Sunday, July 25

Panglima Katak

Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar has described some of our YBs as “superficial” who are only interested in attending non-beneficial functions and issuing statements just to have their faces appear in newspapers.

“When I read newspapers, I found news of such YBs attending opening of restaurants, boutiques and other commercial functions such as cutting ribbons and having dinners.

“When internal conflicts happened, such YBs even asked their supporters to hold press conferences in coffee shops to pledge support and confidence.

“These YBs would bring the same supporters to their numerous functions to highlight and promote themselves,”
said the MP for Santubong.

He said: “When giving aid, these YBs would give the impression it was because of their sole effort that the community received their donations. I find this to be very superficial.”

Wan Junaidi said that such antics were not good for the Barisan Nasional especially the government which was trying to win back the people’s confidence.

He suggested that they must be replaced in the coming election.

Last year Wan Junaidi said that Sarawak MPs did not take part in debates in Parliament. They only sat down and listened to debates, while some were having coffee in Parliament.

He said that they did not raise issues affecting the people of Sarawak.

Meanwhile, the independent state assemblyman for Engkilili Johnichal Rayong about weeks ago described pensioners, members of the public and others who talked in coffee shops criticising the government as “Panglima kedai kopi”.

They were really “Panglima kedai kopi” who knew how to talk and criticise YBs and the government.

But one pensioner hit back at Rayong proclaiming him as “Panglima katak (frog)” who jumped from one party to another.

“How can we trust this type of YB who is interested only in his own personal interest and ego?” he said.

“Of course in Barisan, YBs can enjoy all the facilities, the reputation, the money and can even afford to have two or three wives and girl friends,” he said

“They are the real Panglima Katak and superficial YBs,” he added. - The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

I have been informed that Rayong has three wives; his first wife is at MJC, the second at Sama Indah and the third, a Malay, at Matang? Any truth in all these?

Banting said...

Some BN MPs are hurt by the remarks. Though Wan Junaidi has clarified that he did mention which political side of MPs, but he meant it BN MPs because the opposition MPs are very rare giving aids. If they did, none of newspapers would publish or highlight it.

Very interesting to hear the comment by Rayong eh! I think when he was a protem deputy president of MDC, he might be a `Marshal of Coffee Shops Talk` (Panglima Agung) against Barisan and its leaders, but today he prefers to be a ` private katak`.

Anonymous said...

When Junaidi said that, the first person to respond was Stampin YB who is famous for doing all sorts of superficial stuff. A classic example of siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

As for Rayong, don't know what to say about him anymore. Some say katak, some say kacang lupa kulit.

Anonymous said...

Rayong is like the proverbial "Kacang Lupakan Kulit". He cannot seem to remember that it was these "panglima kedai kopi"who are against the BN that that voted him in the last election. He does not only critisises them now, but when it comes to disburse MRP and other BN vote-buying projects and financial assistances, he leaves them out in the cold. He only disburses it to the people who never voted him, the BN supporters.
If any one doubts this, go and ask one TR Muntai in his own Skim Skrang longhouse.

Anonymous said...

Rayong have one at SPDP and Seng Goon Garden.

apai irau said...

Rear AdmiralGeneral Frog.Munyi nama orang putih ga wai.Bisi sekeda ngumbai ia Dr.Raung,salah nya wai. Raung is also a frog family but its skin is poisonous,unlike pama.But raung's meat is nice to eat,of course you have to strip the skin away first.There are many raungs in Sarawak but the big types can only be found in Engkilili and Ngemah.

Anonymous said...

According to sources from Engkilili, YB Rayong :-

- would only acknowledge greetings if you address him as YB Dotor.

- claims that he is a qualified surgeon (Surgery USA)in his calling card.

- would announce grants or project approval that has been announced and / or granted by YB William Nyalau (and he made it looks as though the grants are from his own allocation).

What a character???

Anonymous said...

Yes he claims to be a surgeon from USA.Then he practised at MJC for some time. When Sarawak Medical Council wants him to submit his credentials, his certificate, etc, he does not comply.Instead he closes his so-called clinic. He got his herbs degree from India. You cannot be a surgeon you study about herbs.

When he was working in hospitals, he used to perform a samll surgery like "besunat" teenage boys.

Anonymous said...

So then, those YB Dr. describes as Panglima Kedai Kopi will have to campaign against him the next election lah !! Prepare yourself a good MANOK earlier on, sharpen your TAJI...let us how this YB Dr comes the next time?? Can anybody tell us really which party this so called Dr belongs to ?? TQ

Anonymous said...

"I have been informed that Rayong has three wives; his first wife is at MJC, the second at Sama Indah and the third, a Malay, at Matang? Any truth in all these?"

Not too sure about his 3rd "wife" but his legal wife is from Serudit, Betong. Some believed that she is a distant relative of a prominent politician from the area and that could be the reason why Rayong is well "promoted" even though he is a non-BN ADUN. ssome believed that in order for PBB to complete the planned takeover of seat stretching from Kedup to Bukit Saban, rayong is the missing piece of the "JAKSOW PASAL"

His no. 2 is from simanggang, the wife or ex-wife of a policeman, according to rumours.

Yang no. 3 tu, kita tak boleh buat komen oleh kerana mereka ini .....

If this is the case, Rayong should join PCM (Parti Cinta Mama). What a quality - Iban leadership????