Tuesday, January 13

Unemployed local graduates are unhappy

The influx of 2,000 Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) teachers from West Malaysia into Sarawak is not only causing uneasiness to the people of Sarawak but it is also depriving thousands of local graduates of employment opportunities.

Under this KPLI scheme those graduating from ordinary degrees are compelled to attend a one-year diploma course before they can be recruited as teachers. But why preference is only given to West Malaysians?

Chairman of Baleh branch of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), Dr. James Masing, has expressed concern over this new development. In a resolution passed during the branch AGM over the week-end in Kapit, Masing who is also the PRS president and Minister of Land Development called on the government to address the lack of employment opportunities for local graduates especially in the teaching profession.

“The people in Baleh are uneasy as the employment of teachers is mostly from outside Sarawak,” he was reported to have said. Of course Masing is worried as 313 of those teachers have been sent to 47 primary schools in Kapit division.

Not only parents in Kapit have felt uneasy and unhappy, but parents in other Divisions have also expressed similar sentiments. Their posting to Sarawak, as mentioned earlier will not only deprive our own graduates of employment opportunities, but will also affect the standard or the quality of education in the rural areas.

Educated mostly in the Malay medium, they do not in the first place choose the teaching profession and many of them in the past are known to have low determination and motivation.

Posting them to the interior areas of Sarawak especially in Kapit may not be a good idea, where rivers are the mainstay of communication, where accommodation may be a little bit better than chicken sheds, and where they may be cut off from the outside world. As strangers, they are sure to suffer from cultural shocks. Worst if they are unmarried lady teachers. All these will add to their woes.

And it will not be surprising if some of them are asking to be transferred back or leaving even before the year ends. It has happened in the past and it is going to happen in the future. And if this is going to be the case, not only the government will waste millions of ringgit in training and transferring them, but the performances of the rural pupils will also be affected. This is our main concern.

But on the other hand, it is also a good thing if more qualified West Malaysian teachers come to teach in Sarawak so that they can learn the various cultures of the local people, see how the Dayaks, the Malays and Chinese live harmoniously and respect each others’ religions and see the people of Sarawak display the highest degree of tolerance towards each other. At the same time our students will also benefit from qualified and experienced teachers.

Moreover, when these teachers return to their respective towns and villages, they will tell their relatives and friends that Sarawak, the Land of the Hornbills, are not bad after all and that Dayaks do not live on tree tops. – The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


simpangpunda said...

The influx of 2000 KPLI teachers from Malaya deprived equal numbers of unemployed Sarawak graduates.Teachers aside,how about other professions?They are equally unhappy being unemployed.Even
office-boys are imported from Malaya.
If not deprive,what is?

Anonymous said...

Kalau betul ada 2,000 orang lepas KPLI dari Semanjung dihantar ke sekolah-sekolah di pedalaman Sarawak tahun 2009 ini adalah berita yang menyedihkan. Langkah ini bukan saja menidakkan peluang graduan Sarawak mendapatkan peluang pekerjaan tetapi lepas KPLI ini adalah guru yang masih mentah. Bila mentah tidak banyak yang boleh mereka lakukan untuk meningkatkan taraf pendidikan murid luar bandar di Sarawak yang masih terkebelakang. Bila sudah mendapat sedikit pengalaman nanti setelah berkhidmat 3 atau 4 tahun mereka akan dihantar balik ke Semenanjung. Dengan pengalaman dari sarawak mereka akan menjadi guru yang lebih baik di Semenanjung. Jadi sentiasalah murid pedalaman Sarawak akan mundur, menjadi bahan eksperimen menimba pengalaman bagi guru semenanjung, maka sentiasalah mundur pencapaian murid kita. Takkah Pengarah Pendidikan Sarawak Dr Julaihi Bujang tidak dapat memikirkan pekara ini. Atau ini memang satu konspirasi supaya orang Sarawak terus-terusan menjadi orang paloi ?

Rosli Dhoby

Anonymous said...

