Thursday, July 16

Only a jaguh kampung?

How good are our Dayak YBs? Or are they only good as “jaguh kampung”?

These are some of the questions that have been asked many times by many people especially by those from the Dayak community.

During parliamentary sessions, our MPs seem to be mute and this is confirmed by none other than the Dewan Rakyat’s deputy speaker, Wan Junaidi when he said that our MPs did not take part in debates in Parliament and did not raise issues that have some bearing on the State. They were shy.

Our MPs are Mas Gading MP, Mambong MP, Serian MP, Sri Aman MP, Lubok Antu MP, Betong MP, Saratok MP, Julau MP, Kanowit MP, Kapit MP, Ulu Rejang MP, Selangau MP, Baram MP, and Bukit Mas MP.

Minus ministers and deputy ministers, we still have nine ordinary MPs who should take active part in debates and discussions on issues that concern Sarawak in particular the Dayak community.

They should highlight problems of poverty, lack of development, NCR land issues, social and welfare problems. But no, they sit down and listen to others talking.

When they return to Sarawak, they talk as if they own Sarawak. For example the MP for Lubok Antu shows that he is very active in his own constituency and every week we hear him saying something, advising people to support BN and promise this and that especially on small or minor rural development projects and a few thousand ringgit for JKKK. And the MP for Sri Aman is always silent and over shadowed by the State assemblyman for Bukit Begunan. And the MP for Kanowit is seldom heard. Even he failed many times to attend the PRS supreme council meeting.

What these MPs including State assemblymen should do is to draw up a development master plan for their constituencies in order to raise the incomes of the people and raise their standard of living. Put up a working paper and discuss with their party leaders and submit such plan to the State Planning Unit (SPU). Call for a press conference to announce your proposal and raise it up in parliament or in council Negeri. Continue to bark and if the government does not listen, then we know that this government is not fulfilling the “One Malaysia” concept. Then when election comes, the voters will know what to do (hopefully).

In this way, then you are people’s representatives who are prioritizing the people’s interests. But no, our MPs only talk big on small things that a non-YB can do. So it appears to me that these MPs want only to be heard by their own constituents (tauka minta dinga bini aja). They are more like, in the Iban saying, "Remaung di rumah and Raung di tanah". Only a "jaguh kampung". - The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head!Our so called MPs and YBs who supposed are the voices of the people become dumb when they are in Parliament.Probably they have to get approval from their boss to speak up or even raise any queries.Back home they are really loud and boisterous and oh so self righteous judging from the daily commentaries in the local papers if you are unfortunate enough to have read.

To be fair they probably or some of them anyway, had their ideals when they first started then whhoooshh ...yes master,tuan,Tan sri ...etc and here we are.We the people are partially to blame toobecause we beleived in these morons and opportunists ..
Pray to your gods to help us and pray real good!!

Sad sack

sirat tekalong said...

Just like most people the YBs are vocal in certain places only, some people vocal in the coffeshop only, some in cyberspace only, etc, etc.

They are not jaguh kampung but jaguh bertempat.

Hitting the nail on its head will only be useful if it completes the house. Otherwise, 2 x 5 saja..

ngerembang said...

i agree with u Dayak NGO as well 2x5..aja. Dayak NGO should go to the ground, ulu2, motivation to improve our Dayak education...udah bisi education di ulu2 & ili2 nya baru suara kitai Dayak betambah kering agik..Dayak NGO anang kelalu bepolitik...improve education our Dayak di rumah2 panjai first...bejako pen kerah2 agik meh org rumah panjai ngundi BN, setegal di beri rm20~rm50 ajak taja pemansang kurang di gaga BN...

Bugau said...

'Jaguh kampung''re right. Definitely our Dayak YBs are good in speaking to those in longhouses or kampung. They could only talk and talk to the rakyat about government policies and to ask the peoples to support the government over and over again.

Again that's all they could do. Just talking, yalah....those folks in longhouses or kampung are only farmers,who they could easily manipulated or deceived.

But when come to Parlimentary or State sitting, most of them have no issues or comments. Buat apa mau cakap banyak....travelling allowances ada, gaji pun ada. Malu mau cakap.

That's our dayak YBs mentality.

But when it comes to bring development to their own constituencies, habuk pun tadak...!

