Sunday, February 26

Will SNAP be deregistered for the second time?

KUCHING:  Will the first Dayak-based party, Sarawak National Party (SNAP) be finally deregistered this time by the Federal Court?

Some people say that it is good if it is deregistered in order to minimise Dayaks being split and scattered in Dayak-based parties. It would be good all the Dayaks go to one single party either in Barisan Nasional or in Pakatan.

There are those who want to maintain that SNAP is still relevant. What do you think?

SNAP Secretary General Frankie Nyumboi said that the party remains a properly registered political party unless and until the court decides otherwise.

Nyumboi was asked to comment on a news item saying that the dispute over the registration of SNAP is not over yet as the Registrar of Societies has been given the nod by the Federal Court to appeal against a court decision which had restored the party’s registration.

“My comment and reaction to the news is simply to say that it is a normal process of litigation and ROS has a right to file for a leave of appeal to the Federal Court to appeal against the decision of the Appeal Court.

“As it is, leave it to the Federal Court to decide and as far as the party is concerned it remains as a properly registered political party unless and until the court decides otherwise.

“We are operating as usual and our rebranding and rebuilding exercise proceeds on,” Nyumboi told The Broken Shield.

Meanwhile, the three-member Federal Court last Tuesday unanimously allowed ROS’ application for leave to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal in setting aside the ROS’ order in 2002 to deregister SNAP following the party’s failure to resolve its protracted leadership crisis.

The appeal concerned the interpretation of Section 13 and Section 16 of the Societies Act which were not decided by the Federal Court.

The Federal Court would have to determine four legal questions in the appeal proceeding including a question on whether under Section 16 of the Societies Act 1966 read together with Section 13 (2) of the same act, ROS was required to act mechanically or has the discretion to cancel a society’s registration if conditions under Section 16(1) were not complied with.

Another question of law was whether under Section 16 of the Societies Act 1966 read with Section 13 of the same act, ROS is required to give reasons for his decision in cancelling the registration of a society if conditions under Section 16(1) were not complied with.

SNAP was deregistered by ROS on November 2002 following a leadership crisis which also led to the formation of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party.

SNAP then applied for stay of execution, and after eight years in the political doldrums, it was given a new lease of life by the Court of Appeal on June 23, 2010.

It held its first triennial general assembly (TGA) on January 15, 2012 during which Stanley Jugol was elected as the sixth president of the party.

Formed on April 10, 1962, SNAP which became the third party to be formed after Sarawak United People’s Party and Party Negara opened the way for the Dayaks to be fully involved in political activities in preparation for Sarawak’s independence.

Sarawak became independent when it joined Sabah (then North Borneo), Singapore and Malaya to form the federation of Malaysia on September 16, 1963. (Singapore withdrew from the federation on August 8, 1965).

SNAP formed an alliance government with Parti Pesaka Anak Sarawak, another Dayak-based party which was led by Temenggong Jugah Anak Barieng and Parti Panas led by Abang Openg bin Abg. Sapiee.

Stephen Kalong Ningkan, SNAP Secretary General was made the first Chief Minister of Sarawak, while Jugah became the Minister for Sarawak Affairs and Openg appointed the first governor.

With nine members of Parliament and 18 state assemblymen in the early days of Sarawak’s independence, SNAP today has been reduced to skeletal remains after it has been split twice in its 50 years of existence.

The deregistered Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak, Parti Rakyat Sarawak and SPDP were the off-shoots of the party. 


Apai Saloi said...

Do not speculate and do not assume. Court makes decision based on evidence adduced. But I don`t deny it there could be some cases whereby the court made decision under the influence of a particular person or group.

FairviewBetong said...

Dear dayaks - Iban especially,

Let us be united under PBB (Pesaka) under the able leadership of YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi for the betterment of dayak politics.

The present arrangement where some iban stays in PRS, Some in SUPP as well as SPDP is also not a bad one. Afterall, they are members of the BN family.

Let those who do "not understand politics of development" or "just being greedy politicians" stay put outside the BN.(Partyless, SNAP or even PKR.

Thank you iban for your continued support for BN.

Red Snapper said...

High time for SNAP to really snapped. Enough is enough for SNAP because it does not contribute to the dayak anymore. It is mere smallest party almost depicted as independent candidates, hoping to establish itself again and again over the time. Time changed and people change too. With new generations, most would see SNAP as a 'rejected patient' waiting for the day to exhale it's last breath.

Whoever want to revive SNAP, must bear in mind that SNAP has lost all it's glory, foundation and direction. No hope and nothing.

Forget about SNAP past history, we are the present, now. Most have lost confidence in SNAP even in the rural. Most would prefer other opposition party or independent candidate over SNAP.

