Tuesday, October 18

DAP to contest Serian seat

18 Oct 2011

SERIAN: The Serian Parliamentary constituency is likely to see a straight fight between DAP-Pakatan Rakyat and SUPP-BN in the coming state election.

“This is because Pakatan Rakyat has agreed to DAP contesting the Serian seat,” said Sarawak DAP Secretary Chong Chieng Jen at the opening of Serian DAP service centre.

DAP has identified a number of potential Bidayuh candidates for the Serian seat against the incumbent from Sarawak United People’s Party Richard Riot who is certain to go for his sixth term as an MP.

The constituency has 29,963 voters, with 24,540 Bidayuh voters, and there are 3,216 Chinese voters, and the rest are Malays and Ibans.

Chong, who is the Kota Sentosa assemblyman said that DAP has now revived its branch in Serian under the leadership of Edward Luak, who is the chairman of the DAP branch here.

“With more people coming in to join the party, Serian is now moving on the right track, and from here we are moving to another milestone, that is, Serian will be contested by DAP.

“We will give the Barisan Nasional a good fight and a run for their money,” said Chong, urging members and supporters to put 101% efforts to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat will capture the Serian seat.

On the service centre, he said that it will serve as an operation that will play an important role in the coming general election.

In opening the centre, Lim Kit Siang, DAP national adviser, asked Sarawakians: “What can you get by joining DAP?

“It will not be able to offer you material benefits, to give you tenders, timber concessions or to give you big cars.

“No, DAP cannot give you that, but it can give you an opportunity to serve the people of Sarawak and Malaysia and to ensure that justice and freedom prevail in the country.

“That is our duty,”
Lim said, asking every member to be patient, diligent and committed.

“We must have the determination to ensure justice and freedom prevail, and this is our biggest challenge,” he added, pointing out that it took the party 28 years to claim six seats in the 2006 state election, and 45 years to make an impact in Peninsular Malaysia.

Now the six seats have now increased to 12 seats, he said.

Lim said that their mission is not to topple the state government as it had already held its state election.

“We are going to change the Federal government and its policies, and when the Federal Government is changed, the state is certain to change, a fundamental change.

“And only then you can see the full operations of democracy, freedom and justice in the country,”
he said.

Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim DAP national vice-chairman, who was present at the function, told the people to regard their votes as their most valuable ‘properties’.

“Don’t sell your votes. Your votes are your most valuable properties. If you throw away your votes, then you lose your power to bring change to the government.

“The coming general election is very important. It is an opportunity for you to change the government.

“Malaysia and Sarawak need change after 50 years or so under the Barisan Nasional rule,” he said, adding that they should not complain, if they do not want to change.


Apai irau said...

BN is not only capable of giving you tenders,timber concessions and big cars but also efficiently capable of robbing your NCR land and giving empty promises.

pelacur politikus said...

hope Jabu will appoint a PBB nominee there if Riot is not going for another round,after all Jabu has ,in the past ,successfully planted PBB nominees in the persons of Masir Kujat , William Nyalau , Malcolm Musen and Snowdan Lawan of PRS and Rosey Yunus,Paulus Palu and Peter Nonsence in SPDP.So PBB has more than 40 YBs .These people are loyal to PBB,not to PRS OR SPDP and the signs in SPDP now show us the work of these nominees and their real masters.