Thursday, May 8

The Broken Shield - a very rare document

When The Broken Shield began its sale on 16 December 2007, it has received several comments from buyers. While some say the book is good for the younger and future generation of Ibans to enable them to understand the struggles of the past leaders, there are others who say that the book is a very rare document. There are also some who praise the author for having the patience and committment to write the book. (It took him seven years to do the research).

So far the book is selling pretty well. Since the launch, more than 500 copies have been sold through only personal cpontacts. Copies of the book are yet to be displayed at various bookstores in Sarawak.

Among those who have purchased the book are: Dato' Sri William Mawan, Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation; Dato' Sri Dr. James Masing, Minister of Land Development; Dato Joseph Salang, Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communications; Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi; Datuk Asman Ujang, Bernama General Manager; Affendi Ariffin, former Press Secretary to Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud; Datuk Salleh Jafaruddin; former MP Ting Lian Kiew, YB Datuk Richard Riot; YB Nelson Rining, YB Frederick Bayoi, former YB Dr. Patau Rubis, former MP Patrick Anek Uren and Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem, former Deputy Chief Minister.

Among the academic circles include Professor Michael Leigh (author of The Rising Moon), Professor Rama Bulan, Professor Dembab Ngidang, Dr. John Brian, Dr. Elie Luhat, Dr. Dusit Jaul, Dr. Nelson Meresat, Dr. Edwin Mit, and Dr. Linton.

Several lawyers have also bought the book.

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Anonymous said...

hopefully our dayaks leaders can put aside all the differences, no fihting to become leader/presiden and become united for our community benifits

45years we are still lack of basic ammenities (insfrastructure, education etc)

others still look down on us...ulun