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NCR Land owners’ biggest dilemma?

PANTU - Tuai Rumah (longhouse headman) Masa and 700 NCR land owners of Kampung Tekuyong, Empaling, Gayau, Isu, Abok and Kerangas have called on Land Development Minister James Masing and chairman of NCR land task force Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang to stop Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu selling their NCR land within the company’s plantation.

Tuai Rumah Masa has also lodged a Police report against the sale of their native customary rights land within the plantation belonging to Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu at the Pantu Police station on 2 December.

It was reported in the New Straits Times that a plantation group Kim Loong Resources Berhad plans to buy a 60 percent stake in Sarawak’s Tetangga Akrab Pelita (Pantu) to increase its land bank for oil palm plantation.

Some 2.02 million shares of RM1 each in Tetangga Akrab Pelita are being sought, while the remaining of 40 percent owned by Pelita (10 percent) and the rest by NCR land owners through a joint venture scheme.

The agreement is expected to be signed next month.

“Our NCR land is not for sale as it is on which we the natives will survive and work on for our livelihood,” said Tuai Rumah Masa angrily.

“Please help us to stop the sale,” he said, asking Masing, Jabu, William Mawan (Minister of Urbanisation and Social Development) and other Dayak elected representatives to help stop the sale.

“Without your help, we will lose our land to another peninsular company,” he stressed.

It is learnt that as of 31 October 2009, Kim Loong has made advanced payments totaling RM11.43 million for the acquisition of the Tetangga Akrab Pelita plantation.

It is also reported that for the past three years the company had been losing some RM3.151 million due to immature plantations.

The company which has planted about 6,283 ha of land, the bulk of which is native customary rights land, has been given licence to plant oil palm in some 10,471 ha of land held under NCR land in Sungai Tenggang and Bukit Begunan.

Jetty’s comment: Tetangga Akrab cannot sell NCR land. Firstly, the lands are still under dispute and they have filed a legal action against Tetangga Akrab in 2006 for planting oil palm in their land without their permission. The case is pending.

Secondly, any NCR land cannot be sold to non-natives. There is a law in the Land Code preventing the sale to non-natives. (I am not sure of the Section, but I know there is a law. Any non-native who buys NCR land will stand to lose as the purchase will not be approved or recognised by the Lands and Surveys Department. Usually non-natives used the names of natives to purchase NCR land.)

But Taib’s government is smart. First he declares that NCR land is a State land. After that the land is leased to their cronies to develop. These cronies, in the case of Tetangga Akrab will sell it to another company in order make fast money.

Anyway, once the NCR land has been declared State land, it is incumbent on a landowner to prove that the said land is NCR land. His Aki (grandfather), the creator of the rights, has long gone. He cannot defend on any Tuai Rumah and other community leaders to help him provide proof of ownership as they have been warned by Awang Tengah (aka as Awang Tanah), the most powerful second minister of planning and resource management not to endorse any claim of NCR land. Otherwise, they will lose their allowance of RM450.00 a month.

Isn’t this the biggest dilemma faced by NCR land owners nowadays? - The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com
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Robb Sempurai said...

never ending story....

Apai Semalau said...

Maybe TR. Masa should first of all haunt his YB! Ask this slime ball YB for a solution? He was voted in to serve the interests of his constituents and not to line his pockets with silvers. Dayaks need to wake up and realise that their very own race and Ybs representatives speak with folk tongues. Liars when it comes to pledging to fight for dayak interests! Simply and crudely, we dayaks have been "sodomised" left, right and centre by our own kind! Last option, maybe send a representative to see the PKR chief for help.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can stop the dilemma unless the dayaks are awakened to the abuse conducted against them by BN and voted BN out.

Anonymous said...

Ask ex-ASP Johnical Linggang ak Amin, who is from Kerangas. to help also.

Anonymous said...

All your desperate cry for help will fall on deaf ears.They have been abusing this for ages and your dayak leaders are part of them, enjoying the fun of seeing your land been stolen. these dayak leaders of your are the main culprits and they fiddle while Sarawak burns.

