Sunday, January 18

KT by-election: a BIG eye-opener for Sarawakians!

Once again a candidate of Pas-Pakatan Rakyat (People’ Alliance), Abdul Wahid Endut has won in a by-election, the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election. About five months ago, Anwar Ibrahim of PKR-Pakatan Rakyat won the Permatang Pauh by-election.

The Pakatan’s victories at the two by-elections clearly show that the March 2008 elections were not a fluke, when Pakatan Rakyat comprising Pas, Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Democratic Action Party (DAP) retained Kelantan, captured four States and reduced the two-third majority of BN in parliament.

The West Malaysians are fed-up with the BN government with its promises, its arrogance and with its supremacist policies. So the people really want change.

To us in Sarawak, which is about to witness the coming State election, the just concluded by-election is indeed a big eye-opener.

Despite hundreds of millions of ringgit worth of goodies and development projects handed over by the BN government to the people of Kuala Terengganu, yet they still voted for Pas-Pakatan Rakyat candidate.

This is the lesson for all of us, the voters, be you Dayaks, Malays or Chinese that we must learn from and follow the footsteps our fellow Malaysians in Terengganu: it is nothing wrong in accepting the BN goodies and projects, but vote for the Opposition. (Nadai tulah kitai). That is if we want change.

For the past 45 years we have been suffering and complaining: Chinese and Malay businessmen are robbed of their business opportunities, as businesses are only given to cronies of powers-that-be; the Malays and the Dayaks have their NCR land taken away and leased to giant companies for oil palm plantations, so much so that they do not have land to tilt; and some of Dayak villages and longhouses have been destroyed by these companies and others drowned due to the construction of dams, not one, but 12 dams; and how the people have suffered as a result of them being resettled in new areas. The people of Sungai Asap are a case in point.

This is a critical question before us: Do we want change or not? If we do not want change then we continue to elect Taib’s government and continue to suffer. If this is the case, then we must not complain; then we must allow the companies to encroach into our NCR land, and then we must not take the government and companies to court.

Don’t waste time and money. Take your rewards of RM20 or RM30 and MINOR rural development projects for voting them and with open arms welcome them and let them rape your land, destroy your properties and blur your children’s future.

But if we want change, then we must vote this land-grabbing government OUT and give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to govern the State. After all we have been suffering, suppressed, oppressed and marginalized for the past 45 years, and what is that if we are to suffer for another five years under Pakatan Rakyat if it is also equally bad like the BN government? Think about it. - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Many want change. But it should be a change built on consensus. It should be a change that is raised locally, it should be a grassroots change. Then and only until then, we would be seen as the Malayan Lackey on Borneo, if we continue to do them favours.

This is our country not theirs and you see the South China Sea, that's where Malaya ends.

Abdullah said...

Anon 12: 42 AM

Malayans are not the problem and neither do they cause any for you. I'm a Malayan and I'm happy with what we have and how we have rejected Umno despite its billions of bribes. Let me tell you, Malayans love Taib Mahmud because he is corrupt that he is ready to sell Sarawak to us (resource wise). Then we use these resources to develop Malaya and that's why we are more developed than Sarawak by 5 times. All because of Taib. Despite that, we are rejecting Umno and BN as we feel they aren't doing enough. So you Sarawakians need to wake up and choose a new caring leadership and then you catch up with us. But if you blame Malayans, then you are falling into Taib Mahmud's trap which was to plant fear in your hearts concerning Malayans and in the process he gets free hand in raping Sarawak. The choice is yours. We have shown you the way. Take the bribes and vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

What if by some miracle Taib abolished NCR laws lands return to the righful owners and instituited reforms for the betterment of the people of sarawak. We see good infrastructure roads, school, transport system more job opportunities as compare with malaya and etc. Less corruption and energitic YBs working hard for the communities listerning and learning their woes. Of course such asking is remote than remote. And what will people say of him if such thing happened. Will we be conderming him or praising him or we are not satisfy and ask more of him even his eyes and bones?

Anonymous said...

