Wednesday, March 16

Police Reports against Taib

KUCHING: The Movement of change, Sarawak (MoCS) on Sunday 13 March 2011 called on the Commissioner of Police Mohmad bin Salleh to initiate an investigation against Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud for alleged corruption, abuse of power and money laundering.

Head of the movement, Francis Siah, made the call after he lodged a Police report at the Central Police station against the Chief Minister.

Siah said that he made the reports based on allegations by Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) and allegations appearing in Sarawak Report and other websites.

Attached to the report, he said, were ‘documentary evidence’ so that it would be easy for the police to conduct an investigation.

“So I urge the commissioner to initiate an investigation based on the reports and allegations,” Siah said, adding that he would submit a similar report to the Police headquarters at Bukit Aman.

Early this month, Siah handed a two-inch report of allegations against Taib to the State Malaysian anti-corruption Commission in Kuching.

On February 21, the BMF released a black list of names and the company members of 49 companies in eight countries in which Taib and his family are allegedly involved.

Their stakes in those companies are thought to be worth hundreds of millions, if not, billions, of US dollars.

A considerable number of the companies is active in the real estate and property sector.

MoCS is not the only organization which has lodged a report against Taib and his family.

In early December representatives of the Berawans, Trings and Penans from Kampung Long Terawan, Long Win, Long Bangan, Batu Bungan, Long Iman and Sungai Melinau (Mulu), Tutoh, Baram lodged a police report at the Miri Central Police Station Taib on an alleged corrupt practice in alienating their land to Borsamulu Resort Sdn. Bhd. for the purpose of building a resort.

The natives in their report alleged that the Chief Minister in his capacity as the Sarawak Minister of Planning and Resources Management directed the Sarawak Land and Surveys Department to alienate part of their native community’s customary land now known as Lot 7, Block 14 Mulu Land District to Borsamulu Resort.

The Land and Survey Department is under the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management.
The natives in their report stated that the alienation of the customary land “is unlawful” and the Chief Minister has allegedly breached the law, namely the provisions in Section 2 (1) read with subsection (2) of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance No. 22/1970 and Section 2 (8) of the Eight Schedule in the Federal Constitution.

The report went on to say that the Chief Minister is involved in a corrupt practice as he himself, his children, his sister, his brother-in-law and his niece are the directors or shareholders of Borsamulu Resort Sdn. Bhd. through companies such as Kenyalang Cergas Sdn. Bhd., Mesti Bersatu Sdn. Bhd., Plieran Sdn. Bhd. and DayaSyukra Sdn. Bhd.

Dennis Along, one of the native representatives from Long Terawan making the report said: “We have decided to file this report in the exercise of our duty as responsible citizens of Malaysia to stop a breach of the law or an abuse of power by those in authority.

“As lawful landowners of the affected native customary land who have been wrongfully deprived of our land, we call on the Police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to immediately carry out investigations and take appropriate action,” he said.

In November, Sarawak PKR chairman, Baru Bian handed over to MACC reports by Sarawak Report alleging that Taib Mahmud has 400,000 shares in the highly controversial Royal Mulu Resort.

“These are very serious allegations against the Chief Minister,” said Bian, reminding the MACC that Sarawakians are particularly interested to know what actions the MACC can take.


Hon Est said...

Get the corruption meassages across to the people of Sarawak but don't provide DNA (Datuk Najib Alantuyah) the bullet to replace Taib with a lesser known target. Taib is a sitting duck for the opposition and all the BN cards will fail together with him.

Apai Semalau said...

Name one top cop in Malaysia who is not answerable to his political master. None! What were their pledges to the nation when they were sworned in as top cops? Plain and simple. " You help me and I help you, do we have a deal?"

Mata Kuching said...

PBB is a replica and a proxy of UMNO since 1971. The agenda is to divide the Dayaks which forms the largest population and rule. The bottom line is to deliver all Parliamentary seats to UMNO which controls BN. The reward shall be the chief minister turned chief mobster and thief minister shall be given autonomy over Sarawak’s rich natural resources and free hands in managing federal allocated fund.