If lady teachers are posted to rural areas atleast parents of a primary school girl has nothing to worry about BUT what about male west malaysian teachers posted to rural areas? Past record spoke for itself, it is something that could cause concern parents uneasiness.

Tiger said...

James and his resolution!!! Ha..Ha.. He always seem to be concern about the lives of the Dayaks.. prihatin betul. But then, will the cries of the PRS be heard in Taib's ears?? A few months back, PRS mentioned about opportunities to be given a few GLC posts. Did any of the members get the post? I bet not. How about Doris Brodie? After not being elected as a candidate in the GE2008, James Masing promised her name would be in the list for senatorship. Is she a senator today or even sampai bila-bila lah? I would never believe Masing nowadays. He used to be Taib's boy, to gsin the dayaks support in the first place, but not today. Taib couldn't be bothered to listen to his resolution.

I pity those scholars in the rural areas. If there is only 6 in a class, being in primary 4 this year, not knowing to spell the days of the week, what would that make the teacher? Lazy or couldn't be bothered because of race, maybe?
What is the role of the Education Department in improving the qualities of education in the rural areas, or is the YB to be blame?

NEIL said...

These influx will be a problem in the child 's thinking.They will be polluted by these teachers from W,malaysia.The school children will be brainwashed into thinking that Sarawak is part of W.Malaysia.nd religion will play a big role.There will be some who will try to convert these rural children.
The life style and culture are all different.
Watch out for your children's abnormal behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher teaching at town school. eventualy i apply to ruralschool to be my wife but turn down by JPN.

I dont know what senario happen with top admnistrator at these moment. at one hand there said need more teacher at rural but at same time they act differently

while i love Sarawak my own land but seen i cannot do much.

The girls are cute at ulu there and ignotion, it will and could cause concern parents uneasiness if a male teacher there.

i think we have quite a lot qualify graduate to take up these post. but where are there? or been ignore by our own government?

Anonymous said...


Triplets Js said...

I do not really see any problem if:

-The figure of 2000 trained teachers from Peninsular are compensated by the same figure from Sabah and Sarawak posted across the sea likewise.

However,it is hard to determine whether we have grounds to be unhappy as we are not presented with the exact figure.

No, i,m not in favor of any inequality.

It is well known that the distribution of government professions are not equal in terms of race and gender be it teachers, police, nurses etc.

We do not have to dig hard. Just observe the government offices during the holiday. There are circumstances where big offices are occupied by few souls making it conducive to play golf.

That is why we have job demography easily identified by races.

This we need to rectify before it becomes a problem.

Anonymous said...

James Ikan Masin spoke out. Oh very super extra ordinary case ya; may be some one reminded him so. You know he is a very forgetful man; forgive him please. He forgets what he has said, what he has promised and sometimes he forgets his race, you know! I am a doctor too, and I think this sickness have something to do with the "sterilization" done by their BN boss. To no surprise, many SUPP/PRS/SPDP heads, the "removal" have been done. So forgive and forget them please...

from Dr.Tongkat Ali

Anonymous said...

How about some of the veteran lazy-ass Dayak teachers? They turned up in school late on Monday and left on Thursday?

Anonymous said...

the influx of 2000 KPLI teachers from malaya is part of BeAnne OOm-no paklah programme harijadi to ulu areas just like the urang puteh in old days 'missionary' works.

from dayak tasik

Apai Semalau said...

I can't have agreed more with Neil. In the rural areas outside of malay kampungs' does the government really think that the malayan "teachers" will assimilate and accept our ways of life and culture? More that we have to bend backward for them to suit their religious beliefs. For a start they can't eat at the same table as us. Our food are considered as haram. They consider themselves as far more superior than the locals. So how can they teach our children not knowing and respecting our cultures. There are tons of past cases when semanunjung teachers have looked down on native Sarawak children and maltreated them. Are we going to let history repeat itself again. Give our Sarawakian graduates a chance afterall THIS IS SARAWAK!

