Monday, July 27

Mawan calls on Adit to return to BN

During a visit to Kanowit on Saturday, SPDP president William Mawan called on Gabriel Adit, State assemblyman to return to the fold of the Barisan Nasional through SPDP as he had still a role to play in uniting the people of Kanowit.

Adit is now a supreme council member of PKR and Mawan said that Adit is in the wrong camp.

Before the state election in 2006, Adit was a supreme council member of SPDP and was forced to resign when Mawan failed to fight the Ngemah seat for SPDP. The seat was given to PRS.

Adit then stood as an independent candidate defeating PRS candidate Alexander Vincent by a majority of 549 votes.

After joining PKR Adit has been very active in mobilizing his supporters to join PKR and Mawan saw this as a threat to BN not only in Ngemah, but also Machan which is now under PBB.

Mawan said that his visit to Kanowit was to further strengthen the BN position in the area and called his SPDP members to support any BN candidate.

In the previous election, many SPDP members voted for Adit because they were angry that the seat was given to PRS and not to SPDP.

But political observers are wondering why Mawan wants Adit to return to the fold of BN-SPDP knowing that he (Mawan) will not be able to help Adit. He also knows that Adit will never return to BN after being betrayed.

So why does he make the call?

One possible reason, according to a senior SPDP member, is that SUPP wants Johnichal Rayong to join SUPP and contest the Engkilili seat in the coming election. Rayong won the Engkilili seat on a SNAP ticket.

The logic is that if Rayong is allowed to join BN-SUPP after fighting the BN, then Adit is also should be given the same privilege. It was on the objection of other BN members parties that Adit did not contest on BN-SPDP. Mawan still harbours bitterness in his heart.

In other words, if Adit was objected, SPDP is likely to oppose any move for Rayong to join BN-SUPP. PRS is also likely to oppose the move.

For Rayong to join BN-SUPP there must be 100% consensus among the 14 members of the Barisan Nasional.

Is this what Mawan is hinting when he urges Adit to return to SPDP? – The Broken Shield



Apai Semalau said...

Loin cloth mentality! Definitely. We dayaks are just like the rags wrapped around the lower portion of the body. Soiled, used and then easily discarded. We never learn from history!
It is a well establish fact that we jump ship and switch loyalty when Money$, Ngirup and Positions are in the offering. For these three offerings we are willing to sell our principles. Just look at the recent by election in Lubok Antu.Thats how the " rich orang chanton" was able to manipulate us in the former PBDS, SNAP and PRS.
Can't we see that we are being used. Why are we squabbling amongst ourselves? Both parties are predominantly dayaks. Both parties are only creating divisions amongst the dayaks so that third parties may gain in "the divide and rule" agenda.
Until and Unless we unite as one dayaks and discard the loin cloth mentality, we will forever be under the bondage of a third party! Prove me wrong!

Anonymous said...

Commitment is the hardest thing to get especially in politics as by commiting and not fulfilling it exposes one's weaknesses for everyone to see.

Mawan's weakness was exposed as he could not get the Ngemah seat to be "re-allocated" to SPDP. So of course he is his weakness is exposed for everyone to see. I am sure it has made his relationship with Salted Fish and Numpang Menumpang very "good".

And what is the fuss with Rayong anyways....I think he is no better than that softie Snowdan. Just cause he is easily influenced everyone wants him. Maybe someone should check whether betul or not his doctorate? Jangan jangan his is also in Iban poetry....hahahaha

Even if can, why would Adit want to join back BN. Dah lah it will spoil his reputation. He will be no different from Gramong last time. And remember what everyone said when Adit joined PKR? No loss la...its ok la....Made a mistake la...Inilah baru Iban....bukan macam Iban BN

Plus BN is not exactly a smooth sailing ship anymore. PRS ada problem...SPDP also will have problems. SUPP will die next round no matter what they do...PBB...well...we all know what kind of problems they are/will have soon.

Anonymous said...

when Adit was in BN, no one wants to pay attention to him. they just chub him aside and left his to fend for himself. Adit is humble man who only wants to help his people to live decently and also to bring some development to his kampong.

But when he left for pkr,these opportunists started to sense the loss and wanted to take credit for Adit's return to BN.

If they truly wants Adit to return to BN, then they must ensure he get a ministerial post so as to walk the talk.What's the use of barking for his return when there is no solid evidences to show that he is wanted.

Bn will not realise how one yb will worth when only they lose him or her. A stray yb or mp is a time bomb.

Also for the record,Adit is the only yb that i came across who is not only clean at heart but also clean from the head to the toe. Prove me wrong!

If BN don't change, then we will change BN.Mark my words!

Agom said...

Sarawak state BN through SPDP tried to woo Ngemah assemblyman Gabriel Adit to return to BN knowing very well that PKR is getting stronger and stronger after former MCA vice-president Datuk Chua Jui Meng and former MIC vice-president Datuk S. Subramaniam had joined PKR recently. These two gentlemen are not ordinary politicians. There muat be good reasons prompting them to join PKR. Perhaps more defections from BN component parties to Pakatan Rakyat are expected.

