Monday, October 3

SADIA to be deregistered?

KUCHING: The 28-year old Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), one of the most effective non-governmental organisations, is facing deregistration following complaints by the Registrar of Societies for contravening the provisions of the Societies Act 1966.

In his show caused letter dated 23 August 2011, the registrar alleged SADIA of being involved in the Batang Ai by-election in 2008.

He also alleged that SADIA has contravened the Article VI clause 1 of the Societies Act and Regulations for not holding its triennial delegates conference. Its last meeting was held in 2006.

It has also failed to elect new office-bearers which should be held in 2009 as well as failing to submit its annual returns for the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

SADIA has been given until September 23 to reply to the show-caused letter.

SADIA President Sidi Munan told SADIA members that he had replied to the show-caused letter, and the association is still awaiting the outcome of the ROS’ decision.

Judging by the tone of the show-caused letter which was signed by Deputy Registrar of Societies Malaysia, Haji Fison bin Haji Yahaya, there is the likelihood that SADIA is in real danger of being deregistered.

ROS Kuching Ken Leben was not available for comment.

The authorities have been targeting the association for the past five years after it was actively involved in defending the rights of natives and the indigenous people especially when the native customary rights (NCR) lands were encroached upon by oil palm plantation and timber companies.

Almost all of these companies have connections one way or another with the powers that be in the state.

The authorities are also fearful of SADIA as it is an accredited member of Economic and Social Council of United Nations (ECOSOC), and a member of the Indigenous Peoples’ Network of Malaysia or Jaringan Orang Asal Se-Malaysia (JAOS), an umbrella of 21 community-based non-governmental organisations that have the indigenous peoples’ issues as the focus.

It is also a member of Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Pact (AIPP), an organisation of indigenous peoples’ movement in Asia.

SADIA Secretary General Nicholas Mujah said that SADIA headquarters has been raided twice in the past two years, the latest was in June this year by officials from the Home Affairs Ministry, who have taken substantial amount of documents including court exhibits and affidavits.

Until now, SADIA staff members including Mujah have not been charged in court.

SADIA was registered in 1984 with the aim to promote the usage and the advancement of Iban Language, and its efforts which were supported by Iban officers in the Education Department resulted in Iban language being studied in Primary and secondary schools. Moves to study Iban in tertiary education are underway.

Its other objectives are to protect the Iban Adat, traditions and customs.

Lately it has been in the forefront in the protection of the native customary rights (NCR) land resulting in a number of its members being jailed for defending the NCR land.

And because of evidence given by SADIA officials, the majority of NCR land cases have been ruled in favour of the natives.

Ibans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulu and even Malays have sought the advice and assistance from SADIA, which acts as their paralegal before the filing of any NCR claims against the government.

“I believe that SADIA’s involvement in defending the rights of the natives as far as NCR land is concerned is one of the real reasons why ROS is asked to cancel its registration.

“I believe that complaints come from some of the Iban leaders who are pro-BN,” said a senior member of SADIA who requested anonymity.


Apai Semalau said...

Quote"“I believe that complaints come from some of the Iban leaders who are pro-BN,” said a senior member of SADIA who requested anonymity."
History has it that treachery and betrayal of their own community in exchange for self benefits amongst iban leaders is nothing new. From SNAP to PBDS, PRS that's facts and history.

Sri Belalang said...

Sad to hear it. Whose fault? Inefficient office bearers or government`s strategy for reasons best known to them? It seems SADIA has no backing from Iban ministers.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ that BN agency threatens SADIA and that BN may be instigating the de-registration of SADIA.You have glaringly fails to address the truth or otherwise of the hub or crux of the complaints,that is,the contravention by SADIA of the provisions of the Societies Act and SADIA constitution,namely,failure to hold AGMs,failure to elect new office bearers and failure to submit audited accounts.These are serious and major breaches and contraventions if duly proven.SADIA cannot insinuate or hint unpleasantly that the complaints come from the Iban leaders who are pro BN to cancel its registration.Otherwise we have a benchmark that defies all common sense.It would be commanding the heights of hypocrisy if you do not ask tough questions to SADIA "President" Sidi Munan why should he be still addressed as President when his term of office has ended in 2006.Even BN calls for general election before expiry of its term in office and whether we like it or not,Taib,is legally holding office as the CM and his "bloated" Cabinet[office bearers]to quote the words of Borneo Warrior,hold office legally.A very unhappy SADIA member who is privy to the information that BN has given a piece of land to SADIA for its headquaters reveals that this matter has never been disclosed to SADIA members due to its failure to hold AGM and thus failed to report this acquition of an asset in the accounts.Full details of this matter will make alarming reading for SADIA members.The days of being able to get away with this sort of stuff are numbered.Supporting SADIA on the grounds insinuated by you is completely unacceptable.For SADIA now, it is not only about tarnished image but also about deficiencies of its administration,management and moral conviction of its office bearers and members who allow this rot to set in without batting an eyelid.One of the central tenets why Ibans fail miserably to make it to the mainstream of modern Malaysia.