King of Alligators quoted KT should not be used as benchmark for Sarawak 2011 election. Apa, sudah takut karang iya? This is another prototype from Najib, Matir

Sarawakian will use the same tone, same tune, same spirit and same broom to sweep the monsters out from DUN

Triplets Js said...

if indeed we use the by election as yardstick, i feel the rakyat has come to term enough is enough. we in sarawak should be grateful that we are no longer fear CHANGE. I know most of us are uneasy to the word CHANGE. We fear change to our job, wellbeing, new government etc. etc. All fellow sarawakians out there, even animals evolve (change) to survive. its the law of nature, change is what we need to progress further. We cannot afford this beloved state to be pushed back to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...


The issue is your political problems on Malaya. Who are you to come here and tell me what I need? Who are you to make demands of me? I don’t need PKR, I don’t need DAP, I don’t need false promises on NCR, Equality and Development, I don’t need PAS, and I don’t need your endemic political problems from Malaya. I don’t need you to tell what I should aspire to be. It is you Prince, who can tell me what you want. Do you know what you want? Are you the KING? Do you want to be THE KING? Humble yourself and beg us for Power. Crawl from a hundred yards out; Bring your gifts of oil and gold; place it on our feet. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT - Then we, as Sarawakians and Sabahans, will decide your fate.

Either way for you Abdullah, your leaders Anwar and Najib, they're the same hue but different brands. As for our Tinpot Dictator, At least he is ours and ours alone. We will deal with our own problems, if and when the time comes. In the appropriate manner. WE DECIDE WHEN WE WANT CHANGE IN SARAWAK. It is not for you to tell us when.

tunabdulrazak said...

Kudos to you Abdullah

Abdullah said...

anon 9:53 PM

First of all, I didn't make any demands neither did I order you to do anything specific apart from getting educated and knowing your rights. In fact, I don't believe you are a Sarawakian or if you are one, then you must be The Yang Dikasihi (YDK) cyber troopers, or PBB/PRS boy but who can't say so because of the barrage of criticism he/she will receive.

When you say I don't need PKR, DAP and PAS, then you need to state what you want which is PBB/PRS of TDK. By the way, these parties (PR) aren't begging you. They have simply given platform to many oppressed people and intellectuals and today they control states that account for 65% GDP of the nation plus the Capital. Irate YDK pussyfooter of your ilk doesn't need to be part of that group otherwise the intelligent part of the society won't have given power to these parties in the most developed parts and states of the nation.

I didn't tell you to be a specific person but defended Malayans from your petty tribal rant that holds no water, otherwise who convinced you that we are crying for you? By what law, by what justice? Did Malaya lose anything however small it is because of Tahip Mahnuk? Of course not. By the way, Malayans even don't know if Kuching is Sarawak's capital but they know Tahip Mahnuk offers its reosurces to build many North-South Expressway type roads in Malaya. Petty!

"I don’t need you to tell what I should aspire to be. It is you Prince, who can tell me what you want. Do you know what you want? Are you the KING? Do you want to be THE KING? Humble yourself and beg us for Power. Crawl from a hundred yards out; Bring your gifts of oil and gold; place it on our feet. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT - Then we, as Sarawakians and Sabahans, will decide your fate."

You must have taken few bottles of the contaminated YDK cheap beer to write this bunkum and hogwash. Poor! It is you who is needy not me, it is your state that has no clean water (70% of it) not my state, it is you who is suffering from unemployment (Sarawak is 5 times higher than Malaya). It is you who has no roads, world class hospitals, trendy shopping centres, numerous universities and now even the land. It is not me who is crying. It is you and your people. But the fact that you are a YDK playboy, you hide your true intentions and puke here. Poor and sad!

"As for our Tinpot Dictator, At least he is ours and ours alone. We will deal with our own problems, if and when the time comes. In the appropriate manner. WE DECIDE WHEN WE WANT CHANGE IN SARAWAK. It is not for you to tell us when."

