

Chakui said...

The Home Ministry rejected MDC`s appeal to be registered as a political party on security reasons should be respected.The officers in the Ministry know their job after taking into consideration all aspects including if there were elements of threat to security and public order.If you feel if it was a vague decision, then file your arguments in court of law and see what the law is going to say about it. It is better to clear your doubt.

Anonymous said...

MDC will be approved this time round - maybe a month before state elections. So while the Dayaks dither and await MDC approval they would lose the current momentum built up. While they could educate their folks in the rumah panjai prior to elections the Dayaks leaders will squander again the opportunity in the name of Dayakism.
But all part of CM's strategic thinking to derail the Dayaks' aspiration to power.

Tiger said...

As much as I love for Dayaks to have a party to represent us, but then, Dayaks or should I call them Ibans "ka amat nyadi tuai". The reasons for the party break-ups are all due to "ka nyadi tuai". Even if we manage to register another party, the same thng will happen. I guess we need a different approach. But then, we can still be the leaders in our state. Just make sure we win enough seats (More than 1/2 of DUN) for us to be "Tuai".

Anonymous said...

Only dayak party can take care of dayak's welfare.. not PKR or BN...

Lemambang jr said...

Well, the good thing is, we all have improved in most areas. However I have different view on this issue:
1.Dayak Leaders are Selfish > Let face it. i really hoped that Dato Leo Moggie can be the one, who would unite the Dayaks. Look what happened. He turned off from that patch bcause he already got the glory for himself. He leaved the PBDS, the one that brought him up. PBDS was leaderless, divided and broken ever since. Thanks, to Leo Moggie. HOPE HE CAN LIVE WITH THAT.
2.Education..Education..Education..>There is no way we can be a better community without proper education. Yes, we have lands, but we have no ideas, how to turn the lands into 'gold'. After all, Dayakian never really feel any 'threat'.. from the global world. Foods-we can grow the padi and hunting for the animals. Shelter- we can build free home on our land.. and the list go on..
so, this "We will Survive no Matter What" ideology really hold our back..