Tuesday, February 1

SNAP’s Sarawak for Sarawakians

KUCHING: Sarawak National Party has been asked to revive its battle cry – Sarawak for Sarawakians – as part of its rebranding programme, said a former leader of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak, Wilfred Gomez at the party’s third symposium on Saturday.

“This was the battle cry of the party in early 70s when SNAP was down,” he said.

“There is nothing wrong with the revival of the battle cry, because there are political parties which battle cry is more extreme in terms of religious and racial extremism for their parties,” said Gomez who was a former PBDS Secretary General.

The battle cry was adopted after Stephen Kalong Ningkan was removed as Chief Minister in 1966 and SNAP was pushed out of the state alliance. That was the start of the erosion of the State rights.

Using this battle cry in the 1974 state and parliamentary elections, SNAP won 18 state and nine parliamentary seats making it one of the strongest opposition parties then.

“What is wrong when we just want to protect and return our rights as enshrined in the 18 points agreement for Sarawak’s entry in the formation of the federation of Malaysia.

“However, if it is considered too controversial, I would propose that ‘Together we thrive for Sarawak.’

“I believe SNAP must be brave if it wants to attract the people to support its rebranding exercise,” he said, quoting Ronald Reagan, the late US President, who said that the “future belongs to the brave.”

In pursuing this objective, Gomez said it should be inclusive of the discontented, the partyless and all those who feel there is a need for change.

“However, do not feel complacent. People need to feel that they belong and identify with the struggle. Only then, will they participate in SNAP’s struggle,” he said, pointing out that they should not put the blame on the ‘black sheep’ and those who caused the failure of the unity of the community.

“On the other hand, we must not forget those who have in their own various ways contributed and have given inspiration towards our cause.

“SNAP leaders should play the role of strategizing and mooting the direction to bring the community together and to move forward,” he said.

He said SNAP is tasked with an unenviable job of leading the alternative to the present BN government in the state.

“Many, except for those aware of the local sentiments and theparticular attitudes of Sarawak, would think it preposterous for SNAP to want to lead,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Sarawakians better get to watch out the State's resources do not fall into Lebanese control and manipulation. In fact, there's some credible facts to substantiate the conviction it's already happening.
And George and Alfred are all privy to these arrangement. No better than collaborators who sell out their own State to outsiders.

tuai bilik said...

That is Wilfred Gomez`s opinion, but Patau Rubis has a different opinion. Others may have another opinion.

We know the history of SNAP, why a large Dayak exodus from SNAP resulting the birth of PBDS in September 1983.We know how and why these two parties were de-registered before.

It was all about an internal leadership tussle with the party.

How I am to be assurred if there is no infighting over the crumbs of political leadership and office in the party in the future?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's nothing wrong with Sarawak for Sarawakian after all it is for all of us in Bumi Kenyalang irrespective of race and religion. Hopefully no Trojan Horses or Fatty Ah Chong around learned from past mistake(s).

Apai Semalau said...

"Sarawak for Sarawakians" should always be the legitimate war cry for all Sarawakians irrespective of race. Unlike Malaya, here in Sarawak all races of any religion are able to converge in the same coffee shop and have their usual morning coffee and chit-chat. Now thats 1Sarawak! 1Sarawak with ONE race call "Sarawakian" and not Ibans, Melayu, Chinese or Indians. If thats what SNAP stands for in its Sarawak nationalism mission then we are all for it!

apai irau said...

Commendable effort.Its definitely a good idea to bring SNAP to the forefront again,as it was in the 60s and 70s.It can be a unifying force again,in particular for the Dayaks who were scattered amongst the sleeping partners of PBB,doubtful if they worth to be called 'partners' even.BUT,there are a number of issues that need to be clarified here.Firstly,the sec gen has been shouting they will work with any opposition parties,so how to reconcile the 'anger' of Zaid with Anwar or the UBF with Anwar? Secondly,few months back SNAP said they will contest in 10 to 12 seats,now its 28s .Has SNAP talked to PKR,DAP and PAS about this or SNAP is showing their backside to their friends and partners in opposition now?Taib is about to laugh if the oppositions are quarelling among themselves.As such,hopefully SNAP is not disillusioned by its rebranding mood.Chong and Baru should be at the dinner table,definitely not Zaid who had just recently being asked by BN to tackle Sime Darby problems.

retired cop said...

As a partyless, I wish if I could join the party in the near future. Until then, I prefer to `wait and see` first.

I know very well the history of each political party in Sarawak. Some were de-registered because of internal crisis - leaderships tussle unwilling to compromise and leaders of the party were being used by outsiders who wanted to see the demise of the party for their political agenda.

The strength and the downfall of each party rests on the attitude of its members.

Party members have to reduce politicking and stop fighting within the party. Prolonged conflict among party members especially while competiting for positions within the party may erode the spirit of fraternity among its members. I am not saying this to a particular party.