Beluga said...

For your information, the Coward "Anonymous" could be members of the BN Cyber Trooper (dayak group). Their Chief Mr. Majang Renggie is with Petronas Bintulu and his political affiliation is PRS (the Party whose candidate represented BN during the Batang Ai by-election).

We welcome them and the activity and participation of Mr. Majang Renggie and his troops to rain propaganda including in this blog to justify the half (1/2) million allocation for PRS.

We wish also to read the promises made by BN (Menteris - grassroot campaigners) to voters during the by-election and to update us of the progress of the MILLIONS election promise.

Kalau 48 tahun belum chukup masa untuk bohong rakyat sarawak, Majang & PRS boleh tolong beri tambah masa BN bohong lagi dalam masa tahun tahun akan datang.

Itu dia tugas Penghianat Bansa Dayak. Upah Lumayan pak.

Thank you

Apai irau said...

If SADIA gets deregistered,it will be a sad episode for many of the Ibans.Reason is,SADIA, so far,is the most active and effective Ibans NGO,having genuine mission and vision to protect and promote Iban cultures,adat,customs and language.It will be a shame too,if indeed its de-registration is consequential to the failure of SADIA leaders to comply with the basic requirements of an association as alleged,as it reveals the incompetency of its leaders in running an association.Nevertheless,it would be senseless too if the de-registration is made based on political involvement of some SADIA officials as other race based NGOs,especially in Malaya are politically active.Just look at Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa.Further,the involvement of the few SADIA officials in politic or election might just on personal basis and not representing SADIA per se.

Anonymous said...

Bravo,SADIA held its Triennial National Assembly last Sunday.Was this"quickie" a response to the ROS show cause letter?Many members present were unawared of the existence of the show cause letter until it comes to the agenda"any other matters".So much for the assurance that members would be updated from time to time!No attention was given to the gravity of the situation SADIA was in!It seems that the "quickie" will not satisfied the needs of the Societies Act and SADIA Constitution as sadly the meeting did not even table the accounts.There was attempts to brush aside questions pertaining to the Rumah SADIA project.It is foregone conclusion that it will share the same fate as Rumah DAYAK!The same people responsible for the latter project was involved in the former project with full impunity without remorse.Calls for the State Leadership renewal is the clarion call of the day!Likewise the same for SADIA.Leadership renewal cannot happen overnight but must be planned systematically.The majority of the elected office bearers elected on Sunday have been holding office since SADIA was formed and who have dismal track records who was responsible for the show cause letter.Having seen in all its uglinese their deficiencies in their administration,management and moral conviction it is difficult to understand why sensible members could have them elected in and give them the Carte Blanche to do further mischiefs!Like the advice handed to the adulterous woman -LEAVE YOUR LIFE OF SIN-is what i say to the SADIA office bearers and members but if you opt to continue to LIVE YOUR LIFE OF SIN,be rest assured that a sinner will cast the first stone.To Beluga,you are a man who know little and arrogant about it.I shall leave you to stew in your own twisted imaginings and the more you brooded about it,the more you shiok sendiri!

Burut said...

I believe there are tens if not hundreds of associations involved actively or supporting political parties during the past general elections. Would these associations be de-registered also??? Why the authority should target the SADIA only? Menteri Iban nadai malu kah?

Anonymous said...

Last time when PBDS was deregistered I felt very bad, though I was not member of the Party. Now it's going to be SADIA turns. Let it be. Although I'm a member - I don't care cos some members of SADIA helped to bury PBDS

Anonymous said...

Enti SADIA dipadamka sapa salah? tentu Presidentempu laban ketuai enda mai bala meeting lebih 5 taun. Semua perempong/Kelab ti diregista endang bisi undang2 kediri empu, tu meh pengawa sida Sidi ka ketuai tang enggai kerja bebendar. Anang nganu orang bukai anu diri empu.99.9% SADIA dipadamka peda ila...