Tuesday, April 20

The Kapit-Sibu Road - Is it gimmick?

The proposal to construct RM700-million Kapit-Sibu Road is not a political gimmick, says Michael Manyin, the newly appointed minister for infrastructure development.

“We have already the funds to carry it out. And tenders for the first phase will be out by the end of the year,” he said. The first phase is between Ngemah and Song.

Of course Manyin is trying to convince the people that the proposed construction of the Kapit-Sibu Road is not a political gimmick because he does not want the issue to be politicalised in the coming election by the opposition.

Can he blame people for harbouring such perception?

Like Pantu “Bridge”, this is the much-talked proposal of road construction. This year alone several ministers including prime minister and minister for rural development have given assurance that the road will be constructed. Last year, several ministers had talked about it. I lost account of the number of ministers talking about the proposed road.

In fact, for the past 47 years, the people have been talking about it and asking about it. The late Tun Jugah had asked for it, so were the late MP Miut Sibat, the former MPs Leonard Linggi Jugah and James Jimbun and the incumbent MP Alexander Nanta Linggi (grandson of Tun Jugah). The others who have asked for the road included Dr. James Masing, the former Council Negeri members such as Nuing Anak Kudi, Philimon Nuing, Felix Bantin, and etc.

There are also associations which also have been requesting for the road to be constructed. And yet until today we have heard of the proposal, but there is no implementation.

One of the reasons why the road has not been constructed is due to the fact there are no “economic activities”. We do not know what it means by “economic activities.”

Could it mean there are no valuable timbers, no large forests, no gold or coal mines? If there were forests with valuable timbers, gold or coal mines, I am certain that the powers that be would have built the road long time ago. And most probably such resources will be given to their families and cronies.

But now the government wants to build the road. Apparently there are “economic activities” now along the proposed road. And the “economic activities” could be large tracts of land – the Iban native customary rights lands along the way from Kapit, to Song, Ngemah, Kanowit and Sibu.

So the Ibans and other natives must beware that their NCR lands may be taken away from them like what has happened in other parts of the State. PELITA, a government agency, is watching the Iban lands. Together with big companies, PELITA will ask for a provisional lease (PL) from the authority through Land and Survey department to forcibly take away the lands and declare them as state lands.

If you say that lands are your NCR lands, then the burden of proof will be on the land owners. And in the process of defending your lands many of you will go to jail; your crops and fruit trees will be destroyed. Even longhouses and farm houses will be demolished. There are many examples on these cruel acts.

It is advisable for the land owners now to carry out survey of your own land before the proposed road passes through your area. Contact Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) for advice and assistance. As the saying goes, ready your umbrella, before it rains.

But if there are no “prawns underneath the stone”, (no ulterior motive) then we should all welcome the construction of the road as more than 100,000 Ibans, other natives, Malays and Chinese will benefit.- The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Banting said...

Why different person in BN fold has a different say in the project?

Manyin said the project could take off as early this year following the available funds given by the federal government. But how come Taib doesn`t know the availability of federal funds when he cannot disclose the details yet as he has not go the final.

In October last year, Masing said he did not know if National Budget 2010 tabled by Prime Minister in the parliament had allocated fund for roads to Kapit. But what I do know is that the roads within SCORE will be connected to Kapit town, he said.

It seems that the construction of trunk road to Kapit has not been finalised yet.

As the state election is just around the corner, somebody tend to excel in pouting issue sweet to the ears to fish for votes.

Shameless YB said...

Manyin is only trying to outdo others,so by barking when others is silent, he attract attention and in any case if there is a award for this project then he will claim full credit. You know he is only trying his luck like buying 4D.

Bujang Bedilah Lancam said...

Manah enti amat, anang aja bula. kena nginti undi sida BN.

Mata Kuching said...

Letter to all Dayak landowners whose NCR land have been taken away under your nose. Arise! Arise! All the land owners from all over Sarawak should gather in Bandar Sibu in a show of unity and fight for justice on nomination day. Highlight your plights through peaceful gathering. Demand the government to resolve the land issues before polling day.

Everything else including the announcement of projects amounting to RMbillion are just another of BN bullshit. From Bekalalan to Lubuk Antu, BN government continues to make empty promises and fool the people with announcements of hundred of millions of ringgits worth of projects. It is time to let BN government be the Opposition in Sarawak and Malaysia. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat. Hidup Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

what about my Tinjar road ? People already started calling it Jalan Taib to see any effect.

Suntat said...

Oh my God! If Kapit is accessible by road, how about the business of the owners of boat expess?

Then how about the business of the owners of hotels in Kapit? I don`t think anybody want to sleep in Kapit anymore.

JJJ said...

I was watching/listening to a Dialogue with Tan Sri Yusuf Nor, Felda Chairman and picked up a few pointers,
(1) Felda continued to be the pride of the 2nd generation setlers and will continue to be so in the futre. However, looking at Sarawak, I looked with nostalgia the efforts made by SLDB to create schemes which I thought was a good model ala Felda. Lands were cleared, people were involved (paid wages) until the the whole areas are planted. Each participants of the scheme were given land titles ( house lots, plots for backyards and 15 acres of planted rubber). This "model" would change the "nasib" of the Dayaks by self-generating income to send their children to school.
(2) SALCRA was hatched but there are still many "shortfalls" as many participants are crying for better return. Yes, 30 years ago, participants of SLDB earned RM800/month (or RM9,600 per year). @ ROI 8% for 30 years RM96,601! Can SALCRA paricipants (15 acre) earn that amount
(3) LCDA was supposed to be involved in developing properties in cities , towns and bazaars. Now LCDA is foraging into NCR leading to "acquisition" of NCR - depriving Dayaks of the only assets they have.

Stephen Dass AKA Merekah Fajar said...

Always waiting and hoping, year in and year out. Pity the Kapit-Sibu folks, I'm sure some have gone and left us and still the situation remains the same. And now since the economy is not favorable, this can only be One Thing!

It's Elections' time. It is closer than before.

Anonymous said...

sibu-kapit road if materialize should be built at both sides of batang rajang and perhaps 2 or 3 bridges across it from kanowit to kapit

if 1msia pm can be hyperly generous during hs byelection, why cant he pour all money to swk to but the votes...rm100 not enough. perhaps bintulu folks can asks rm100k per votes. thiong can afford it

sibu folks can ask for similar amount too, besides they have kts and rimbunan hijau there

mirians can asks shin yang to pay rm100k on behalf of chin too

well kch and mukah, u have mother of all, taib