Thursday, December 30

Who will look after the Dayaks?

According to The Borneo Post dated 30 December 2010, Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is setting up a special unit at its headquarters in Kuching in a move to help get more non-Bumiputra, especially Chinese, into the public sector.

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan, who is also SUPP President, said it was the party’s hope that a racial balance in both the state and federal civil services would be attained with the setting up of the unit.

He said it was time that members of the Chinese change their perceptions that they could not good returns and incentives in the public sector.

“This may be the case in the early days but now as the country is getting more advanced, the civil service including in Sarawak, is changing very fast where people with skills and experienced are much sought after and the salary scale has also improved compared with those days,” he said.

He said that this was indeed the correct approach the government should take to attract talented people to join the civil service.

“To me this is the correct way to go because if we want to engage the best people we must be able to give them good remuneration,” he said.

He said this was the model that Singapore had been using and it had enabled the country to manage both its public and private sectors very efficiently and effectively.

“Based on statistics previously, for whatever reasons, very few Chinese applied for jobs in the public sector.

“We don’t know if there was any racial discrimination involved because no specific study was ever carried our prior to this and probably once we start the unit, we may be able to establish exactly what is happening.

“With the setting up of the unit, we hope more jobseekers will come forward and register with us. We are not doing the recruitment but we will assist them in every way possible how they should go about with their applications.

“At the initial stage this unit will be set up at our headquarters and if the response is good we will also bring it to other divisions,”
Chan said.

The unit here would start operation this Sunday (9.00 am to 12.00 noon) and would be open during office hours on week days, he said.

Now The Broken Shield asks: Who will speak on behalf of the unemployed Dayaks? The Dayaks especially the Ibans are also interested to work in the civil service. But their applications have been rejected for unknown reasons.

I remember what Bernard Dumpok from Sabah said a few years ago that out of 186,000 applications made by Ibans for jobs in the civil service, only 24 were shortlisted. We do not know how many were finally accepted into the civil service.

What is most regrettable was none of the present Dayak ministers and YBs said something about it.

No wonder you hardly find any Iban working in the civil service in any government department nowadays. Who are to be blamed?


retired cop said...

Hei George Chan, no need to talk now, it is too late.

The Chinese community know what you have done to them.

Anonymous said...

Of course we want to work for our country Sarawak. We want to be the soldiers and policemen who protect our people. We want to be 7 out of every ten soldiers and policemen in Sarawak. And teachers and clerks and every head of departments and the civil servants in general.....hello George! do you hear me. Do that before the election otherwise we won't change our stand. SUPP out! BN out! No more just talk talk.

FirstFruits said...

SUPP never stop lying to the people and keep fooling the people around

Now George Chan/SUPP has turned to become an employment agency by setting up a special unit in its HQ to help Chinese get jobs in the civil service at State and Federal level instead of focusing more on matters of national importance. What will they think of next? It really beats me!!!

There is no need for SUPP to set up such a unit and it's a waste of time. That's why they are good at taking people for a ride as an election gimmick.

What is at issue is to have a policy in place on jobs based on racial balance both at the state and federal civil services so that certain ethnic groups will not be marginalised.

I was given to understand that the civil service has been instructed by Taib to recruit more Melanaus. So even Malays will eventually be
marginalised also.

Anonymous said...

For the past year and now, u can see the majority of the government servant from which race? you can count easily how many dayak at the government servant..the higher level position dominant by one race...very clearly upset..u can imagine how u???, I think that the plan..I'm not racism but to look at sarawak as overall, the dayak in fact has been totally become minority..who to blame?? One day it will become problem to all...

Irene Kana said...

PETALING JAYA: The government will launch a nationwide “My Daftar” campaign from Feb 19 to 26 next year in an effort to resolve the problems faced by Malaysian Indians who do not have relevant documents pertaining to their birth, identification and citizenship.

The campaign, organised by the Special Implementation Taskforce on the Indian Community in collaboration with the Home Ministry, would, among others, seek to identify individuals who possess a birth certificate but have not applied for a MyKad, and those who do not possess a birth certificate and therefore unable to secure a MyKad.

Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam said the campaign will also target children who do not possess a birth certificate and therefore unable to go to school as well as children and young people in residential homes run by the Social Welfare Department and voluntary organisations who do not possess sufficient documentation.



apai irau said...

