Wednesday, March 23

Do you believe in dreams?

Dreams have been interpreted to be representations of our subconscious and have a hidden meaning. Do I believe in dreams? Yes, I do. I believe it is a message that the ‘supernatural’ is sending to you.

It depends on how you interpret it. Some dreams do convey good tidings; but others portend evil happenings.

In the old days when Iban warriors went to war, they were guided by their dreams. If anyone (especially the leader) dreamt of something bad, they would not proceed with their headhunting or war expeditions. If they went against the bad dream, something would happen to them.

A friend of mine told me of his dream, the day after the state council Negeri was prorogued. He dreamt that Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud was in a motor boat known as “motor pom” picking his four children.

Three of his children were wearing blue shirts, while the fourth child was seen wearing a grey shirt, and also looked abnormal.

Let us interpret what this dream tries to convey. To me, it can mean the following:

(a) The four children can mean the four component parties of the state Barisan Nasional;
(b) Three wearing blue shirts can signify the BN colours;
(c) One wearing grey can mean one of the BN parties may pull out of state BN; it can also mean that the fourth party can be severely defeated in the coming election; and it can also mean the state BN may lose one-quarter of the 71 seats.
(d) And the motor “pom” can mean the BN state government.

Can anyone come up with better interpretations?


Banting said...

Let me try to interpret the dream.

Even unborn babies dream in the mother`s womb. Dreams inform us in a visual language about repressed experiences and other processes of the unconscious. Dream images and activities, however strange and even meaningless they may seem, show symbolic structures.

If you interpret a child in grey cloth represents BN will lose 1/4 of the 71 seats, it means state BN can still win 51 seats a comfortable 2/3 majority to form the next state government.

To me, the child symbolizes a new potentiality, thus the dreamer is being informed of the possibility of a new attitude to life.

Blue is the color which symbolizes the intellect. It indicates clear headed deliberations and dispassionate thinking.

Since Taib is an old man, dream in which this symbol tells us that it is inadvisable simply to reject the acquired knowledge of generation as out-of-date and old-fashioned. The image of an old man can also be a symbolic expression of inflexibility and incompatibility.

Anonymous said...

To me it should be one BN component party will loss heavily other three will lost some seats

Anonymous said...

The dream mentioned by late Martin Luther King in his famous speech "I have a dream" was not actually a dream he received in his sleep. Rather it was a "dream" born out of a calculation based on the various wants of the many immigrant races that have settled in USA. The the White treated the Blacks dfferently than they do today. And the to-day treatment of the blacks, treated as equal in all spheres of human endeavours, is the resulted of concerted effort of all at arriving at the dream goalpost.

Your dream of Taib and his 4 children, to me, don't bear any significance. If the wants of the various races of this Malaysian Nation are anything in wanting to be the various strands in the fabric of a common society, the many hindrances including in our electoral systems set up by men must be removed.

The general elections are now around the corner. Are they fair? Nay, to be free and fair, it must be seen to be seen to be free and fair. Here however we do not have such an environment for free and fair election. BN can use government funds to deliver projects and make promises of more project in the period immediately before and during the general elections. Penghulus, Ketua Kaums, not-elected-Councillors, and even civil servants, and not to forget mentions of newly recruited Rela personnels, RTM and Radios Services and the government controlled press all of these are employed at election times to coerce and woo people to vote for BN. On top of all of these BN are allowed to spend millions of Ringgit in every constituency with impunity. Ceramahs are easily conducted by BN because they say a Minister is in attendance and he has a duty to discharge to properly inform the people. The Oppositions are denied all of these.

In short the "dream" of Martin Luther Kings that all men will be free and equal just cannot yet happen in Sarawak in Malaysia. So with due respect to your "dream", you can best forget any forced change will happen to Taib. Taib will change only when he wanted it. The present systems we are having will ensure his control shall remain. And with Jabu smiling behind the Pehin's back side!.

Anonymous said...

My interpretation is:

Blue sometimes mean death or end especially for those trust, worship and practice "bomoh" power. The boat can symbolize three will go down with him, in bad defeat

Borneo Man

Dreamer said...

To the Chinese, travelling in boat means bad omen ! There are 4 parties in BN Sarawak. PBB, SUPP, PRS & SPDP.

CM picked them all into the boat. All peril except 1/4. BN will win only 18 seats !