He he he! I never thought drunkness can lead to this paralysis. OMG! Let me tell you pathetic creature, Taib is in Sarawak because of Malaya support. If the Special Branch and the Malay leadership in Malaya decides to throw him away, we can do it in a twinkling of an eye and we can destabilise Sarawak in a day just like Sabah. Taib is maintained in Sarawak by Malaya and the Home Ministry not by cheap drunken charlatans of your ilk. It is Malaya that gave him the free lee-way to do what he wanted in Sarawak. Remember, Malaya can invoke the ISA against him anytime and overthrow him like it did to other Sarawak and Sabah leaders before. It is Malaya that helps him in dividing Dayak parties so that he subjugates to them. It is Malaya that denies Dayak parties any registration since it controls the Home Ministry. It is Malaya that gets the largest share of his loot and land for Malaya companies. It is Malaya that gets over 95% of Sarawak petrol for Malaya development. It is Malaya that gets its overcrowded Civil Sevants posted to Sarawak and not vice versa. It is Malaya that allows him the massive corruption since he will share the loot. It is Malaya that refuses to bring him to justice since he is doing its bidding. Tell me, when did we suffer bcoz of Tahip Mahnuk? We love him to stay there. We 'love' him but because of conscience, we believe that we shouldn't mortagage the future of Sarawak and its poor people since we will have to deal with it in the future. Let me remind you pathetic boy, it is Malaya that will always rule the nation. It is Malaya that will set the agenda and if Malaya wants Taib to go today, by 8.00 am he will go. And Malaya is not begging you to replace YDM, it is for your betterment. But since you belong to YDK parties, either PBB or PRS of Masing, you can't show your true colours and that's why you need to be an "anon" and leave dirt here. Go and clean yourself.

Chakui said...

KT-parliamentary by-election has no bearing on politics in Sarawak.As Yang Di Kasihi CM Sarawak said today that BN still popular despite defeat in KT.I totally agree with Yang Di Kasihi.Only disgruntled politicians said so.Prove me wrong.

Adit said...

Ngagai Abdullah,

Neither do we need people like you, just as much as we hated BN very much.

It's a matter of attitude. You behave almost the same like those of BN. Arrogance dies hard eh bro? You sound like we have to depend too much on PR to sweep away BN. Why should we take heed to your words anyway, moron.

Just wait for the rise of our home-based opposition. You may not like it either and you'll start to tell exactly the same thing to the Sarawak BN supporters that they need to get rid of us. You'll employ all sorts of tactics, I'm afraid akin to that of BN too, to get rid of divide and rule. Well, it's an acid test of 'hypocrisy' bro..of your hypocritical attitude.

till then...just sit there and laugh out at us, poor Sarawakians. Surprises always come at times we least expect...

till then..

ManokLabang said...

i guess, Abdullah is not Malayan. He's a pure, thick-blooded Sarawakian...hehheheh..dun get pissed off. He simply wants to provoke us..

Apai Semalau said...

Come to think of it, Sarawak and Sabah was conned into joining Malaya to form Malaysia. In reality, we were colonised and exploited by Malayans for the last 50 years. With Malaysia, we were treated as second class citizens from the very start. We were robbed of our natural resouces to finance infrastructures in Malaya. Every kampung in Malaya is linked by good roads, electricity and supply of clean water except the east coast states. How many of our malay kampungs and rumah panjai have these amenities?
Few days ago a local tabloid highlighted the unusable muddied road to a large number of interior communities. This road was built by the British colonial government. Its now in a sorry state.To add insult to injuries the BN YB there was of no help either. He bemoaned his hopelessness in getting the road tar because it was not a priority. Comes the next election BN will once again promise you the moon. The only way to draw the attention of those in Malaya to treat us as equal is to vote out the present ball polishing state leaders.

Anonymous said...

Yes, abolish the Swak NCR policy and open to non-bumi. I am sure the chinese want the land too. Remember NCR gazetted in 1958 and obviously no more NCR after that.

Anonymous said...

As part of the Independent News Portal Section blog list, add this PKR and PR owned internet TV station.

You can also watch a Sarawak based news segment in the same TV (below)

Anonymous said...


There you go again, Abdullah. You consistently reveal your condescending arrogance here on this thread, especially to me, a Sarawakian, and more roots on this Island then that backward colonised mentality of yours from Malaya. You accuse me, and by extension of that, all Sarawakians of being tribal, yet you don’t know much about anthropology, nor as far as I can surmise, History. There is no such thing as tribes on Sarawak, nor on Borneo. That is a plain fact. I suppose it is your Sakai Malayan blood which is showing here, and that master slave relationship your people had with the colonials. It maybe news to you; but the world can read what is happening now in Malaya, and what is happening is a violent shift of power, from one Malay leader to another. And those people on Malaya are the ones begging for help; begging to be delivered from official discrimination, destitution, poverty and oppression. You go on saying how noble you are by rejecting billions worth of development, but I don’t see any quantum leap development in your critical thinking nor any nobility in what you do. Your comments here are free, but facts are sacred. So do yourself a favour, and ask yourself this, why is there so much wailing and gnashing of teeth at home now?

