Thursday, July 29

More blows expected for SUPP?

ENGKILILI: Sarawak United People’s Party is expected to receive more quit letters from the party in the next few weeks or so, judging by the ‘planned’ resignations that are taking place, said a source from the SUPP Engkilili branch.

“You have heard some from Sibu, Miri and Bengoh who have resigned from the party,” he said.

“We are supposed to have synchronized resignations from all these branches, but they cannot wait any longer,” he said.

The source who pleaded not to be identified said that for Engkilili Branch more than half of the committee members and a few hundreds of ordinary members are just waiting for the right time to quit the party.

“We have our meeting on Sunday afternoon regarding our decision to quit the party. It is just a matter of time,” the source said.

“Please do not expose my name as this is very sensitive and explosive,” he stressed.

“Like our friends in the Bengoh Branch and else where, we also have no more confidence in the leadership of the party. Many of the things that the current leadership promised us did not materialise,” he said.

“We will not join any party because we still love the party. But we do not like the leadership because it is weak and incapable of helping the people,”
he said, predicting that the current leadership will lead us to disastrous results in the coming election.

He confirmed that the Engkilili chairman Toh Heng San had received a show-cause letter for threatening to resign from the party if the independent state assemblyman for Engkilili Johnichal Rayong was to be nominated by the party to contest in the coming election.

Toh, he said, refused to reply to the show-cause letter.

The committee members of the Engkilili branch have been embroiled in a dispute over the decision of the party to admit Rayong who contested and defeated SUPP-BN candidate Jonathan Krai in the 2006 state election.

Toh and some of the committee members are against Rayong’s admission, while his deputy Nyambong Anak Maweng and branch secretary Sibat Krutap and some members are pro-Rayong.

Until now the SUPP leadership has not made any decision whether to accept Rayong or not.

Rayong was a Sarawak National Party candidate, but resigned from the party after the electoral victory. He has been knocking on the doors of the component parties of the Barisan Nasional.

The same source disclosed that committee members from branches in Sibu, Sarikei, Meradong and Kuching are also waiting for the right time to resign from the party.

“Like us, they are waiting to explode the bomb,” he said, pointing out that all these branches are members of the 28 branches that wanted George Chan to step down as president.

This was written in the 2006 Forward Plan for Chan to step down, but until now he is still the leader of the party, he added.

These branches which are aligned to Soon Choon Teck, the state assemblyman for Dudong, had also submitted a joint requisition in 2009 calling for a special delegates conference to solve the problems affecting the party.

But the president and the central working committee rejected their demand although they had the required number to ask for the SDC.

On Saturday, 14 committee members of the Bengoh branch and six ordinary members had submitted their letters of resignation to the secretary general Sim Kheng Hui, citing unhappiness and loss of confidence on the leadership as the main reason.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the branch, Jerip Susil said that the resignation of some of the committee members from his branch had caught him by surprise.

“Nobody told me about their resignation, but I will sit down and try to persuade them to reconsider their decision,” he said.



Uchu aki Biat said...

In Engkilili,the `crisis` started because of `katak`, whose `hidung tak macung pipi surung-surung`.

Should Toh is expelled by SUPP, I suggest him to contest in Engkilili in the coming state election, probably he can win to silent `Panglima Katak`.

Anonymous said...

They must be naive to think that their leaders would step down and hand over to younger leaders. Look at how rich they all become. Do they really think leaders like George Chan, Peter Chin, Teng, Sim Kheng Hui etc will jump down from the gravy train and deprive themselves of all the goodies that they were so accustomed to? Time to leave the rotten sinking ship, people.

Graveyard digger said...

Let me just say it plain straight.
If George Chan is at helm, I won't be surprise at all. The coffeeshop talk have been more intense. It's gathering steam. I dare to bet with my balls SUPP will be wipe out even before Taib call the election.
This party is is dead. Sice the tussle for leadership began, SUPP is heading downhill.Since then nothing have been done to inject new ideas into the party. Just read any newspaper and you won't see anything about SUPP.
Maybe old George is purposely dragging the party down with him. If this is the case then it's close shop time.

Anonymous said...

SUPP will close business soon and the next be MCA....this is Chinese change of political mind sets. A wake up call, my dear voters to deny arrogant and corrupted BN