Thursday, April 8

Pelik, tetapi benar (Strange, but true)

Can you believe that when you lodge a police report that you have been assaulted by a gangster, that you yourself are being arrested? And can you believe that one man in Abok, Pantu was arrested a few days ago after he was found felling trees in his own land – titled land?

These strange stories are not made up, but real, real stories. Read the following story which was first published by the Malaysian Mirror.

ULU BALINGIAN – Gangsters seem to be running the show on the current native customary land dispute between a logging company, Bitani Maju Sdn. Bhd. and the Iban community of Sungai Tepus, Ulu Balingian, Mark Bujang, Executive Director of Borneo Institute Research Malaysia (BRIMAS) alleged today.

He said a group of gangsters in 10 cars have been intimidating the natives ever since the natives set up a blockade on 12 March against the said logging company.

“A total of three police reports have been made against the company, but until today no action has been taken against the company or the gangsters who are currently roaming the area,” he said in a Press statement issued to The Malaysian Mirror.

Even though the blockade has been dismantled by the police, the natives, however, still continue with their protests.

“Members of the Iban community of Sungai Tepus, Ulu Balingian are protesting against the illegal logging activities conducted by Bitani Maju Sdn. Bhd. in their native customary land territory.

“Surprisingly, it is the police that are guarding the company workers carrying out their illegal logging operations,”
Mark claimed.

Last Saturday, two of the longhouse members from Rumah Osay were assaulted by a group of gangsters while they were on their way home from Selangau bazaar. One of them managed to flee but another was badly beaten up by the gangsters.

Mark said that Banyau Ak Timbang, one of the persons who managed to flee from the gangsters was riding together with Oren Ak Linggang from Selangau bazaar and as they were about to approach their longhouse junction, a car approached them.

“I noticed Penghulu Thomas Jawa Ak Latu was in the car and the driver of the car forced us to stop,” said Banyau.

“The other occupants of the car came out and we do not recognise them at all. We got into a heated argument with them and then suddenly they started attacking us”, said Banyau.
Banyau said he managed to escape from his attackers but Oren was left behind.

Oren lodged a police report on the attack at the Balingian Police Station the next day. However, instead of taking down his report, the police arrested him.

“The gangsters seem to be controlling the police and also our community leaders”, claimed Banggau ak Panggai, chairman of the joint action committee.

“Our communities are leaving in fear at the moment as the police cannot guarantee our safety. We do not want any untoward incident to happen, so we appeal to the police to take action and stop the gangsters from harassing us any further,” said Banggau. – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

if only war the only way to defend the land, let's the way begin

Brangking Kilau said...

If the police force are to maintain their role in society, therefore all police officers irrespective of their ranks must improve their professionalism and gain credibility by maintaining a proper code of ethics.

As a law enforcement officer, his fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder, and to respect the Constitutional Rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice.

As alleged in the above article, a citizen, Oren ak. Linggang was attacked by a group of gangsters. The article did not say whether he was injured from the attack. However, it is heartening to note that, the police at Selangau police station, refused to take down his report when he came to make a police report, instead he was arrested. We do not know what had happened actually that led the police refusing to take down a police report from Oren ak. Linggang.

Bear in mind, it is the duty of police to receive any report from a member of the public, and upon investigation if the report is found to be false, he or she can be charged for making a false police report under section 196 of the Penal Code.

Under section 107(1) of Criminal Procedure Code, every information relating to the commission of an offence, if given orally to an officer in charge of a police station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction and be read over to the informant.

Then any police officer not below the rank of sergeant or any officer in charge of a police station (OCS) is bound to to investigate any seizable offence by virtue of section 108(iii) of Criminal Procedure Code.

Therefore, no stone should be left unturned within the ambits of the law in bringing criminals to justice.

Let me put it in general and I don`t mean it to this particular case.Any police officer should recognise the badge of his office as a symbol of public faith, and accepts it as a public trust to be held as along as he is true to the ethics of the Police Service. He should never act officially or permits personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence his decision.

Mata Kuching said...

Can someone do a search on Bitani Maju Sdn Bhd to determine all the shareholders? Can someone also check the bank account of Penghulu Thomas and the bank accounts of all the policemen working in this district?

The red Indians suffered the same fate as our fellow Malaysians in rural Sarawak where the rich and powerful had encroached and robbed the natives of their land.But the red Indians fought back and took the law into their own hands because they had no choice when the law enforcers were working for the rich and powerful.

To all our fellow Malaysians in the rural areas, we urge you to stand very firm and fight for your rights. Remember this is happening because the power is in the hand of BN led by the bandit Taib. Make sure all BN candidates are defeated soundly in the coming state election and the next Parliament election. Tukar Baju and vote PKR, DAP, PAS and SNAP for a new government led by Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Sad..this story happened in malaysia, a supposedly civilized nation!People of both lands, Sabah and sarawak, please pull your self together and come to your senses..BN is a plunder, they had been robbing us all billions of money! Just vote BN out come this 13th GE. Do not fall for mere RM50 or RM100 or RM250, you take the bait and you lose more of your native land!

