Friday, February 17

Why we cannot follow Singapore?

SINGAPORE:  Singapore’s main opposition party yesterday (15 Feb) sacked one of its lawmakers after he refused to respond to allegations of extramarital affairs.

“The Workers’ Party (WP) has expelled Yaw Shin Leong from the party with immediate effect,” it said in a statement on its website.

“WP believes strongly in transparency and accountability, and expects no less from our members, especially our Members of Parliament.”

Any sitting MP expelled by his party loses his seat in parliament and has to be replaced in a by-election.

Allegations that Yaw, who is 35 and in his second marriage, had affairs with a married female party worker and a married neighbour have been published in local media an online forums in recent weeks.
COMMENT: Well, well this is a very interesting story. Firstly it shows how discipline is WP, and it should be a role model for our YBs and ministers in Sarawak.

We know a number of our YBs are indulged in extramarital affairs; some with married women and others with young and unmarried women.

Some do it openly without regard for their reputation and dignity. Yet no disciplinary action is taken against them by their respective parties. The worst part of it is that when they defend their seats, their majorities increase. What an irony!

The second point of the article above is that when WP expelled its MP for gross indiscipline, he loses his seat in parliament.

In Sarawak, we have SPDP expelling five of its elected representatives for gross insubordination.

Instead of losing their seats, they are being applauded to form BN Club in order to justify their place in the Barisan Nasional.  There were also previous cases too many to name here; when they (YBs) were forced to quit or resign, they became ‘political frogs’.


The Marketing Scribe said...

We don't have to go far. How about one MCA leader who was caught with his pants (literally) committing adultery and yet, went on to be elected the President of the party. While the incumbent who did the right thing by exposing the PKFZ deal, got the boots! Look at the current issue relating to the NFC. After weeks of expose after expose by the Opposition, Najib now says it is up to him to decide what to do with Sharizat. Sooooooo, what is he waiting for? Then come Muhyiddin, they will only decide on Sharizat's fate after the probe. Huh?!?! Why didn't they put her on suspension till the probe is over? It really boggles one's mind as to how this country is managed, and so far, I don't see anyone making an effort to make a U-turn. If you want to compare with Singapore, then do what the island state did, consider secesson for the good of all Sarawakians.

Apai irau said...

We are different from Singapore.The most important difference is while Singapore applies sound system of good governance,transparency and and accountability we in Malaysia practices 'Bolehland 1Malaysia'.Everything boleh for the politicians and government leaders-corruption in the tune of hundreds of millions is nothing in Malaysia,having extramarital affairs is a norm,misappropriating rakyat's money is heard every day,and whatnot.Heem what a wonderful bolehland.

Banting said...

In terms of politics, we are too far away backwards as compared to Singapore a Republic which provides effective and well disciplined leaders who successfully integrate the goals of their organisation with those subordinates and thus improve organisation accomplishment.

Contrary to the politics scenario in our country, which is seen much of self-discretionary power - not provided for under rules and regulations but an institutional power by virtue of a leader`s rank or position in the organisation hierachy. This is an autocratic type of leadership who usually makes all decisions for the groups and does not considers or ever agrees the views of the decision of each group.

A good example was the sacking of an elected representative by his own party but was given a post in the government by a self-discretionary power of an individual who did not respect the decision of the party which is partner in the coalition.

Anonymous said...

We are in fact under a "dictatorship" in Malaysia and in Sarawak. Hence voters are told to vote BN in every elections or else no benefits like MRP would go to them in return. In Sarawak CM Taib is a sultan without a crown. But he is like that becuase of PRS and SPDP are his staunch supporters. Tan Sri Mawan would not do anything that CM disapproves of. And when he had to get SPDP to terminate membership of the Group of 5 it was due to the fact that he had no other choice in the matter. Perhaps CM Taib had earlier on encouraged that to happen, or Tan Sri Mawan after having gotten those titles Dato Sri and now Tan Sri is feeling gratified.
Tan Sri Mawan did say to Nansen that the latter "can kiss goodbye to Tasik Biru" like he also told that Tiki would not be nominated to stand in Mas Gading constituency. He also mentioned about his party will be selecting some prominent Bidayuh Civil Servants to replace Tiki as a reminder that SPDP is not short of capable Bidayuh in Bau. However when group of 5 formed the Barisan Club and Nansen remains as Assistant Minister and the latter has said that "Tiki is winnable candidate for Mas Gading" Tan Sri Mawan is now silent.
To many Bidayuh in Bau Mawan is making a mess of himself. Especially when he wants to pick a candidate from the small pool of Bidayuh Senior Civil Servant to replace Tiki. He should forget it and just go back to Julau, don't interfere in Bau. And he should not try to "manage" politics of Bau when he has shown himself to be defective or (maybe)not at all trying to tell CM Taib like Tan Sri Masing did with regard to Larry Sng to tell nansen not to talk about who will be candidate for SPDP in Mas Gading because he is not in the party anymore. For that matter he should tell Taib to not to appoint the Group of 5 to any position in the government. And as Taib is obviously is making such things that by those things Mawan's face is "shit", in order to redeem himself he should protest against any of, and later on resign his ministerial post in the state government unless none of the Group of 5 is appointed in CM Taib government.
In a nutshell Mawan is nothing anymore..He made a mockery of himself in respect of Nansen and Tiki. He is powerless in the government as his ministry is without budget. So anything and everything is Taib's own doing and planning. And all these are due to CM Taib is too powerful, a sultan without a crown. He should be changed by not voting Barisan in coming GE13 in order to put a stop to this abuse of power in all aspect of Sarawak's endeavour. As for Mawan he should just go and fly kite now.

Anonymous said...

We still have a long way to go as afar as dreaming to become a fully industrialised country by 2020. There's no point in having high GDP and first-class facilities; but coruption and abuse of power are everywhere, lacklustre oversights with no will for accountability right from the top. The country is indeed regressing!!

Tbsbidayuh said...

we tend to have philosophies, theories and formula on how to build a nation but singaporean believe in result orientation. They have brains but we don't although we have but the rotten one.