DeePo said...

ha3...nti org semenanjung ckp...'''hey org awk sendiri tak mau mngajar nk komplen pula''....uncle, wat do u think?

as for me, im still ok wit semenanjung teacher..but they hv to try to accept the culture here...often i heard the teachers always complain about the rural ppl as pengotor n uncivilized....stupid

Anonymous said...

Hi there everyone.
yap. i got mad on every friday, why? The Kuching roads were crammed by those rural teachers coming down and crowded Kuching roads by their uneasines kind of driving. Gani should check all these illegal influx of teachers on every friday morning. something should be done to these cancerous teachers. See and look at the exam result of some rural schools! With the help of internet world, no reason should be given as those years ago!
You can ask nowadays teachers how many of them really interested in their profession? This is one of the causes why we dayaks fair badly? Is our YBs having nuts and never realised that this is something like a strategy to weakened the dayaks academically and eventually forever dumb and thus easier to manipulate? Common Yang Berhormat or otherwise Yang Bodoh.
Another thing of concern to everybody in Sarawak is the rate of crime and murder remaining higher and higher but few solved, why? I think our enforcement officers are too fat to run after the criminals, pardon me if my facts are fallacies.

Cr.Lukau said...

Ninty percent of army personnels serving in Sarawak are West Malaysians and most of the top guns of the police are also West Malaysians.These servicemen look after your security as well as maintaining the public order.Are you also not happy with them?

Cikgu Bugau said...

Cr. Lukau,

Why are talking about police & army personnel? The blog is about the influx of KPLI teachers from West M'sia? Do u understand the issue the blogger is trying to highlight here? Don't comment if you don't know the real issue here. Paloi mai nuan nya..

Anonymous said...

Why complain? this is program integrasi lah...Swk perlu orang ajar dan jaga keselamatan kita ker'na kit bodoh lah, ketinggalan pengetahuan lah..cuma pemimpin kita dalam BN pandai cari makan sendiri.

Karang kita banyak worry. Worry ekonomi tak baik, penyamun rompak dan bunuh, lagi worry penyamun besar yang rompak tanah dan hutan; sampai karang cari makan lepasan universitas pun kena rompak...

Borneo Warrior said...

Lets look at this rationally.2000 graduates teachers.After passing their 1st degree,they studied again specially to equip themselves to teach.They graduated and ready to teach,Then they are posteg to Sarawak.
How are they going to deprive our people of jobs? The teachers from Malaya will deprive us of our job if the scenario is like this;
1. 2000 post graduates KPLI teachers who are Sarawakians, and from Kapit and are unable to find jods as teachers in Kapit Division because of this influx of KPLI teachers from Malaya, THEN we are deprived of our job! We havent mentioned about merits yet. No job is guranteed for you exclusively!

After said that, give them the chance to teach our children in the far reaching Merirai,Suut, Mujong, Entawau tec. Not all teachers are bad. The fact that they studied again after their 1st degree so that theycan specially teach is evidence that they chose teaching as their profession.

Madi, please give them chance. Like any other group or organisation there is bound to be a bad apple among us.

Of courese we see deprivations in all societies. Let us keep to this specific scenario of KPLI being posted to Sarawak rural area, ok.

Regards everyone.

Anonymous said...

nuan councillor likau.
bejako ka rational anang purposely ngemedis hati orang lain ke bebendar ka bejurai ke penemu ditu, ngiga atur ngiga penemu ke manah. Enti penemu nuan nadai, manah enda iboh bejako. Ila nuan madah "nadai jakonya" enti dunya udah tebalit. Bejako ditu enda baka nuan ke bejurai ke pasal projek ni projek tu empu aku, projek tu empu YB leboh ke milih pengawa leboh Mesyuarat Majlis. Anang ketegal digelar kunsila nuan ka nyarut ka penemu orang ke a bolg tu. Berapa Elaun Mesyuarat nuan ke ngasuh nuan buta penemu?Sedar la, udah mehnya nyadi pengemba orang ngasu.
Minta ampun ngagai nuan meh. Aku tu kunsila meh tang aku tetap ngering ka bangsa, makai makai gak elaun diberi BN tang anang enda ingat ka diri au tq.

