Saturday, February 11

What has happened to our BN Dayak leaders?

According to The Borneo Post today (Feb 11),  Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) deputy president Maximus Ongkilili disagreed with the state attorney general Roderic Fernandez’s interpretation of native customary right (NCR) land provision in the Sabah Land Ordinance (SLO) that there is ‘no NCR land after 1930’.

Describing it as a wrong interpretation, he said that unlike in Sarawak there is no cut-off point in the context of Sabah.

“If you look at the state land ordinance very closely, it does not say that. I am a not lawyer by training, but I have some basic law training and I think it is a wrong interpretation because the judgment of the High Court of Borneo over the years have recognised the basis of NCR land established in Sabah.

“I think that is sad. That is a dangerous statement,” said Ongkilili, who is a federal minister of science, technology and innovation.

Now what is interesting here is that Ongkilili dares to say something against the attorney general of Sabah and the state government. He dares to say that AG was wrong in his interpretation of the land code in respect of NCR land in Sabah.

In Sarawak, none of the Dayak leaders in state Barisan Nasional dares to say anything against the AG of Sarawak and the Chief Minister for not only wrongly interpreting the Sarawak Land Code in respect of the NCR land, but also for refusing to accept the decision of the Court including the Apex court.

The AG, who is very much anti-Dayaks owing NCR land always argues in the Court that NCR land does not include "Pemakai menua" and "Pulau galau". He just refuses to accept the Apex court decision on this.

In the court one after another of the NCR land cases are won by the native landowners through lawyers like Baru Bian, See Chee How, Paul Raja, John Antau and Harrison Ngau to name of the few brave lawyers.

But where are our Dayak ministers and Dayak elected representatives? Don’t they have any conscience when they know that some of the NCR landowners are their grand-parents, parents, brothers and relatives whose lands have been taken away and given to oil palm and timber companies?

Not only they don’t hear their cries for help, but they are part and parcel of the state government’s tools and mercenaries (or Ghurkha soldiers as Edwin Dundang, former SNAP President described them). (Ghurkha soldiers are employed by some Sultans to protect them from their own people).

I recall in June 2000 sitting of the state legislative assembly during which the state government passed an amendment to the Sarawak Land code in respect of the NCR land.

All Dayak assemblymen supported the amendment which is very damaging to NCR land and which is the roots of today’s problem with NCR land.

One Dayak minister who was overzealous of supporting the amendment described it as ‘a gawai gift for the Dayaks’, while another minister said that the passing of the amendment was “a jewel in the crown of Barisan Nasional".

“In that sense, they are the ones who are mercenaries used by others to kill our own people,” said Baru Bian, Sarawak PKR chief.


Iban rumah panjai said...

On NCR issue, our BN Dayak leaders are tight-lipped, not because they do not know the meaning of NCR, but they pretend not to know. For them positions and wealth are most important.

They agree with the state government that "pemakai menua" and "pulau galau" are not NCR even though the Federal Court in its ruling says otherwise.

Land perimeter survey carrying out by the Land and Survey Department is only confined to "temuda" - that is the land surrounding the longhouses and on nearby cultivated areas. For Dayak "pulau galau" and "pemakai menoa" are high forest where hunting, fishing and gathering of forest products by the community, but these are areas that state government issue licences for logging concessions and dam building activities.

Forests(Amendment) Ordinance 2001 criminalise natives who take forest products out of state land and communal land for commercial purposes, and even for domestic use, without licence. How can you need permission to benefit from what you have traditionally inherited from your ancestors?

Dayak BN leaders what say you? Come on Mr.FairviewBetong, can you speak on their behalf.

Apai irau said...

What has happened to our BN Dayak leaders?.Well,they will be best remembered as 'toothless Dayak leaders'.Judging from what Jabu,Manyin,Masing,Mawan and the other BN Dayak leaders had said in the past,i would not put any hope on them to protect our NCR land.Even Masing himself,the Minister of Land does not dare to talk about our rights on NCR.Before the last state election he said the common law(NCR inheritance,etc)supersedes our Land Ordinance,which simply mean that certain provisions in our Land Ordinance is oppressive towards NCR ownership rights,etc.But has Masing moved a motion to repeal these oppressive provisions to safeguard our NCR?No. He just talk cock.

Anonymous said...

The Dayaks have themselves to blame for letting their so called leaders become so hopelessly inept and lapdogs to their masters.Same thing for the Chinese ministers but the good thing is that the Chinese voters have woken up at least.Ignorance of the true dire state of the country's economy does not help.Handouts such as the Brm or whatever fancy term used for these thrown to them are greeted so happily that it turns ones stomach,so pathetic and grovelling like these so called leaders we have become.When will they wake up from their drunken stupor?

Bemused and Sad Sarawakian.

Jambu Batu said...

Our BN Dayak Leaders are educated lots.Some were overseas graduates with Phd(even though his thesis was based on Iban folklores) and many were local graduates,at least with a Diploma(Pakan Case-sorry).They have the brain,they are good speakers and able to manipulate their race with sweet lies and empty promises.One thing which they shared in common, for sure, is they are opportunists and gutless.They could only think of themselves but are TOO AFRAID to care for their race.In other words,they are mere SHITS.

Anonymous said...

What will happen if the Court of Law is not obeyed and respected? That will become the law of the jungle. The law of the jungle means the law of the animals. what will happen if the law of the jungle overruled what has been decided by our Court of law?

Anonymous said...

You know what is the greatetst sin of all? It is not doing what is wrong and unjust. It is knowing what is wrong and unjust BUT REMAIN SILENT AND LET IT HAPPEN! It is the greatest sin and leads to the downfall & extinction of one race and culture when its very own people wish to remain silent and let evil rules!!! Even worst, propagate evil and injustice! GOD bless the Dayak race. May GOD open the eyes of the Dayak leaders and let their conscience lead them back to the truth and justice to their own people. Its not too late sebedau pintu sebayan tutup ke bala sida tu! Don't let future generation to curse you and your descendants.

pelacur politikus said...

These are the things that happened to our BN Dayak leaders:1)Apple polishers 2)cowards 3)gutless 4)unlimited egos(to own race only) 5)jaguh kampung 6)self interest(rakyat put aside) 7)self glory(senior minister,etc and not a glory to their community) 8)politics to them is lying to their community 9)quarelsome(among themselves but dare not to talk to Taib) 10)they are just shits.

FairviewBetong said...

Dear readers,

Our dayak BN leaders are doing a great job. So.... what's the problem?????

Keep up the good work BN Dayak leaders . The community is behind you and the present BN government for continued development for the community.

Let it be known that the dayak people can only progress through the current (BN) government which is sincere, clean and transparent.

Thank you BN dayak leaders.

Anonymous said...

I read in one portal that some of these ulamams are proposing guidelines on interaction between Muslims and non Muslims.let's see what these Dayak leaders have to say about that.My guess is that they will quietly wait for someone else to respond then jump on whatever is the safest wagon their KL masters go on.Talk about useless brown nosing farts.And the people expect them to voice out their problems etc ? Pigs will fly and the cow will jump over the moon.