Monday, October 17

Duo to be blamed for SADIA's predicament

16 October 2011

According to the Borneo Post dated 16 Oct 2011, Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) president Sidi Munan and secretary general Nicholas Mujah should be held responsible if the association is deregistered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

SADIA Bintulu branch secretary Thomas Nyaring said the delegates who attended the triennial general meeting on October 1 were not even told of the ROS show cause letter by either Sidi or Mujah.

“Sidi and Mujah should have called for an emergency meeting to explain to all the SADIA branches in Sarawak of the show cause letter they have received from ROS as most SADIA branches in Sarawak were not aware of their failure in carrying out their duties as president and secretary general.

“They even failed to produce written secretary’s report and statement of account during the last TGA on October 1,”
he complained in a statement.

He said the duo should have resigned from SADIA if they were not able to handle the association’s affairs.

“They are only trying to get cheap publicity by holding the posts as president and secretary general of SADIA hindering some government programmes using SADIA as their base.

“I advise Sidi and Mujah to join one of the political parties if they want to be active in political activities and leave SADIA as to someone else so that Iban community can still rely on SADIA as their body to look after their cultural heritage and welfare,” he said.


Apai irau said...

I couldn't disagree more with you Mr.Thomas Nyaring. Sidi and Mujah should know best what to do now.

Bintulu Boy said...

Mr. Thomas Nyaring. Just go Fuck your mother if you have nothing better to say.

We all know that you are just the mouthpiece for someone else who may have a score to settle with Mr. Sidi and Mujah "politically".

During the meeting, you wanted to know the status of an emergency fund for a longhouse initiated by Mujah. It was explained to you that the Tuai Rumah was "kidnapped by a BN Politician and brought to kuching where he appeared (probably the 1st time ever in his life wearing a neck tie) and pledged his loyalty to the BN government. His story was reported and pictured in a local paper. He betrayed a lot of people who helped him the time his longhouse was "bulldozed". As a result, there was no further action with regard to the so called fund.

If it is your intention to substantiate the BN ruled government's (seems like)intention to "kill-off" SADIA because of its effective role in protecting the natives and NCR Landowners rights from being further robbed by the present government, then you better quit from being a member of SADIA.

If you still can't decide, then i suggest you go to hell.

Mayas Gerasi said...

Dear Mr Thomas, did you know without these 2 fellows the Dayak will never know their rights and always kow tow to greedy BNs leadership? What do know? Nilat Burit Taib enggau bala kroni iya ka?