If your dayak leaders have been faithful to you all, and if all of you are united, then no one ,I repeat,no one will dare to touch your balls not to say your land.

it's just that your dayak leaders are greedy to their bones and you all dayak have been fighting among yourself since the Brookes era, how do you expect to confront this corrupted gov't.

masing,mawan and jabu are laughing all the way to the bank and that's why they don't bother a bit about your land.Look at how rich linggi,leo,daniel,salang, just to name a few, these people are and how poor the dayaks are still today.

worst of all these dayak leaders are conning the rural poor dayak, by asking them to vote this corrupted gov't and after all the promises have been made and the election won, they slip out of the longhouses before dawn , leaving the poor dayaks to wait for kingdom come.

just imagine how many postings have the brokenshield make about the abuse of the ncr land but not once is there any positing about how best the dayaks can prevent these corrupted gov't from abusing their ncr land.

ngos and those who are dayak friendly must assist the dayaks and find ways to confront these abuse. we must stop this bleeding and those dayak leaders must be held accountable.

those traitors of the dayak race must have their photos hang in the longhouses , informing the visitors and the younger generations that these traitors are the ones who have fail the dayaks.

put an end to this abuse before that white hair get call back by allah, so that he will see the might of the dayaks . he won't go easily after what he have done to all the poor people of sarawak.the pain will have to be intense and the agony will be prolong to the last breath.

long live the people who call the land of the hornbill, home and we will ensure that not one inch of our land will vanish, for all that have been stolen will be ours if we strive to get it.

tsunami unleashed said...

idiot. NCR. NCR. each time we mentioned and talk about NCR james masing, jabu's name appeared. My middle fingers to James masing & Alfred Jabu. With all due respect and unrespect to you and all disrespect to you, I hereby change your name, Jem masin & afraid jobo.....

Anonymous said...

These NCR owners or claimants are in the worst situation between a choice of the 2 devils. If they do not support the present ruling Government, they do not receive the freebies and handouts. Not much by any measure. Especially during election times. But when they get to rally and vote for this same Government, they found themselves sodomised and raped left, right, top, bottom, inside out. They need to make a firm choice. Either freebies or keep their lands. It does not take a genius to decide which is the better option.

Anonymous said...

gather the people from all the long houses and march to kuching. block all the roads to the plantations. Next time you see Jabu or masing show them who are the real dayaks, knock them cold.
if dayaks are not united ad fooled by these psuedo-leaders then it is your fault as you keep voting for them. Hope I will not have to say serve you right come next election. time to do your warrior battle cry, your ancestors are turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Read Malaysia Today
The end of the jungle

Wednesday, 09 December 2009
The Malaysian government and the palm oil industry has been accused of laying waste to last remaining rainforests of Borneo in what has been described as a corporate land grab

Anonymous said...

A BBC investigation has uncovered evidence of the latest jungle clearance - where vast tracts of land are being bulldozed to make way for plantations. Indigenous tribes say they are being driven from their lands.

Malaysia sells its sustainable palm oil to the world. A slickly produced advert, banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority, proclaims that palm oil is "a gift from nature - a gift for life."

Palm oil production in Malaysian Borneo - Sarawak - is on an industrial scale. One of the major producers is the IOI Group, a global player serving markets in more than 65 countries.

Palm oil is found in one-in-ten supermarket products: from margarine to soap and shampoo. Last year, IOI turned over more

Anonymous said...

Most of the oil plantations in the part of Sarawak I visited are controlled from IOI's base camp in Tejab. Here you can get a sense of the scale of the company's operations, with mile upon mile of oil palms as far as the eye can see in every direction, all of which used to be rainforest.

But though, from a distance, the plantations look quite green and lush, in reality they are barren: the life has basically gone.

It's estimated that only 3% of the primary rainforest of Malaysian Borneo remains.

Logging has devastated much of the land, but now campaigners say the palm oil plantations have taken over.

And it's not just the forest that's gone. Since the early 1990s whole communities have left - driven, they say, from their farms.

La Tip is from the Kayan tribe. He lives in a rough-and ready shack in the middle of one of the oil plantations which has a stagnant pool for fish. He used to have rice paddies and fruit trees, but these have gone.

"They just simply come and bulldoze our farm and our coco trees," he explained, "They never come to us, to talk to us about this. We tried to negotiate with them but what they say to us [is] they have more right than us here.

"There's no solution, we don't have anymore land… What's around us is oil palm."
The jungle after having been cleared
Barren hillsides are all that remain after a rainforest is cleared

IOI only took over here from another company two years ago but it is expanding its operations.

La Tip showed me a map, based on an agreement drawn up in the 1960s, of the land he says has been taken from his people. He says that IOI has cleared the tribe's water catchment area.

