Friday, February 4

Chinese New Year visits (3 feb 2011)

Pictures taken during the first day Chinese New Year visit to YB Chong Chieng Jen, the DAP Secretary and MP for Bandar Kuching and to YB Dominique Ng, the PKR state assemblyman for Padungan.
Mr Baru Bian, State Liaison Chief for PKR Sarawak (2nd right) at YB Chong's house

YB Chong Chien Jen (seated 2nd right) chatting with his guests

YB Dominic Ng posing for a group photo with his guests

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Sri Belalang said...

That is Malaysian culture, during festival season there is no enemy; people mix around visiting each other.

Patau who has pledged to support BN in this coming state election and criticised SNAP as dreaming in its rebranding process, took his time to visit his DAP`s friends.

He is the president of STAR but had declared himself still a member of SNAP,because he said he had never been sacked from SNAP but was sacked from assistant minister post by Taib for indiscipline.