Worse still, if elected members are " devoid integrity " - defected to other party.

If all members in SNAP are BRAVE to overcome all of these above, not quarrelsome and not self-interest (hence, I am not saying they are practising it now ) I will join the party in the very near future as I believe a lesson in the Holy Bible about the parable the labourers in the vineyard (Mathew 20/1) " They shall be first who were last, and they shall be last who were first."

Anonymous said...

What race is this Wilfred Gomez?

Ganeng said...

First of all I would like to congratulate SNAP for the effort of re branding itself and for fighting for CHANGE that we need.
...but my question is; to whom is SNAP aligned to in the Federal level? I believe if SNAP is not aligned to a strong opposition party in the Federal level it is only futile to support it. It will lose its cause to fight for the 18 point agreement. Look at the history of SNAP, SUPP, PBDS who were once forces to be reckon with..

Anonymous said...

It would be better to have a slogan, such as "Defend Sarawak from Properties Manipulation and Grabbers by Taib & Jabu Families Now"

I do see that is more applicable,pressing & appropriate with the current situation in Sarawak, than anything else. How, any take on that?

Anonymous said...

How long more should we ordinary sarawkians suffer in poverty just to fat feed a few selfish politicians and their parasites? Another 50 years? Isn't it time to think and act sarawakian first for all you sarawakian politicians irrespective of parties,who many are blind to our sufferings.Sampai bila anak-anak kita nak berkaki ayam kesekolah,menaki sampan yg bahaya,sekolah tanpa letrik/air...apa ni

Mata Kuching said...

SNAP might as well be dreaming of a "Sarawak for Dayaks". Get real and get your asses out there to assess the ground situation and the type of machinery, logistic and resources needed to defeat Taib and UMNO controlled BN.

I bet my last ringgit SNAP will vanish and disintegrate the minute it lost all the seats it dreams of winning. The paymaster will also exit through the back door when poverty knock on his front door.

In short, Dayak politicians will never learn its political lesson and past and will always look out for whatever little crumbs that come their ways.

With an outdated philosophy, no right thinking young and intellectual Dayaks will wish to join a recycled party like SNAP. SNAP should be rebuilding and rebranding but instead it has fast forwarded itself into the hopeless past.

Zaid's KITA is a mosquito party in West Malaysia and it will likely make use of MCLM endorsed candidates to contest in PKR or PAS held seats which deemed to have weak candidates. It has nothing to lose by expanding its comfort zone to Sarawak and Zaid knows he cannot outwit the unpredictable and unprincipled Jeffrey Kitingan. At the end of the game SNAP might think it just wanted a fair share from Putrajaya but Jeffrey might want to be the first Kadazan Prime Minister. Dream on buddies.

tuai bilik said...

Antu Beduru has his own opinion about SNAP in his write-up in his blog http://antubeduru.blogspot.com.He.he..he all not well about SNAP.

According to him, the two SNAP symposiums in Sibu and Kuching recently were only attended by 50 and 80 people respectively. The people turn-out in these two symposiums is enough to gauge the people support for SNAP.

Anonymous said...

'Sarawak for Sarawakians'.Well,thats it.A wake up call to west malaysians isn't it? Hence,PKR ,DAP and PAS Sarawak have to do it on their own without the involvement of their West Malaysian counterparts,correct?The question is can SNAP form a state government alone by standing in 28 seats without the collaboration of PKR,DAP and PAS,who are national players and their leaders are West Malaysians,either we like it or not.Therefore,the battle cry for SNAP needs to be re-defined,unless SNAP now feels they are untouchable,which of course most doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir was reported today to have said this country belongs to the Malays. Are all the Dayak & Iban readers out there still blind and deaf to what's going on with your own Sarawak? What happen to their 'Nyap Sayot' patriotism in the past?

Anonymous said...

SNAP, now you wants to field candidates in 28 constituencies. Isn't its better for you to field candidates in 18 constituencies and win all. Please learn from your past and don't be greedy. I urge you to form partnership with other parties and win the state election instead of trying to become the chief minister. Anang guai manjong sebedau mumpong. Looks like you guys just want position and ignores the wishes of the people who want change. Focus your resources in areas where you are strong at and let other parties focus in areas where they are strong at too. Bible says two is better than one. I urge PR parties not to be greedy for seats & positions. Greed will cause your downfall.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, kick out all Federal Officers.
Take back Bintulu Port and all LNG projects and pay all royalties into our State's coffer.
If they want money they can beg from us!!!
All development projects to be given out in Sarawak not under the control of the Treasury Department in KL. They suck and suck big!

Anonymous said...

Yes for SNAP's Sarawak for Sarawakian!....because DSAI don't care about Sabahans & Sarawakians. If DSAI ever dream of taking the Putrajaya pls give autonomy for Sabahans & Sarawakians to lead PKR themselves, but it would seem that DSAI haven't got a clue of how to win heart and mind of their locals and their leaders especially Sabahans.