Monday, December 20

Barisan Nasional’s secret weapon

It is reported in The Borneo Post dated 19 December that Deputy President of PBB and Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu anak Numpang has been quoted as saying that village and longhouse headmen can be relieved of their positions if they do not do their job responsibly.

They should therefore be efficient and active, and knowledgeable about their village and longhouse dwellers such as their education level, economic status, jobs and number of families.

“The district office or resident’s office has the right to sack leaders whom people feel failed to carry out their responsibilities,” he said when launching the ‘State Community Leaders Development and Leadership Seminar 2010’ at Sri Aman Civic Centre on Thursday.

A total of 498 community leaders attended the seminar.

Jabu told the community leaders not to entertain opposition members during the coming state election.


For the past three months or so, more than 5,000 Tuai Rumah and other community leaders have been ‘indoctrinated’ with the Barisan Nasional’s politics, the latest one held in Sri Aman. Kuching, Mukah, Miri dan Sibu have organised the seminar. Tuai Rumah from other divisions and district will attend the seminar for the next two months.

We are given to understand that what the community leaders were told was to hate the Opposition politicians, to bar them from going into their longhouses and to keep watch over their followers so that they would not support the Opposition.

Those found to be supportive of the opposition, the Tuai Rumah has the power to ‘sack’ them from the longhouse and has also the power not to give them ‘shares’ in development projects or in ‘corruption money’. This had been effectively used in previous elections and it is certain such dirty tactics will be used again in the coming election.

The effects are many: one is that not all the people in a longhouse support the BN and the Tuai Rumah and this may lead up to deeper disunity and hatred against the BN and the Tuai Rumah. Some may break away from the longhouse.

Regrettably, there are ex-senior civil servants, ex-Police officers and retired teachers who have been appointed Tuai Rumah. During their days as civil servants and teachers, they know that this BN government has taken away their fathers’ NCR land and given to crony companies; they know that their own children were deprived of scholarships, places in universities and refused to entry to the civil service or deprived of promotions. Many of their children find their ways to Johor, Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and overseas. Why? No job opportunities.

And yet because of the initials ‘TR’ and the RM450 allowance per month, they are willingly accepted their appointment. Where is their conscience, if there is any left?

Now, they have not only betrayed their forefathers, parents, brothers, sisters and their own children and their children’s children, they have also now become the secret weapon of the Barisan Nasional to further suppress and oppress the already down-trodden Dayaks – Dayak Ibans, Dayak Bidayuhs, Dayak Kayans, Dayak Kenyahs and the Dayak Penans, and etc. – The Broken Shield.


Ambai Punai said...

Mr. Jabu,

You are getting overboard. If you have some personal or family problems,try solve it without having to vent your frustrations on your dayak race through the Tuai Rumahs.

By the way how is your Lebanese son-in-law doing?

Merry X'mas

tuai bilik said...

Only very few pensioners are appointed as village chiefs, those whose pensions are insufficient to support his family.

I notice a pensioner `bekuli` as a Dewan Masyarakat cleaner cum manager just to earn more money to support the family and an ex-army officer has been used as a `dog` to intimidate landowners working on their lands.

apai irau said...

To Jabu and other so-called Dayak leaders,stop lying and threatening your own people.Our democratic system of governing does not allow you to threaten the rakyat,infact the rakyat should feel unrestrained as to whom they want to lead them.If you said that the BN does not worry about the opposition,the BN has excellent records and all these nonsences,why instigate the rakyat to hate the opposition?.If the rakyat do not like BN ,that mean you have failed to deliver,nothing to do with the opposition.Jabu,stop disunite the Dayaks further.With you being the earliest accomplice to Rahman-Taib regime stop disintegrate the Dayaks in the name of purported development.Like Ambai Punai,i wish your son in laws are doing well ,"look after" the hotel and the resort well in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jabu,

Taib udah berbini baru urang Labenon agi mbiak bajik landik seksi. Sebedaunya George Chan berbini engau Induk Kelabit gamal baka urang putih. Ndak ngigak bini baru nuan?

Iban bandar,

Chris said...

Dear Mr. Jabu,

Someone says that you are descendant of Rentap warrior of the Iban tribe from Batang Sadong. Someone says!

Is it true?

You know what, i don't believe it. Know why? because you are not inherit what you 'forefathers'did in which way you also should suppose to do and fight for your own tribe. Now, see what you did? You are helping 'somebody' to get his own profit by bullying your own tribe too.

Remember grandpa, your tribe is come from your own shirt too, know?

oh ya, got a quote for you. Directly from Word of God.

"we brought nothing into the world,
and we can take nothing out".

1 Timothy 6

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

The opposition must come with an alternative solutions to this BN tactics as the TR can threaten the opposition onslaught.

Antu Beduru said...

Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year (2011). Change we must, dont ever trust corrupted government see what happened for the past 47 years they ruled Sarawak and Sabah

Anonymous said...

they support the government just because they want to save their RM400+ allowances? thats very cheap of them when the bn cronies can make thousands and millions of RM from their votes. don't deserve any respect to be a tua kampung!!! no value at all!!! let them die and rot without any dignity!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the Ibans could be fooled with $450 or $600...then they are very pathetic!
Jabu, Masing, Mawan Chan...should be hanged later for keeping their own people foolish and help Taib to steal so much out of the country!
Have they got any conscience? Jabu why go to Church? Then become such a big liar???
Have you got no shame?
No wonder Taib said that they wondered around like animals!!!!
Hear that? "Like animals"!
Jabu, Masin, you want your own kind to be so called?????
Then take a look at your own self in the mirror! Shame, shame on you.
Time to vote for a change. We must vote them out and change the government! We will take everything back and throw these suckers into jail and then let them roam in the jail like animals too.

Anonymous said...

"Anang TAKUT Ngelaban BN!" - that's should be Pakatan Sarawak universal slogan and strike the guts out to every Dayaks!

This Jabu no longer believe in democracy & freedom for all. If that's the case all the Dayak rumah panjai must have the rights to reject the outsider UMNO from visiting rumah panjai - they are unclean evil spirits full of rasuah hypocrisy and stole nearly RM1 trillion of our oil & gas money which otherwise no need for 50,000 Dayaks have to leave Sarawak to work odd jobs at Singapore Johor KL.

If Jabu believes that Betong really maju dalam Sarawak please open up Starbucks, McDonalds, Iphone store, Gucci shops there. Thanks Merry Xmas muah!

p/s. Uncle Jetty can use the new slogan "Anang TAKUT Ngelaban BN!" too, be it in T-shirts or phamplets. Or even a Dayak song!

Mata Kuching said...

5,000 TRs indoctrinated and bribed to betray their own people? This is the tactic of the Imperial Japanese during war world 2 to use community leaders as lapdogs and spies.

Dayaks power will overwhelm any TRs who dare take the bait of Taib Mahmud's BN.I call upon all TRs to resign now and tell Taib's lapdogs like Alfred Jabu and Michael Manyin and other "kurup" politicians from BN to fuck off.