Wednesday, March 9

Jabu, the recycled minister?

According to The Borneo Post dated March 6, 2011, Deputy Chief Minister and Deputy President of PBB Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang, took a swipe at state PKR chairman Baru Bian and Sarawak National Party advisor Dato Sri Daniel Tajem whom he said are ‘defeated candidates’.

Speaking at the BN convention, where he and everyone ‘apple-polished’ Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, Jabu has been recycling his facts and answers for hundreds of times.

He blamed Anwar Ibrahim for not knowing Iban Adat; he blamed DAP for against the development of NCR land; he also blamed DAP for not praising the Dayak heroes in fighting the communists, and etc.

He has been blaming Tajem for failing to develop 30,000 to 40,000 acres of land from Lingga, Sebuyau till Simunjan when he was Deputy Chief Minister. Tajem was appointed Deputy Chief Minister from 2 October 1980 and until Ming Court affair 10 March 1987 (slightly more than six years).

Jabu did not mention to develop the land for what? Was it oil palm? Oil palm only came to be aggressively implemented well after Tajem had left the political scene.

Even if Tajem did not develop the land or had not done as expected of him, what has Jabu done to rectify the so-called mistakes committed by Tajem.

What has happened to the Lingga-Simanggang Road that was proposed by Tajem then? What has Jabu done about the road when he was Minister of Communications and Work?

The man who continuously accuses others of not doing anything is, in fact, trying to cover his own wrong doings, his own failures and his own weaknesses.

The list of Jabu’s failures starts from his own Layar constituency which he has represented for more than 37 years – from lack of roads, to clean water and electricity; the failures of fish mart, the fish fry projects, the kepayang project, cold storage project, the regional growth centres, the fertilizer factory, and the list goes on and on.

How many Iban millionaires has he created? How many Iban students have been given the Sarawak Foundation scholarships? How many thousands of acres of NCR land belonging to other Ibans have been given to his cronies including his son? And many, many questions need answers which are connected to his failures.

But whatever it is, Jabu is good in quarrelling with SDNU, SADIA, SDGA and DCCI. He does not like Iban NGOs other than his wife’s Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak.

Do you think it is abused of power or not to give financial grants from his ministry’s funds to his wife’s SIDS. That happened recently in Miri.

The other good thing about him is that he is an effective cat’s-paw of the chief minister.


apai irau said...

Jabu is superb when it comes to:-a)scolding the Dayaks for protecting their rights on NCR land; b)scolding the Dayak NGOs who are honestly wanted to help the Dayaks like SDGA,SADIA,DCCI,etc; c)Vitimize the Dayaks,in particular,the Ibans who refuse to support their politics of DEBOLOTMENT;d)teaching the Ibans to disrespect the outsiders,in particuar the west malaysians e)promising and bullshitting f)siding the authorities who bulldoze Ibans land without mercy ;g)accusing the real fighters for the Ibans like Datuk Daniel and others of not doing their job,when Betong alone which has been 'governed' by him for more than 30 years is still backward in many aspect; h)bullshitting the Ibans to plant kepayang and bamboo when he himself could not provide the facilities to do it in large scale like his family oil palm plantations,even the tiny fish mart was flopped.;i)belittling the Dayak opposition leaders when he himself is JUST NUMPANG the THIEF MINISTER and has been made a tool by Taik to disintegrate the Ibans .

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken one Longhouse in Ulu Layar known as (PERDUQ) construct road leading to their Longhouse on Gotong-Royong basis using their own money, labour and etc, they said they are tired of waiting for promise by Jabu to construct road long...long... time ago, this is only a tip of iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with your commentary. The one that stagnate the dayak (Iban in particular)socio-economic development is our very own Iban leaders in the form of Afraid Jabu, James Masin & others..History will remember them for the cause of backwardness in their own community. By then, their own generation will be too ashamed to even aknowledge themselves as Ibans!!! Even a chinese kopitiam owner, as I recalled rediculed Jabu saying'itu YB suka marah dia munya bangsa sendiri, lakia betul! Abis sapa jaga bangsa dia?

Ukai Ulun said...

J.A.B.U abbreviation for Jang Aku Bansa Ulun

Anonymous said...

How long he is going to life?Many rural folks who still have no pipe water, electricity and accessible to road are more happy if he dies.

Anonymous said...

Rural growth centre RGC - Absolute failure. Waste lots of money, empty land lots, full of grass! The brainchild of typical Dayak drunk at a pub talk big telling whole world 'I wanna help Dayak so listen to my RGC plans ya!'.

