Sunday, December 5

Biggest dividend payout by SALCRA

The Star reported on 1 December 2010 that Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) which manages 18 oil palm plantations in the State’s southern region, is to reward its participating landowners with the biggest ever dividend payout of RM74.3 million.

Chairman Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said the dividend this year was more than doubled last year and would be paid to some 20,000 landowners in two phases – the first 50% between January and February and the second by July 2011.

The dividend that the landowners will receive will be based on the performance of the plantations and their maturity status.

SALCRA is the first to develop the vast native customary right (NCR) land, which covers an estimated 1.5 million ha statewide.

Under a new development model, the Sarawak government is getting major plantation companies to team up with the landowners via joint ventures to open up the idle or under-utilized NCR land on a big scale.

SALCRA’s earnings have been boosted by the soaring prices of fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) and crude palm oil (CPO).

The FFBs now fetch nearly RM600 per tonne while the average CPO price this year is around RM2,550 per tonne compared with RM2,196 last year.

Jabu, also Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister, said that as at September, SALCRA had nearly 48,000 ha oil palm plantations, of which 41,000ha are matured.
The Broken Shield: On paper, the dividend appears to be big. In fact, according to SALCRA, it is the biggest dividend payout – RM74.3 million to some 20,000 landowners.

Let us look into it mathematically: RM74, 300,000 divide by 20,000 landowners equals to RM3, 715 per participant per year. RM3, 715 divide by 12 months equals to RM309.50 per participant per month. Again we divide RM309.50 by 30 days, the result will be RM10.31 per landowner per day.

As Jabu said, 50% will be paid between January and February, the amount each land owner receives will be around RM5.16 per landowner per day. Assume, the average family is four, and then each person is entitled to RM1.29 per day. It is just enough to buy a cup of coffee.

It appears that the SALCRA landowners belong to the hardcore poor in the state earning an income of RM309.50 per month, if we take the RM750 as the poverty line.

I would have thought that some Dayak women selling “paku-tubu” would earn a profit of RM50.00 a day. In a month, the smart ones could earn between RM1,000 and RM1,200 a month.

So to me, the SALCRA’s dividend is pleasant to the ears and for the ears of rural voters. You know the State election is coming. But it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signify nothing.



tuai bilik said...

Each landowners just get RM309.50 a month from the pay out by SALCRA. Is it what Jabu proud of? Bullshit!

I can earn RM60-RM70 a day by selling `miding`, and I know my family`s life is much better than those who join SALCRA.

Anonymous said...

And the only sole reason why they need to make this so-called biggest divedend payout? It's the General Election that's due to be called next year. Call me stupid. Are all the Dayaks really THAT stupid to swallow this red carrot?

Anonymous said...

Jabu is been asked by Taib to act as front to fool his own people. Most of the money are siphoned off overseas while a small sum is use to sweeten the natives.
After election and for next year the dividend will surely become smaller.
Kick out all this crooks and manage the oil palm yourself and see if you are better than that idiot Jabu.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know, how much is the Chairman going to pay himself? Apart from the projects that SALCRA Chairman dished out to himself over the years. My contractor friend told me that all the juicy SALCRA projects are all Jabu's projects. It's then sub-contract to the lowest bidder at a fraction of the original price. No wonder he grovel at Taib's feet.

Apai Semalau said...

Is this chairman of SALCRA paid a "princely" sum of RM$309.50/month too? We beg to know! Why is it that the participants get to chew on the bones, get paid peanuts while the chairman gets to eat the meat? This is outright "dayak exploitation"! We demand open accountability and transparency. Nothing to hide, then show us the account books of SALCRA on who gets what................

Anonymous said...

Correct me if am wrong according to reliable sources Serian District the dividen was paid twice per year whereas in some areas landowners were paid after more than 10 years with mere Rm. 16.00

Anonymous said...

The calculation was related to my fellow friends in a 'kopitiam' a year ago. To all enterprising rural landowners please do not be hoodwinked by any BIG figure. This great figure of millions RM..... is to create craze among our poor rural landowners. Be ware, this is a BAIT. Only that our poor landowners understand the theory of investment they would definitely objected to the SCAMMING scheme. Raise the issue to the board, how much the committee received for the kickbacks. Demand for a certified audited printout on how much the company has had earned. Do not take that skimmed milk ..... as the amount surely is unjustifiable.

apai irau said...