You claim Sarawak needs to catch up with Malaya, in terms of development, but what development are you talking about. Can you be more specific? Is it infrastructure? Is it population? Is it Education? What is it exactly? Beyond Kuala Lumpur, is a wasteland laid bare by rampant greed. Melaka is one Big Pig Farm ill befitting of it’s status as Parameswara’s homeland and the cradle of malay so called civilization, Johor is just another adjunct of Singapore, Trengganu is backward, Penang and Selangor are the sweatshops and workhouses - the factory floors of the Third World. Have you actually been to Sarawak? If you thought our problems were roads, then you must be one ignorant savant. And this you are telling me so.

Do you actually know what Sarawak’s main problems are? Can you identify one issue which is affecting the State? Or do you want me to S-P-E-L-L this out for you? Or are you just here to pile on more dirt that you’ve brought with you?

You go on talking about a coup d etat in Sarawak, you go on talking about what is for our good, you demand we change leadership, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You say you can shackle Taib Mahmud and place him on trial. Wouldn’t we love you do just that? Fact is, no Malayan will attempt that on Sarawak today, without our EXPLICIT support. You even need our support to legitimise that underhanded tactic. You even need our permission to set foot on Borneo. Malayans off your ilk must be grinding your teeth at the prospect of setting off to Borneo to make war. You really spend your time dreaming your own opinions and conjecture, do you Abdullah? Fact is, You see the South China Sea off the coasts of Pahang and Trengganu? That is where your country, your culture and your dreams end, Abdullah.

Hell, you don’t even understand what you’re doing here. You can’t even see our State Motto and Flag, emblazoned in gold, and deeply rooted in history. The green grass in our garden State, is richer than the fool’s gold paved on Malaya. An oik like you needs help and education. So don’t talk about shedding the flower of your youth. Malaya has no power on Borneo. Understand that, and maybe you too can learn how corrupt your politicians and your sultans are. Evidence of that is the firesale of Datukships. A 29 year old boy from Malaya can walk around with a Datuk title??? Your sultans will start renting out their palaces to prostitutes very soon, if they aren’t doing this already. So don’t talk about how corrupt Taib is, you don’t have to look far for your own home produced examples.

So, if you want Sarawakians, to intercede on your behalf, and support another set of disgruntled cheats, then you know what you must do. Kneel, bow down before us. Crawl from a hundred yards out, and place the gifts of OIL and GOLD beside OUR FEET. Plead for Mercy and We will then decide your FATE.

But if Malayans like you can’t even perform that, mark my words, YOU WILL worship the ground we walk on, one day very soon. Carry on with not getting your house in order, and you see what happens. You shall all share a toilet to live in that crumbling Babel of your making. Sodom and Gomorrah would be proud of your kind.

Anonymous said...

Say what ever you want but BeEnd in Sarawak is to stay. A small minority like you and me can say that eyes are open. But the bigger majority still shout hidup BeEnd. We still has to do and a lot to do to open the eyes of those who see what others wanted them to see. KT is one many steps but lets not trip, slip or fall along the way.

Aki Josh said...

Anonymous - I think Abdullah was using a little irony to make the point that the struggle for social justice is the same on both sides of the South China Sea. The best response is not knee-jerk 'anti-Malayan' rhetoric (I hate to think waht the unedited version looked like) but a recognition of the crucial political and economic links between those currently in power at state and federal levels. Both racial and regional oversimplifications distract from the real nature of the political struggle going on.

ManokLabang said...

Spot on, Mr Anonymous!! Nya baru asai iya...hikhikhik...

jumpover said...

Swkn will be the next runner to PR team to bring up the baton to the finishing line .
So..start to work hard from today.

Aram Kimpen diatu...