Just go to any Dayak area if you notice empty, abundant large plot of lands with tar-sealed parking lots that's RGC lah. If Jabu planted lemongrass/serai instead of growing grass/lalang on it by now at least the Dayak can earn few dimes at any council market.

Mata Kuching said...

Dayak politicians will always be “La kia’, the unknown specie of the Dayak race. Now they are thinking of jumping out of PKR into SNAP. Nothing will prevent them from jumping out of SNAP into MDC once the ROS approved its registration. Sarawakians must punish such pariah politicians severely.

Anonymous said...

JABU means Jabu Aja Bulih Untong

James Adau said...

To all the Dayak leaders in BN, especialy YBs,I think it is time you all call it a day and retire gracefully,don't be stubborn, you have failed the dayaks and make life miserables for the dayaks. Yes you might have tried to bring progress to the Dayaks and achieved mainstream society.But something is holding you back and that something is Thief Mahmud. Enough is enough,when you go back to your CREATOR you won't be able to bring your wealths with you.Look back and reaccess your contributions to your community and be realistic,we are the most backwards race.To me there is so much animosities haboured in Thief Mahmud mind towards the
dayaks. Please don't leave a bad marks in the
dayak history. You all has played your parts and failed and the situations is getting itolerable.The present BN policies is not in favour of the Dayaks and lead us to no where. Mark my words,we will live under the bridges,in crate homes,in slumps,steet beggars and all the worst that can be,the like of big cities of India,Indonesia,Philipines. Now can you tell the
dayaks that these is what the future lies for them.All we ask for is give us a chance for change and stop running down your own kind. Turn 180 degrees and let us fight this 10th election together or least retire and stop bad mouth your own race. We forgive you and may God forgive you too. AMEN.

Mata Kuching said...

Sarawak BN Government = a government of Taib, by Taib and for Taib.

Sarawak BN Government = playboys and Pencuri Tanah

Sarawak BN Government = UMNO Hegemony.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Jabu is a typical useless and hopeless dayak. If jabu had lived as a longhouse folk, he would have been the 'longhouse beggar'. No padi, no kebun, no everything that a hardworking longhouse folk could have. He survived by numpang makai, numpang nginsap rokok, and taib's balls.

Anonymous said...

In an earlier election, I saw a banner depicting a cow fed on Sarawak’s grass and milked by West Malaysians!
Come the State election, I wonder how the banner will look like? With Taib’s ugly head and his siblings at his sides sucking the rakyat dry with minions Jabu, Geogie, Masing, Mawan all heralding Ibans, Chinese, Bidayuh into Taib’s sacrificial table???
Let’s see how clever Opposition’s artists could be in depicting this poster!

anonymous said...

Jabu memang pakar buat lawak...I remember back in 1996 he PROMISED to give RM1000 to Dayak grads if they obtained Second Upper Class degree and above... We then after graduated wrote to him...tagih janji YB, habuk pun takda...It's ok wth us actually....RM1000 is not that much....but that was the day I stop trusting anything that comes out frm a man named JABU....Dia tak boleh kata bohong coz he always taped his own speeches when he was the Penaung PBDUM back then....Janji YB...

Anonymous said...

Jabu had diverted the road construction fund of Ulu Padeh Road (not his fav.) to Ulu Layar Road (stretching from Nanga Spak junction until Nanga Tiga). Now the people of Ulu Padeh are still waiting, and now they know where the fund for their road have gong to. Now, too, the people of Ulu Layar would say that the 'new' road surface is there because of PKR's Embat. If it's not because of Embat who had navigated the Layar, the people of Ulu Layar would still grumble over the poor road condition initiated by Jabu some 20 years or more. Good job, Embat ... enjoy your blow job, Jabu!
Apart from employing politics of 'dibolotmen' Jabu harasses and intimidates his enemies, via their bosses. There's a case of a L&S officer being kicked to other division for not following his orders regarding land grabs in certain area within Betong. Good blow job, Jabu. He will also retain obedient govt officials longer even though they had reached their retirement age. What 'glory' they have compare to young blood? Seems that people like Jabu and his dogs do not like changes.
And, yes, Jabu is an old tape recorder with the rewind button still working as good as new. Old analog appliances are better than new digital ones, right - but old one are worn out, and new ones are using memory chips to operate (which most gadgets nowadays are using terms like "smart" as in "smartphones", "smartcards", etc... etc...) So what good is Jabu? Good at playbacks old recordings?