Anonymous said...

First of all the complain from James Masing is politically motivated (to show that he is a local hero).

As a matter of fact,the standard of education in rural sarawak is very poor, as high as 30% of the student still can't read nor write.And very sorry to say this,the local teachers most of them are not there to teach , punishing the pupil until they ran off.
You call yourself local but doesn't understand how to pujuk the pupil to study.
That why Kementerian are sending the fresh highly train teachers from Semenanjung to help overcome the problem.
You are treating your own kind like pariah.Pay a visit to SK Temengung ,Batang Balieh and see for yourself what i am talking about.

Anonymous said...

It was also revealed that their knowledge of english are well below par. The benchmark was of our primary three students.
Lets look at a longer shot.
These are the teachers that will create mixed marriages. These marriages will provide and amplify the religious factions and we also know what are the higher percentages of teachers reigious backgrounfd are. This is an annual posting, work out the multiplication factor and you will realize the impact after 20 year time.
Just a thought, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I managed to speak to Ghani on the KPLI teachers. He said priorities should be given to local graduates who are interested in becoming KPLI teachers. There are thousands of local youths, who are graduates, not being accepted to be KPLI teachers. According to him, between 10 and 20 applicants from Sarawak are accepted as KPLI teachers each year, out of 5,000 nation-wide.
Out of so many from WP, between 300 and 400 of them are posted to Sarawak. He said he was not aware that 2,000 have been posted to Sarawak this year. He said he would find out.
He said the graduates from Sabah also complained against the disparity.
He had met with the education ministry officials to express the STU concern on the disparity and there is a need to correct the imbalances.
He admitted that teachers from WP complained of suffering from a cultural shock and after one or two years, they apply to return home.
Such teachers, therefore, are not dedicated and committed to their work. As a result, the rural children suffer.
The answer to this is that: employ the local graduates as KPLI teachers. Ghani wondered why the locals are not accepted. He said they applied to be KPLI teachers because they are qualified, otherwise they will not apply.

Cr. Ulu Rajang said...

Setuju endar ku enggau penemu Anon. (January 15, 2009 10:34 AM).

Cr. Likau nya sigi mapap....lain utai ti dirandau ba blog, lain isu ti dipansut ka nuan...Enti nadai utai manah ka dirandau, manah anang meri komen neh..

DeePo said...

trying to impose UMNO in sarawak i guess? part of UMNOalization?

Pejabat Khidmat Rakyat P.218 Sibuti said...

YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai AHLI PARLIMEN MALAYSIA Kawasan SIBUTI, Akan membawa isu Guru Lepas KPLI. Soalan telah dihantar bagi sidang parlimen pertama tahun 2009. Persoalan yang dibangkitkan adalah mengenai permasalah "brain drain" graduan yang memilih KPLI dan lambakan guru KPLI dari semenanjung ke Sarawak. Isu guru KPLI yang tidak ikhlas apabila ditempatkan akan cuba dibangkitkan.

Tiger said...

To Pejabat Khidmat Rakyat,

What can Yb do? Just by bringing the issue to Parlimen is just for his publicity. Alike James Masing making resolution in their AGM, is nothing more than just for publicity purposes. Sapa ka ulih dikemeli-dikemeli ka sida BN. Don't be fooled!!


jumpover said...

Guru dari semenanjung kah yang datang ke swk....ITU TIDAK PENTING.

Ia ka penting amai ia nya...kitai dayak dipilih sama rata pemaioh (diberi peluang sama rata) enggau bangsa bukai.

Ia ka diatu....ulih dikira kitai dayak ti diambi, diberi peluang nyadi pengajar.
Ngambi ka contoh::::; Ari 100 calon ka mujur masuk kolej guru (maktab) ..bisi kah enda 10 iko kitai dayak dipilih. TU meh penaggul lalu utai ka majak nyadi nuntung kitai dayak. Hal ka baka tu ...ta ngayan ka kitai dayak tu nadai berapa dipebasa ka orang.