Is Adit is willing to defect to SPDP when he knows that N.43 Ngemah seat belongs to PRS? It is not guaranteed that he will be chosen by BN to contest the seat in the next state general election. Secondly, Adit does not want to betray the faith and trust given to him by the voters in Ngemah, who had supported him to join PKR. May be Mawan realises that the support of the people in Sarawak to Pakatan Rakyat is increasing all the time, thus state BN leaders scare to lose their positions in the government begin to worry.

Anonymous said...

morning everybody.
What is wrong when it is a reality that we iban agi bekena ka sirat!
If you dont believe, just go to Lubok Antu area or Kanowit or Kapit area, still there are ibans using it.
I as an iban setuju sangat with the commet made by Semanjung leaders.
Let us ibans change then if you dont want people to know we are still using cawat. The change should start with the so called leaders(poltical donkeys otherwise).

Bugau said...

Even if Adit manages to join SPDP under the influence of Mawan, would the move really benefit the people of N.43 Ngemah or the dayak as a whole?

Because we could see the tussle and hussle between SPDP vs PRS over N.43 Ngemah. Ngemah is PRS constituency. What would PRS or Masing say? Do you think that PRS would willingly give N.43 Ngemah over to SPDP?

Just wait and see policy.

Anonymous said...

the truth is seeing is believing. when mawan went to ngemah, he was shock to hear from the grassroots how solid adit support is .even he failed to convince the familiar face supporters to switch side.

mawan knows that masing support is waning fast and he tries to woo adit. by doing so he is taking masing head on.masing knows too well that his days in prs are numbered.his presence in prs is turning many away.there is so much bad blood in prs .

for adit to go back to BN is just a pill too bitter to swallow. he have been sidelined for far too long.even his cousin aron is left in the cold.

if masing is shown the door , i bet many will find their way back to prs.masing must be shitting in his pants when he hears what mawan is trying to do. if he still have solid support from prs, he will be barking his tongue off if he hears what mawan is doing to adit. but so far,he is dumb.

the dayaks are now without a paramount leader who can truly lead them out of the wildness. the silent majority are just waiting for just one true dayak to step in and he is none other than this one and only LEO MOGGIE. if i'm not wrong he will make a triumphant come back when that bloody white hair is gone and i say this wait won't be too long as i see that white hair face is getting paler each day. when one root of the tree(wife) is gone, the tree will slowly withered and in no time we will see all the leaves gone.

long live the dayaks and pr.we must strive to change this gov't or else nothing will be left in this beautiful land of ours.let us all join hands and defeat those crooks who steals,plunders and rob not just us, but our children and our grandchildren's future.

in GOD we trust

Anonymous said...

Poor Jonni's paper he want to answer adit's rebuke...say he can give MRP and follow BN ppl...Georgie Boy also got nice words to say to know u can easily be describing a dog who follows his master here and there...

Just because you are a jellyfish does not mean you can shift the blame elsewhere.

Go and tell people you set up illegal clinic in MJC. GO and tell people how you got seduced by the money. What you don't realise is you are making a fool of yourself.

You, Rayong, will never be accepted into any party. You say you are against the candidate then adit also the same...its just that adit has the balls to do what you do not dare.

So go ahead and be a BN dog. Maybe you like to eat scraps. So who is more desperate now?!!

jumpover said...

ngagai adit...enda ibuh peduli ka sida beend nya. Diatu sida berasai ngeri/risau laban pr udah maju amai lalu dipeda maioh meri pengelantang ngagai/siru agi ka rayat.

Maya sida nyamai suba ,,,bisi sida peduli????Nama ta diatu deh???

New voters deka besaup numbang ka beend swk bepilih ka deka datai.

Sokong Adit.Sokong PR

jumpover said...

rayong nya enti nadai bala penyukong ari bala MDC suba ,,enda ia menang.

Suba ia madah diri pengari mdc ka ngena lambang snap ,,tang diatu madah pro beend. Penipu laban deka ngambi ulih ka diri.

Bepilih tu ila ,,asuh rayong bediri baru ngena lambang apa2 aja ari beend. Nya baru temu!!!Anang ngumbai ia menang suba laban orang ngundi ia. Tang ia menang laban semangat MDC maya nya.

Enti ia enda ngena lambang ari beend asuh ia ngena lambang katak,,tauka tikus tanah.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious Mawan's call to Aidit is a tactical move to oppose Johnical Rayong's joining SUPP. Let's not forget though Aidit was truly an Independent Candidate when he won in Ngemah whilst Johnical Rayong was a SNAP candidate. All these years BN been saying if anyone opposed BN in any election and won, he/she would never join BN. And also there is the anti-hopping law still not amended which disallows any joining of another party after having won on a particular ticket in a particular election. All these beg the question: why would Mawan ask for Aidit to join SPDP. For sure, PRS would be the first to object like it did before the last 2006 State Election.
Aidit's Supporter.