Dayak YBS are like a dog barking at the jungle.

Apai Semalau said...

"Ukui" is a better description of the lot of our dayak MPs! They don't deserve to be called jaguh kampung. When in their own Kampung turfs these "ukui" or mongrels can bark, howl loudly and even promise you the moon but when in parliament they become so timid, tongue-tied and have their tails between their legs. Plain and simple reasons that dictate this behaviour. Nobody ever listen to them in parliament anyway. They lost their tongues and are fearful of the "Big Ukui" who is watching them! Its little wonder why we dayaks are always at the bottom of the pack! The sad truth is we, the taxpayers still pay for these muted ukuis salaries.

Anonymous said...

Amat magang ka bala sida sebuat ditu.

Enti kitai enda ulih bejako ka rakyat, ngelak ka urg laban penuduk kitak di palimin nya ukai alai tinduk tauka bemimpi.

Uji peda enggau belajar ari palimin menua bukai. Anang mega nitih utai ke enda manah.

Enti kitak enggai agi nyadi YB, aku ka nganti kitak.

Yang Benar

Tbsbidayuh said...

Dear Author,

All of our YB's are damn old. They have been MP for decades and have raised a lot of issue. Actually they are aging and sick and could not even speak. Next time, never vote for them or else all our issue will get into the grave yard together with them all.

Anonymous said...

syabas. you said it right. register your MDC soonest and get prepared for the coming elections. Get your candidates and Contest in all those Jaguh Kampong constituencies and make sure your candidates win all. Then they can talk about Sarawak issues in Parliament. You have not done it enough here in Sarawak, shout it out loud in Parliament. They will hear you better and you will get the best treatment by our Federal masters and also your local masters. The past and present MPs have not done enough to voice our dayak problemsin Sarawak. wish you good luck so that you don't have to be doing what you are doing now. Do it yourself in Parliament. No point talking about others.

You have not written enough articles or talked loud on our dayaks problems in Sarawak? Or your frustrations have not been taken care of by your local masters? now you want to blame it on the MPs. Fair . we understand you , we feel pity on you. We know your frustrations. You want to hide your weaknesses, your never ending frustrations, your many failures, and blame others?. Typical born losers. God bless you?


Corerct..I agreed with what you said...but THE FOLLOWING FACTORS LEADING TO OUR YBs (IBAN YBs) like to be a Jaguh Kampung are;

1) They felt that they are comfortable under the banner of BN and the oppositions are very very weak in each Iban why should they work extra hard for the Ibans in their areas.....??? If they work harder for Ibans in their areas..who is(are) their competitors like oppositions members???? ALMOST like you do business, once you monopolise the market...what should you do??? Relax and fight for your own intersts right????So the problems here;there is NONE OPPOSITIONS MEMBERS WHO COULD jeopardise the present positions of the Iban YBs...???? If there is any....they are very weak and almost unable to fight the Ibans YBs from whose faults???

THE PEOPLE have NO OPTIONS at all instead to vote YBs Iban from BN....from year to year since Sarawak formed Malaysia.

2) whether we like to admit it or not.....YBs Iban from are still enjoying the supports of the Iban grassroots levels....because they have all the necessary machineries supported by the Gov't depts and agencies to carry out the duties to inform and instigate the Iban in rural areas to obey and support them...there is NO alternative opponent members from the opposition fronts to do so....this sort of thinking reminded Iban YBs not to work extra hard like to voice out the people's problems in their respective constituencies....after all they may win again and again for the past 45 years even if they didn't work hard enough to voice out the grievances of the respective people especially in rural areas.

That's why many Iban YBs work as a lackadaisical attitudes in Parliament and DUN....if possible they should be like " COCK SLEEPING " in DUN or that their comrades would not feel hesitated and irritated by their comments if their comments are happened to be so irritated because it is true...speaking the truth always make the receivers felt irritated...and if the Malays leaders or the Ministers concerned getting very angry on the comments made...they may resort to blacklist such YBs concerned...this sort of issues are the most frightening nightmares by most Iban YBs.....

Due to that factors; whatever your comments on this Blog REGARDING IBAN YBs lack of voices ( very inactive) in Parliament or DUN might be just entering through from left EARS and going out to right they might choose happy go lucky in Parliament or DUN...become a plain followers.