Ngagai bala dayaks...anang kitai enda bepikir ka utai tu.

So....let us together to fight for our right. Tu meh utai ka ngasuh bala nembiak2 baru balat enda rindu ka perintah kelebih agi perintah "buruk nyanyuk swk" ka betuai ka "robert mugabeie" nya. Ia nya meh antara siko babun ka balat nyisih ka kitai dayak.

Mulut ia manis baka gula tang ati ia penuh ka merinsa ka kitai.
Ingat!!!!aram berubah.

Anonymous said...

Hi there everyone.

UNTY IS MIGHT. So let us all Dayaks of various origins unite and berandau on issues that we Dayaks faced.

Then we try to find out the solution to overcome it. Who are in a better place to solve it and this point is important. We must teach our people to be appreciative on one who managed to overcome the problem.

Looking back to the NCR issues. Yesterday's paper, YB lihan told his people to "be patience and dont turn against the Govt. about it.

It can be solved amicably. He is going to set up a committee about it".

This is the kind of person i wanted to mention in an answer to my question on the suitablility of person to be tasked with the job.

Certainly to me, he is useless.
Let me ask him. When was the issue of NCR started? Was it only last two or three years ago?

Our NCR land is almost finished and what is he talking about?
I have said it earier, the solution is easy as what Anuar had said earlier in Kuching.

To bring the NCR land holders to the mainstream of development, make them as part of the shareholders, not just a big companies or the robbers.

And if there any state legislation that forbid it, do away with it, that easy mah...

I got fed up every morning on the way to work, Taib in his Melanau slang in a local radio station says"to bring development to its fullest possible height sepecially the NCR land with palm oil plantation"...

Taib, who are those NCR land developers, just mention it here for people to see, i dare you.
Thus, referring back to whom we should appoint to represent us in solving the issues raised, let us Dayaks select only those who can really perform and then finally teach our people to be appreciative to the correct person, bukan to penipu.

BARU BIAN, i salute u for the battle u've done successfully but as i said our people doesnt know how to be appreciative.

Anonymous said...

Right, that is right. All PRS/SPDP/SUPP YBs will tell us to be patient and wait for them to form committees to resolve the NCR issues. Why are we so worried? We have elected them and we are paying their wages to voice our issues and pleas in the DUN; even the bottled water they drink is from our hard earned pepper and rubber money; the air-con and comfort in the DUN are taxed through our every tin od sardin fish.

Beside the NCR, now the KPLI teachers issue, do we not raise to our YBs? No worry, they will form another committee to resolve the problem. They will talk to Lah and Najib, Hishamuddin and even Uban. Why worry? Just wait for another 5 years or so..

jumpover said...

Enti kitai dayak lalu nadai mereti ka gaya/ makenisma ka dikena orang nyisih ka kitai....kitai dayak lalu majak tinggal di belakang taun beganti taun.

badu agi kitai ningga ka jako manis sida nya. Ba rh2 panjai...ukai main nyebut Idup dayak dalam bn...maju dayak dalam bn. Ba dunya nyata ,,sida ngemeli ka kitai.
Dalam ati sida munyi tu " nya asai dayak..awak ka sida mundur..kapa nya"

Bala kaban...
Uji kitai meda org2 ka kereja ba opis2 perintah tauka swasta ...berapa iko bangsa kitai???????

Adakah tu utai ka ulih kitai dayak ka udah nyukung perintah bepuluh2 taun?????????????????????????

So....let change.

Anonymous said...

If these rumour are true...WHAT HAPPEN TO DAYAK especialy unemployed graduates..where's is democracy..where's the love..Most people think Iban Live on the tree...ridiculousss..sbb itu kita trus dipinggirkan....kasihan tapi mana kita punya pemimpin? makan suap bangsa sendiri tidak diendahkan..f**k them..