Thursday, December 3

Warrant holders are shivering?

KUCHING – Many warrant holders, the majority of them are district officers and secretaries of councils are now urinating in their pants following revelation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Sarawak that 60% of funds were diverted elsewhere.

So are some of the contractors, who conspire with the warrant holders.

That is of course if MACC is serious about the issues of funds being diverted elsewhere.

“Only 40% of the allocations were spent, while 60% are bocor (leaked out),” said Zakaria Jaffar, deputy commissioner (Prevention) of Sarawak MACC last week.

The Julau MP Joseph Salang, months back, had warned the State authorities not to divert federal funds meant for particular areas to elsewhere. “There are reasons why the funds have been allocated for the projects,” he had said.

The Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen had also complained to MACC of federal fund meant for the Bandar Kuching constituency has been diverted to places like Lawas.

According to a former secretary of a council, the warrant holders should know the financial regulations. Even if the Chief Minister wants funds for certain projects diverted to projects in other areas, the warrant holder should seek permission or authority from the one who allocates the fund to divert it elsewhere. Because in the end of the day, you as a warrant holder will be answerable. The politicians will wash their hands.

Cases of funds being diverted are common in Sarawak. For example, the then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim who was minister of finance had allocated RM39 million to tar-seal the Simunjan-Punda Road in 1996. But the fund was hijacked to Kota Samarahan. Only 10 years later the Simunjan-Punda Road was fully tar-sealed.

Another case of fund being hijacked was the fund meant for the construction of a secondary school in Pantu. The fund was diverted to Betong. Until today Pantu does not have any secondary school.

Bayai in Simanggang was also robbed off a technical school when the funds for it were hijacked to Betong.

I receive an interesting email from a reader of The Broken Shield, which reads as follows: -
“A sum of RM12,000 is given to renovate and repair old house to make it better. What I found out the allocation given is nearly RM3,000 only. The rest was alleged to have been swindled by DO in this proportion RM6,000 for the DO, RM6,000 for the contractor.

Most of the houses were only given atap spandek, abestos wall and minor repairs.Whoever tries to report this, they (house owners) were threatened that they will not be given again in future allocation.

A sum of RM40,000 is given to those who don't have a house. What I found out the allocation is only RM21,000 to build a house. Actually, there is a spec to follow but the DO gave directives to follow other drawing which the allocation amounts to RM40,000. I found out that the allocation was distributed among the DO RM9,000, and the contractors RM31,000.

The contractor subcontracts the projects to other contractors at the price of RM21,000. So what we see now is RM21,000 project which is far less than its original spec.

Instead of minimizing the squatters, the DO is trying to invite more squatters. The Land & survey had come to see the DO but the DO refused to cooperate instead called other officers who ‘tak tahu apa apa'.For now, none of the contractor has been given payment. For the first batch of the projects, the projects were following all the spec given under JKR monitoring. The contractor was given based on 'cabut undi'. The projects were inspected by JKR officer. No problem for the 1st project.

For the second batch of the projects which were given without ‘cabut undi’ to mostly 'alibaba contractors' involved (one contractor given 10 projects), the spec is from the DO. The DO ordered the contractors to follow his spec so that they could swindle the money.

For inspection, he ordered other officers from other departments to verify his projects. Most of the time he asked this officer to sign the completion of the project since JKR don't want to be involved in his wrongdoing.The corruption is rampant in this district with no one daring including ACA to probe these matters.”

Jetty heard the district officer has been picked up for investigation by MACC officers coming all the way from KL. - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Finally..its about time that something is done to weed out all these evil people who can only think about making money for themselves at the expense of the rakyat.

Unfortunately in most cases these DOs are Dayaks which is unfortunate because even if you are not loyal as a Malaysian, at the very least you should be loyal to your race and not make them suffer. And who uses asbestos for building houses anymore. Aren't those things cancer causing?

And now we know who the biggest worm is. And he still got the balls to call himself the Dayak Paramount Leader. Need I say anymore about the biggest traitors to the Dayak race is from their own people. I think the Devil has reserved a place esp for him. The Dayaks should follow Nik Aziz and baca Doa Membawa Bala for him. All these years...imagine that.

I just hope the MACC is not just Hot Hot Chicken Shit. Go all the way and catch those basterds.

Anonymous said...

To stop this corrupt practice, government officers who are in the know should report to the MACC even if they don't want to expose themselves. This is the only way to put a stop to it. DOs are notorious for siphoning off funds in cahoot with contractors. Of course they are not the only ones. Even office boys and clerks are also into the act by controlling payment schedule.

Anonymous said...

all this have been going for decades and why today MACC started this witch hunt. The answer is they need to window dress for the next election and to shovel up Najib's name.If the gov't really wants to have a corrupt free society then they must open up all tenders and open to public suggestions.

There are many more of these corrupt practices around. Look at all those sesco contractors ,telekom contractors,council contractors etc. look at how thy live and what car they drive.