What Ah Chan said is purely politically motivated.Election is near lah!.Don't tell the chinese that you only realised of the issue yesterday and starts to make noise today,like Masing who seemed to only had realised that common law supersede our present land law.As for the Dayak ministers,in particular the Iban 'misters',i will always say this"what do you expect"?They WON'T DARE to do the followings,namely;talk about the natives'right to NCR and will always silent when there is a dispute between the natives and the government and about the alarming ratio of the Dayaks in the public sector compares to other natives,BUT they will SHOUT to spread their lies to the tuai rumahs,threatened the rakyat,condemned the opposition when the BN YBs cannot perform etc.To the present Dayak BN YBs,politics is for self glory and enrichment,nothing about the rakyats.

FirstFruits said...

SUPP is a useless party and can no longer claim to represent the Chinese anymore because it has already lost its trust and credibility.

It's time for them to fold up and close shop. George Chan would be wise to call it quits and not to waste his time and taxpayers' money but to disappear into oblivion and stay at home and cuddle his young orang ulu wife. The more he and SUPP show themselves off in publc, the more they make the Chinese angry with them.

UNMO/PBB/BN, Taib and Najib must also go. They cannot stay in power for ever. They still think they can resort to the same old tricks and gimmicks in every election, people will get pissed off with their hanky panky and Mumbo and Jumbo.

It's time they give others who have the interests
of people at heart a chance to move the country forward and for people to have a better life,
especially eradicating the sufferings and hardships inflicted on the marginalised Dayaks.

Anonymous said...

The Dayaks should stop complaining. They did vote for Barisan, did they not? They gave their mandate to Jabu & Masing, did they not?

Apai Semalau said...

SUPP has once again shown its true colours. Its a chinese party! All these while the dayaks are just plain paloi stupid to support it. Maybe George would like to tell us how many dayaks are employed in the civil service? Are the dayak SUPP Ybs. hiding behind their wives skirt? Why are they not speaking up? Unless the quota sytem and racial discrimination is removed there is no likelihood that non bumiputra and dayak bumis will ever get any civil postings despite good qualifications..

Anonymous said...

Bold signs that election is near!
After that, all will be forgotten!
You see them they don't see you but throughhhhhhh you.
After all these years of BN (Taib's) rule, f you still believe them you are a fool and a complete idiot with no medicine can save you.
Wake up and be wise this time.
But will the TR in ulus still fall for the $450/600, trick and stick to BN's words not to entertain the "Opposition"?
Where are our Dayak learned who should prech the correct message to them!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarawak for true fullblooded Sarawakians

Tiyung Dayak said...

It’s sad to note that these “fall guys” were not even given any chance to prove their capabilities at the higher level due to nepotism and/or cronyism. Dare to dream about meritocracy?! You bet!

Of course, these “fall guys” were invited for the interviews – only to find themselves helping the interviewers to “fattening” their allowances, travelling claims, etc.!

Take a look around us (especially in the gomen departments); there they are – our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, siblings, uncles and aunts – who are with the minimum qualification of either LCE, MCE, SPM or STPM – and only “eligible” for the clerical posts and other low-level jobs!

So to speak, lah; but I’m not offending anyone out there.

The question is: Where have all the managerial posts gone? Aren’t we eligible?

Aram; berdandot kitai, kih!

FirstFruits said...

In today's Borneo Post [3rd Jan],it was reported only 112 Chinese came forward to register themselves with SUPP's special unit to get jobs in the civil service. George Chan said the response was overhelming. What was he talking about? That fellow only talked cock. I would have thought the response would have been tens of thousands instead of only 112 Chinese.

SUPP is not even an authorised government agent to recruit applicants. How the hell do they know what vacancies with the relevant qualifications there are in all the various government depts. How the hell do they expect to help potential job seekers get into the civil service? It's just another election gimmick to get voters to believe their mumbo jumbo and hanky panky just like what they did with the house owners in Kenyakang Park who had paid up their land premiums and asked for their payment data to get refunds while all the information is easily available in Land & Survey's system.

SUPP are pretty good at fooling people around and they never stop lying to people.

There are also Dayak leaders and members in SUPP. How come he didn't mention them as well. What about James Masing of PRS & Mawan of SPDP? Why don't they set up similar units?

I tell you it's an exercise in futiliy, wasting everybody's time.