Please..give the opposition a chance. It makes a different!

Robin Hood said...

Read about the alleged link the IGP have with gangsters. So what you see
today clearly shows that from top to the bottom, these men in blue are tainted.If what this posting say is true then those gangsters must have been employed by the company and those police are paid by the gangsters to frighten the local dayaks. Where is their YBs or their representatives.
This matter must be brought to the open and not swept under the carpet. I ask that this matter be answered with urgency.

Anonymous said...

When I read this incident, my mind flashed back to a movie'GODFATHER".
The GODFATHER controlled NEW YORK but NOW the GODFATHER controls a STATE. Sinu ngenang kitai IBAN di indik urang baka nya.

Anonymous said...

So when are you people are going to wake up to the fact that no one in the government gives damn about you ... your BN wakil or whatever.
Was reading about the Ba Kelalan dam or something.Why don't they just go for their wakil and get his help? Same for the above.That's their job!! You people elected them .Get in black and white or record his comments on the matter.
Or you still prefer to wear your sunglasses and wait?


Anonymous said...

check sama itu OCS balingian sama itu OCPD mukah. mesti sudah kasi apa2 sama dia orang. cilakak!

Anonymous said...

Just a political gimmick. Ignore him, and send him and his ilk one good and proper message in the next election. Period!!!

Mata Kuching said...

Let it be known to all Sarawakians and our children that BN government in Sarawak led by Taib has no intention whatsoever to develop the rural economy. All efforts thus far were just piecemeal efforts and offer no real solution or development that will create spin off for other social and economic advancements.

Even the BN proposal to give titles to long-houses was just a scheme to sidetrack the attention and problems now on NCR land disputes. For hundred of years the residents of longhouses never had or faced any problem with ownership of their "bilik" in longhouses. Moreover there is no economic value in longhouses and neither can they be bought and sold for profit.

The rural forks want land title for their land and not for their longhouses. All the Tuai Rumah and Penghulu should be make aware of the issues and know what the rural Dayaks want and what the BN government is willing to offer or substitute.

All piecemeal efforts which usually were implemented before an election must be rejected totally. There ought to be a rural master plan for all rural constituencies to bring the living standard of the currently massive poor to a decent and minimum accepted level.

Organising courses for the Tuai Rumah or building kindergarten in longhouses will not change the social and economic landscape of the rural population.

It is time to change our government. It is very true the rural population need to work with the government BUT we need to change the present government first and work with a new government for a better future and progress. The present government of Barisan National has failed both in theory and practical in the last 50 years. It is time to boot them out logs stocks and barrels. Lets give our power and authority to Pakatan Rakyat this coming election. The power and authority belongs to us all and we decide who should be given the mandate to govern and administer our people and resources. That POWER is in our hands. Use it and boot out Taib and Barisan National.

Stephen Dass AKA Merekah Fajar said...

I wonder why our people can be easily bullied these days?

Where is the bravery and courage which many years ago made us very much feared by others?

I hope this is not going to be another "Niah" saga.

It looks like money really can buy favors to the extend the authorities just keep it to themselves and not doing anything about the complaint and the complainant except to deatin him.

Will crimes rule our days to come?

Anonymous said...

The question is, why do the Dayaks kept supporting a government that keep stealing their land? It's really sad that Dayaks are still in slumber.


Mata Kuching said...

Let all voters in Sarawak remind the YBs and BN government led by Taib that the Government of the day must work with the people and for the people in order to get re-elected and given a new mandate to administer our state on the behalf of the people. IT is not and must not be the other way where the govenment given the power and authority by the people is now demanding the voters and rakyat to work with them and in our case to be subservient, loyal and grateful to them.

The government should be loyal and grateful to the people and so the government must work for the rakyat and not the raykat for the government. Lets this message get into our thick skull of the voters and especially the YBs of BN and PR.

The raykat can fire the chief minister and his cabinet if they are working against our interests and found to be corrupted and self serving. The chief minister and his cabinet and the government cannot fire us nor can they expel us from our villages, kampung and this country where we are born.

All Malaysians must register to vote and come out in full force to vote to change and terminate the BN government and give a new mandate to PR to safe guard our future wealth and interests.

The power to decide our government is in our hands. That power is our real spears and parang to preserve democracy and ensure our lands will not be taken away and given to others. That power is in our hands to ensure we practise our religion without any intimidation from any groups and government.

We are all Malaysians and this is our country .

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Ibans have lost their cock!!!
Should this bully tactics happened to Sambas Iban in Kalimantan, those bullies and their kins are regretted to be born. Truly Sarawak Ibans have no BUTOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Based on relevant information, the G.I. Joe M is one of those culprits!!! Check it out.

BENEDICT said...

What an ashame to the Penghulu, one of the respectable persons and yet full of corruption. One thing for sure, a lot of the politicians are the devils in disguise. The development that we see is just the game of the politic.