If the public are not blind, they can just drive around Kuching and you will sure see all those big mansions with question marks.Not all of course but I can say there are many.

what happen today is just the tipm of the iceberg. i hope MACC live up to the good name and let not go after the small fish but also the gigantic ones. I think if MACC is in for the real job, then their hunt will sure net some big fish.The one who got all the big projects from the gov't are all loyal party members.

Let see if some MB will be netted in.

Suntat said...

Yes,the funds could not divert by themselves. There must be somebody who abused their positions to divert the funds. We do not want these parasites exist in our society

Corruption is corruption, irrespective of who the person is or the amount of money involved. So, the public is watching the MACC in handling these cases whether it is an ability to apprehend and prosecute the offenders, regardless of races and positions.

Anonymous said...

This corrupted practices is heightened by the overall anonymity of those behind the broader greed, for which no one is being held responsible. However understandable, this scapegoating distracts from the bigger problem and may debilitate the political will to enact appropriate legislation.

The corruption of the culture of contrition is the direct consequence of the erosion of personal grace in our society. Sadly, decency has been replaced in great measure by coarseness-hence the absence of remorse or contrition. When our courts can demand that a defendant pay damages but not insist on any admission of guilt, we further validate as unnecessary any gesture of true contrition.

The reason we haven't heard apologies yet is an increasing widespread belief that "I didn't do anything illegal" is equivalent to " I didn't do anything wrong". Clearly it's not. We have lost our sense of proportion.

The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil Dickens loved to paint clear, carpeted, cooled,well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.

The actions that MACC takes today shall be judge in the years that follows. I hope MACC live up to the good name that they profess.

Anonymous said...

Now we know that Sarawak is the numbr one corrupted State in Malaysia. From top to bottom, they are all corrupted. Can MACC really do something? Does MACC have balls to carry out its investigations and arrest the fish head where the rot begins?

Jackson Mangan said...

It’s quite true that the DOs are part of the “Swindlers’ List”! And most of their partners-in-crime are the Tuai Rumahs, lah...

A stereotypical statement? You bet!

Just look at any project related to “Projek Naek Taraf Jalan Kampong” lah...

Anonymous said...

arrest all those who are link to gov't contracts. I'm sure,100% that these people are corrupted to their core.

Banting said...

60 per cent funding leaked out. It is politics of development for all Sarawakians coined by CM or politics of embezzlement?

Anonymous said...


MACC sandiwara only, ahy go for District Officer???

go for thr BIG fish la...

everybody in sarawak know make ton of monies from all the development the new DUN, Roads, Dam..etc..whose the main contractor & suppliers???

all the BeEnd politicians live luxury....

oii..see the BIG picture la

Anonymous said...

also make sure all those MPs and YBs who ask for federal funds and abuse them must be arrested.

Some of these questions needed to be answered.....
1, what about those fed funds to upgrade the roads which is only monopolize by one company.
2, what about those fed funds to help the poor fisherman.
3, what about those school principals who collaborate with outsiders and over charge the items that the school needs.
4, what about those mechanics who are repairing gov't vehicles.
5, what about those fertilizer that are provided by the gov't but sold behind doors to others.
6,what about some state lands that are given to cronies to built shophouses and sold at high price becos of it's prime location.
7, what about public football courts that are turn into shophouses at simpang tiga.
8, what about those shophouses that are built by ministers and rented at high rental to gov't depts.
9,what about those contractors who supply schools ration and over charge the gov't.
10, what about those contractors who supply essential things to the national service at skyrocketing price.

the above are just nuts but all these needs answers....

Anonymous said...

what about the hornbill that are placed near BDC. It was once reported to be renovated at more than RM200,000.

what about the drainage near King's center that was built using less steel.

macc fiddle while sarawak burns

Anonymous said...

Then, there is Malaysia’s drastic showing in the ranking of the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. This has dealt his reputation another severe blow.

There is no doubt as to what is happening. It is a simple case of house-cleaning.

Ahmad Said was pushed out of office. Now we have to ask, why?

The government's “People First. Performance Now” sound-bite is fast unravelling at the seams. So is he the straw that will break the camel’s back through his non-performance? Or is he right to desert this sinking ship, that will further discredit him?

Clearly Ahmad Said is under a lot of pressure. So many high-profile cases have been swept under the carpet. And several more cases are up for investigation. But will anything come of them? So was he feeling the strain at the overwhelming amount of cases awaiting examination? Intense public scrutiny about how MACC handles these cases sometimes exceeds the interest of the outcome of these investigations themselves.

Ahmad Said denies leaving because of threats from certain quarters. And I am shocked by his statement “Teoh Beng Hock’s case is nothing. It is a very small case. We have handled much bigger cases.’’

Has he not heard of the law of Unintended Consequences? There are plenty of reasons to be fearful with the shameful circumstances leading to Teoh’s death at the hands of his MACC interrogators. This lack of sensitivity will only alienate more people and not just increase his enemies but also get make more mistrust the MACC.