That's why before we join any JV thing,think twice.Salcra is using the term Dividend.Dividend and bonus may be paid to paticipants if Salcra wants to,but if Salcra dosent pay you anything,you cannot do anything too;there is no mention of any fixed amount to be paid to any participant when you joined the scheme.Jabu definitely says its lucky for the participants to receive anything for if he dosent pay any cents it would be more unlucky.Takut ka pangka ribut anang berumah ba tuchong bukit wai.

Ganeng said...

The biggest SALCRA payout of RM309.50 per month is something to shout about? So how much was the previous payout?
This publicity stunt made it sounded like everyone is going to pocket millions of ringgit.
What a way to hoodwink poor folks into continuing supporting NCR land "development."

Melayu Betong said...

Adalah lebih baik dan senang difahami sekiranya Jabu memberitahu jumlah dividen untuk seseorang tuan punya tanah daripada menyebut jumlah dividen keseluruhannya.

Ia, dengan menyebut jumlah dividen keseluruhannya manis di dengar oleh telinga dan cantik dilihat oleh mata. Betul tak Jabu?

Anonymous said...

grander jabu kaduh ik!!!! (bijik pelir jabu!!!!)

Mata Kuching said...

The Orang Asli, and natives of Sarawak and Sabah cannot even afford to migrate to the cities or towns with nothing more than a few hundred ringgit in their piggy banks. Most of the priority developments planned for the rural interior were and are planned to enrich the thief minister and his family or cronies.

A recent case in point is the Bengoh Dam located at the Bidayuh heartland in Padawan. A company of the Naim Holdings Bhd which is owned by Taib’s cousin Hamid Sepawi was awarded the project costing tax payers RM310 million and displacing 1,500 Bidayuh villagers. Naim was also been awarded the construction of the access road leading to the new settlement scheme planned by the state government at a cost of RM70 million. On top of that, Naim is also been awarded the project to design and construct the infrastructure of the settlement scheme amounting to RM168.8 million. Another final package to construct the houses for the settlers, totally about 200 units, amounting to about RM100 million. Hamid Sepawi has been a proxy for Taib Mahmud since the day he left the Forestry Department as a junior officer. Today he is ranked 38th richest man in Malaysia by Fobes.

What are the Bidayuh community and their educated folks doing about this scam (often refered to as Taib’s politic of development) affecting their own kind and robbing their people of their ancestral lands. The developer aligned to Taib’s family of another project affecting the Bidayuh some years ago was the Penrissen Height which make several hundreds of million ringgit. And now the Bengoh Dam helps Naim Holdings Bhd gained almost RM650 million.Did we not hear about 8,000 or more Bidayuh graduates? Can't this 8,000 or more so-called graduates or they prefered to be called Idiots by Taib and his family,stop this mad man from trampling all over the Dayaks and taking away their lands at will? More such scams will be repeated and at least 12 more dams are in the pipeline.Dayaks NGOs and Associations must join forces with Pakatan to stop these multi billion ringgit scams of Taib Mahmud which robbed landowners and the rakyat directly and indirectly. For as long as BN wins every state and parliamentary elections, nothing will ever stop this paramount thief minister from plundering and looting our state.

We must say Enough Is Enough. Revolt if we must and we must be bold to hold a massive demonstrations against this tyranny and make sure Taib Mahmud returns all ill gotten wealth belonging to Sarawakians to the people and our beloved state.

nabghani said...

Suggest another article to explain the math ... which broadsheet would publish it really?

Anonymous said...

About the bengoh dam,not only dam shit, there was Quarry batu between bengoh & kampung danu worth billion $$, belong to who? The danu villager just started been supply electricity after waiting so long....some old folk died already..who care they suffering...each villager average to pay the contractor around 1000++ even the electric project so call subsidize?? hopefully this Xmas got electric, they still strong to support BN...hidup BN

Anonymous said...

Apoooo maoioh amai dividen salcra wai, kaya meh sidak ka bisi join salcra tok ni enda 74.3 million!!
Manah amai manah perintah jabu tok, undi meh jabu awak ka mai penguntung enggau pengaya...elk!!! RM10 sehari ari salcra, maju salcra maju dayak jabu kaya raya kitai bulih rm10 sehari yahuuuuuuuuuuuu