The voters in Sarawak must be told of this simple yet effective strategy engineered by UMNO since Tun Razak. Pakatan Rakyat just need to break open the code and annihilate UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak and Sabah. Sarawak Bumiputras must not fear UMNO coming to Sarawak for UMNO has long landed in Sarawak and manipulating the politic here behind PBB (Parti Bohong Bumiputras) since 1971 when Rahman Yacub was installed as Sarawak’s 3rd chief minister. Rahman Yacub and Taib Mahmud had been cleverly striking fear in the minds of the naive Bumiputras and bluffing them that UMNO would “sapu” all business and projects if they are allowed to expand to Sarawak. But does it make any difference whether its UMNO or Taib that “sapu” everything?

Sarawakians and Sabahans must wake up from their slumbers to kick out UMNO controlled BN to liberate themselves of UMNO hegemony. If the voters in Sarawak reject UMNO and BN in Sarawak, UMNO will be powerless and toothless.

Mata Kuching said...

f Nagypt is indeed a PM for all Malaysians and truly listen to the people, he would have directed the PDRM, MACC and the AG to have Sarawak’s thief minister and chief mobster arrested and charged for abuse of power, corruption and money laundering.

On a positive note, it is also good for Pakatan and the rakyat that Nagypt chose to do absolutely nothing. Sarawakians will take the lead to show the repressive, oppressive and highly corrupted UMNO controlled BN government who are their paymasters and bosses.

Sarawak4Change. Save Sarawak. Save Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how those dogs who support the trash who sit at the top can face their families when it is so obvious they do not have the guts to do their jobs without bias.I suppose the offspring and whatnot are living off the morsels thrown to them.Poor sad and pathetic excuses of human beings.I hope they know who they are and their children know what their fathers mothers actually are too,

Sad Sack

Asri Rahman said...

Make no mistake, PAS is the beacon of hope for this country for religious tolerance and goodwill. Umno has been consistently causing troubles for Malaysians of non Muslim faith Cow heads incident, demolition of Hindu temples, unconstitutional ban on the use of “Allah” in BM by Christians and now defacing the BM bibles with the ministry of home warning stamp.

MCA and SUPP had both stood very low in its political quest to stay alive within the corrupted and repressive BN dominated by UMNO by spinning that PAS has no tolerance for anything and everything non Islamic. Sarawakians who coexisted peacefully with all races and religious faithfuls are not living on trees and we know who are the real and persistent trouble makers who wanted to stay in power at all cost and who are bent in dividing us and rule forever.

Sarawakians must vote for change and vote for the parties that safeguard every Malaysian’s rights and religious freedom as enshrined in Malaysia’s constitution.

Bidayuh Headmaster said...

“We can’t change the government overnight, we change within the government. We will keep on improving on the weakness and that is the way we change the government, within the government,” quote Stephen Rundi

The thief minister has been unrelenting and getting hungrier and greedier by the days although all BN lawmakers had been allowing this tyrant to rob Sarawakians, especially the rural poor for the past 30 years. And now this idiotic secretary general of Parti Bohong Bumiputras has the gut to preach to us that change is taking place with and within BN government when the Nagypt administration has not responded to all corruption,abuse of power and money laundering reports been lodged against Taib Mahmud?

Does BN government seriously think it can continue to bribe the rural poor with its RM580.00 grant per household when it is imminent that BN is losing its power and the rakyat are withdrawing their mandates? SPR and MACC which have been a component of BN might close their eyes but the rakyat are no fools. Whatever grants or bribes been given out now belong to the rakyat and its not BN money. The money belong to the people and we shall gladly take what BN has returwened to us and we shall vote you out because we are voting out an incompetent, corrupted, abusive, oppressive and arrogant BN government.

Anonymous said...

SPRM/MACA,? this toothless and non-independence agency is helpless they have to obey their master, cannot blame them. No point to report all the wrong doings of BN surely NFA, wasting time.

Irene Kana said...

The current Sarawak state election is a God-sent opportunity for the Christians in Malaysia to unite and mobilize themselves to exercise their voting right to send a strong message to the Barisan Nasional regime that enough is enough.

Christians need to unite in unceasing prayers and go all out to campaign and vote to preserve and protect their fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights to freedom of worship using the full vocabulary of their national language without restraints and limitation.

Infact the Arab Christians had been praying in large numbers every week for the corrupted regime of Mubarak to be overthrown a few years before it finally happened.

Let’s pray for JUSTICE and VOTE for JUSTICE.