Furthermore, it was also under his watch that honey traps were used to target errant politicians in an effort to compromise them.

When the ACA morphed into the MACC it is only like changing clothes — the body beneath is still the same.

In a way, I feel more sorry for Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed, the new MACC boss. The court of public opinion has already made up its mind about the MACC and so, Ahmad Said’s act is not a difficult one to follow.

Abu Kassim has promised to boost the credibility of MACC, to make plans to improve the public’s perception of the organisation, and garner the support of the various NGOs. Sadly, we have heard this all before. Far too many times. So why would this time be any different? We, the Malaysian public, have very low expectations of the MACC, previously the ACA.

Abu Kassim has also said he wants to “make friends with everyone”. I would rather he did his job properly and executed his duties with professionalism rather than be everyone’s “mate”. By wanting to be friends with everyone is enough to make me suspicious.

Of course transparency and consistency have always been a problem. But have any of the big bosses made any real difference. Have the levels of fraud and corruption in our country been reduced?

He talks about working without fear or favour. That is what we fear — that some individuals or groups of people will be favoured.

So can he convince his bosses that he needs freedom to go about his duties? That he makes it clear he needs a certain amount of independence to do his job? That only by maintaining his neutrality can he then perform with integrity? Will they grant him these simple requests?

The new MACC boss should never be doubtful of our cooperation and support, provided he comes up with results. Tangible results.

Thus far, no one has been able to protect the public by reducing the incidence and cost of corruption.

There have been too many instances where justice has not been delivered and the rule of law ignored.

And the public also feels that it is not protected from future criminal conduct.

It is the failure of our leaders to deliver results that has caused the erosion in confidence of the Malaysian business and financial institutions and public. But most of all, can the new MACC boss execute his duties with a clear conscience and so do his duty to serve the ordinary Malaysian citizen?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I really sad about how bad practice under BEEND gov't corrupted is all over the places in Sarawak. After reading some of information I wonder why some of the loyal BEEND peoples at kampong like very much to become the chief of the longhouse because they already have something very special in their mind this make them always quarrel with their own relative. I hope the MACC will not be late to carry out their work to catch this bad people before it become worst to worst. Walk for your talk MACC we will always support you to investigate the DO, Resident, TRH, Penghulu and Pemanca and the big boss. Don't listen to their explanation, the truth is the rayat who has been suffering very long time become hardcore people. We want BEEND to be finished this time, it is already enough for them to tell lies. Suggest good for MACC bring the Sarawak Map and go to rural areas where mostly dayak peoples stay what is the development given under 46 years of independence. We are now still left very far behind compare to West Msia. I salute to opposition party who alaways voice their care for the rayat, without opposition Sarawak is the most corrupted places. Keep up your good work opposition.

Anonymous said...

condemning is easy. Dealing with legal matter is not as easy as one sees. We have laws, laws that guaranteed freedom and rights. You cannot simply poke your nose at people's affair unless you have evidence.
So to you who condemned MACC, please do soome effort to read and to understand the laws of the country. It is not like a gangster picking up on anybody they dont like any time the wish, it is not like that my nut friends!
Make an effort to find out how many investigation officers in Sarawak to look after the corrupts. And find out how investigation is done. It is not like catching anak ayam.
Another thing is, MACC do investigate all cases found and reported, but the decision is not by MACC to charge or not, you got it NUTS, so dont hate MACC that much.
There are so many other enforcement bodies that do not perform at all, why tick MACC only? Probably you have or your relatives, been investigated for corruption rite? If you hate corruption, then you should be thankful to MACC.

Retired cop said...

The public just want MACC to investigate corruption cases without fear and favour, no double standard. No ikan bilis and ikan jerung and no BN and opposition to decide in any investigation.

The public just want MACC to be independent in investigation, not getting orders from must investigate this ignore this case.This may happen.

Remember, officers in MACC are human too and tends to accept bribe. I am not accusing, but the possibility is there.

Anonymous said...

to a retired cop.
if really you have been a cop before, you know very well how you as a Policeman deal with everthing under the earth. i know and the rest of the malaysia society knows too what you as a policeman were doing. i dont have to tell you. iaya, jangan cakap banyak la, sudah pencen, pencen lah.
Ya i agree, but to a certain degree, have you ever come across any retired MACC officer being a millionaire like the cop as reported last few days?

retired cop said...

Mr. Anonymous December 20, 2009 1.02 am.

Hi Mister,

You must be thankful to the police for protecting your life and your properties. Your wife and beautiful daughters could be the rape victims if there was no police.

So Mister, you must admire for police job. I was an honest and trustworthy policeman, that was why I could retire.

Chakui Chabu said...

Those who hate police are criminals, as simple as that.

None of the policeman has ever been convicted for ` alleged saving millions `.

Do not speculate and assume nonsense.