SNAP is a bad name (bad omen) - patah or broken.

Layar folk said...

Should SNAP be deregistered; but hopefully it will not, it is best all its members join any political party in Pakatan Rakyat to fight for the interest of Sarawakians as a whole and Dayaks in particular. Our NCR lands have been robbed. None of our present Dayak minister has done anything to help their community to defend their NCR.

Bujang Timpang Berang said...

My question to you Fairviewbetong, does PBB really support and for the dayak?
Ok, let us go to any government departments (state & federal), how dayak appointed as Pengarah or Timbalan Pengarah? How many percent dayak working in government departments (state & federal)?
In Sarawak we read in newspapers about encroachment by Timbers and Oil Palms companies into NCR lands. Who issue those licences to those Timber and Oil Palm companies?
Why are BN leaders deaf and dumb over these encroachment issues?
Where are BN leaders when the people need them?
The natives have to fend off themselves against timber and Oil Palm companies and the Polis, too.
Those timber and oil palm companies are protected while those natives are NOT.
The natives have NO RIGHT to defend their NCR lands while those hungry wolves have every right to encroach into NCR lands.

'Politics of development'? Hahaha....should read as 'Politics of depreciations'.

Apai irau said...

This time it really worries me.Last court battles Snap still had a few guys having the means to engage lawyers in Kl.I don't see any this time.I am not underestimating current Snap leaders though,but i do have a bit of knowledge about current Snap affairs.So to Stanley Jugol and his 'Snap Family',better watch out.Given new leaders plus some resources,Snap is still sale able but i really do not have any comment for the present set up in Snap.Any way,i hope nobody will SELL THEIR SOUL to Najib to enable Snap to survive this time around.Snap has said from time to time it will fight alone but my feeling is that somebody will sell their soul to survive.

Tbsbidayuh said...

Let it be a spectacular history for the new generation of the Dayak.We cannot be multi-racial if we are not agree to do so. Let it rest with Wong and Ningkan. Don't play shadow show if the lcd tv is cheap. nobody will watch old epic show as it is not attractive to the new generation. It will only make the "tok dalang" get sore-throat and loses his voice.

SNAP won a great battle for the Dayak indeed. If it is not relevant, scrap it over and start a new chapter. Money politic in SNAP is not a guarantee of it survival but an ugly picture of Dayak integrity and dignity.People is not interested in selling but in maintaining. Why keep disposable thing? it only occupy space and hard to maintain. throw it away. get new one.

We are enough of stupidity. Now with the re-emergence of STAR, thing might get messy and people get confuse. At the end with 100 nomination, BN will benefited.

Anonymous said...

It would be profitable to us Dayaks if SNAP gets deregistered once and for all. All SNAP members could later join PBB because in PBB you all can freely rob the other Dayaks of their NCR land. You all can have Belian Timber Licence! Just circle any area on the map, that area is yours to loot. You all helped the BN during the last state election, about time you all get your reward!

Apai Semalau said...

SNAP is a foregone conclusion! Let sleeping dog lie and die a natural dignified death. It has long lost its bite. The number of votes for SNAP in the last state election speaks volume. Being a "spoiler" in the next election causing disunity is a betrayal of the dayak race!

pelacur politikus said...

Giving new capable leaders and resources,as one commentator said here,i too believe Snap can emerge as a force once more.The problem is,Stanley Jugol and his old unproductive loyalists still want to have full control of the party knowing well that people are fade up with them long time ago.I heard from a friend in Snap, Jugol and son Dayrell appointed their family members in all sections of the party.Jugol is the President,Dayrell is vice President,Dayrell's father in law Kebing Wan is Senior VP,Jugol'daughter Melissa is women Chief and Jugol other son Collin is Pemuda Vice.Those having a little bit of brain were sidelined and appointed to less important post.This is the major factor that scare people away from Snap.Infact Snap has a great advantage being the truly local opposition but Stanley's family business in the party override the genuine intention of the party.

Anonymous said...

I suggest these people to stand for Snap in the coming parliamentary election.Stanley jugol in Betong,Dayrell in Saratok,Johny wong in sibu,Nyumboy in Mas gading,Kebing Wan in Baram,.Lawan,jangan tak lawan.

Anonymous said...

If YAB Tan Sri Jabu will become the next Chief Minister of Sarawak then it is worth for dayak to support PBB and BN components party. If not what for to support BN @ PBB anymore? It is 50 years already "Merdeka" under malaysia and yet we Dayak especially the Iban's still being side line by other races in Sarawak and Malaysia. Only now BN's think we are important and started caring for us. What are they doing in the past 50 years to help us the Dayaks? Think again all fellow dayaks, now we should try to voted BN once and for all.