"We're worried that it poison us - because they use fertilizer - weedkiller and pesticides on that land. Especially during the wet season, it's always blocked so we cannot get our water supply."

These fears of contaminated water may be unfounded. But until the water is tested there is understandable cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

Communites like the Kayan used to clear small plots of land in the forest to farm. But this is now rare, as most farmland has been taken over by oil palms and most of the people have left for shanty towns where they live in absolute squalor, picking a living earning money in whatever way they can.

The Kayan and other tribes are fighting in the courts. They say they have documents to prove their right to the land.

Harrison Ngau, who is heading the legal challenge, told me: "The natives are subsidence farmers, hunters, gatherers, fishermen - a simple people".

"One can become very pessimistic - here is a question of the government responsibility to its own people - particularly the native people. But their intention is solely to make profit at the expense of the livelihood of the natives. What is the government priority? It's greed."

Harrison Ngua is outspoken. In 1987 he was arrested, jailed for 60 days, then placed under house arrest for two years for voicing his views.

Nevertheless, for Dr James Masing, Cabinet Minister of Land Development in Sarawak, the legal issue is clear cut.

"You're looking at state land, that land belongs to the government," he says.

"But you cannot condone people who are squatters who are in areas where they should not be.

"If it is indeed their land, the law of the land will take care of that.

"We have places where there are court cases, where native land has actually been wrongly taken by the government, and they go to court and they won the cases - the land was given back to them."

The legal case Harrison Ngua is heading has been running for 11 years. Meanwhile IOI is continuing to clear land.

Anonymous said...

Travelling on a Sunday, when security was lax, we drove deep into IOI's latest development area, past a sign with the corporate branding which read "Jungle Clearance."

The area was a scene of absolute devastation: a vast scar on the landscape. Vast shards of tree trunks and branches stuck out of the yellowy orange soil. The land had been bulldozed, completely cleared to make way for oil plantations

Surveying the scene, La Tip's friend Marcos was shocked. "I feel very, very shocked and I feel very, very angry to see the environment really destroyed. Let me say, they are greedy."


IOI is a founding member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - the RSPO. We asked for an interview. It issued the following statement:

As a responsible corporate citizen, IOI has never evicted nor forced any natives from their lands. Immediately after taking over the company IOI initiated meetings with the native leaders to resolve the unsettled conflict. Some accepted ex-gratia payments and willingly handed over their land. Negotiations and consultations are still ongoing. An RSPO investigation concluded that IOI had acted responsibly for the management of land in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Pun cherita ba menua Sg. Tenggang, Ubah, Abok, Limau, Aping Dadak, Aping, Tekuyong tu bepun ari pengawa bala sida YB ba menua nya empu ti nyual tanah nya ngagai Kompeni Trade Wind dah nya ngagai Akrab Tetangga dalam 3.2 juta, bisi orang ti nganjung cek duit ngagai YB nya ba rumah ia ti di BDC, Stampin orang tu bisi madah ka kami hal tu ti enda pia kati kami nemu.

Dalam taun 2003 suba kami nanya YB Mong ngumbai diri enda nemu utai tu nyadi dia, nya ga pemula YB tu.

Diatu udah nyadi menteri balat agi ia ngena kuasa ngambi tanah kami dia. Tanah tu enda tau dikachau laban udah diserah ka ngagai Court bechara bulan 3 taun baru tu ila.

Perintah baka Court tau ngeluar ka Order enda ngasoh orang ag ngereja utai dia.

PioBalanJun.Com said...

diatu tepulai ke rakyat mega bakani sida tau ngadu ke YB sida nyak maya pilihanraya ila. anang alah mata ketegal duit diberi sida maya kempen tang udah menang nyual tanah kitai. berunding meh bala kitai diatu!!

Aki Josh said...

Strictly speaking, the company is not selling the land, which would remain in the 'custody' of LCDA, acting for the NCR owners. It is selling its 60% share in the joint venture company (Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu), which can only be done with the Minister's approval. If the incoming investor wants to take on the 60% share, knowing about the land disputes and other problems, that is really its concern. The identity of the investor doesn't affect the legal status of the land. The issue here seems to be conflict over who are the legitimate NCR landholders, i.e., who is entitled to the 30% share. Is that correct? Can anyone else comment? (Ini Josh, are you out there?)

Anonymous said...

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