Friday, October 29

Stupid civil servants trying to bluff people!

Land Development Minister James Masing and Director of Forests Len Talif clash over the interpretation of the causes of the logjam that spread over 250 km of the Rajang River two weeks ago.

While Masing puts the blame on logging activities, much of which were carried out illegally in forests at Sungai Melatai in his constituency of Baleh, Len says the loggers should not be blamed as the causes of the logjam were due to the changing patterns of rain in the area.

Masing says heavy logging activities have caused landslides during heavy rains bringing with it logs and debris down the river right to the mighty Rajang River.

Masing wants the authorities to take stern action against companies which have been carrying out intensive logging activities in the area. According to him, this was the third incident of its kind.

In a direct challenge to Masing, Len said that logging activities in the upper reaches of Rajang River should not be blamed for the recent logjam.

“Many thought that logging was the main cause, but studies showed that it contributed minimally to the massive debris that clogged the Rajang River for several days.

“The changing pattern of rain in the area is the main culprit which has been changing in the last three years.

“According to the hydrographs report on Nanga Ga’at, the water level on October 3 at 4.48 pm was 8 metres. On October 7 at 7.00 am, the water level was 5 metres. At 9.00 pm on the same day, it rose to 11 metres.

“Through this study, we have concluded that the debris was caused by the concentration of rains within a short period,”
he said.

Most of the debris in the form of logs came from the forests of Sungai Melatai.

According to Len, the logging activities from Sungai Melatai had stopped since 2007.

Commenting on Len’s statement, Masing who is also the state assemblyman for Baleh said that the Forestry and he had a different interpretation of what has been described as “natural and man-made disaster.”

“I am not being polemical here. But it is interesting to note that where there are massive soil erosions in the upper reaches of Baleh River there are extensive logging activities.

“There are no massive erosions where there are no logging activities.

“What does this mean?” he asked.

“Let soil experts make their conclusion. I stand to be corrected on the cause of Baleh logjam issue,” said Masing, who is also the president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

It is obvious that Len is policing Taib’s balls at the expense of his professional integrity.

It does not take one to be a scientist to know that the debris consisting of logs and timber parts are the ones that have caused the logjam. These logs and timber parts have been piled up over the years so when heavy rains came, the logs and timber parts were washed away.

You cannot bluff all people all the time. Nowadays people are even smarter than Len Talif except that they are not given a chance to prove themselves.

What a stupid man he is!

Another “apple polisher” civil servant is divisional engineer of the department of irrigation and drainage, Ting Sing Kwong who says that the low water level of the Rajang River is due to dry weather. It is NOT due to the impoundment of the Bakun dam, he says.

Why that is all these years Rajang River has never experienced such a low water level? Why did it happen when we started to impound water into the dam? Don’t try to bluff people and make yourself look stupid in the eyes of the public.– The Broken Shield.


Banting said...

Over-all I agree with most people`s opinion that the logjam disaster was caused by logging activities and the causes of low water levels at Rajang and Balleh rivers are due to the impoundment of Bakun Dam.

Len Talip is defending his forest department and the weakness of the state government. It is still fresh in our mind when Len Talip and Awang Tengah were not happy with The Auditor-General`s 2008 report on Sarawak`s poor forest management and they went on to say that the AG had no right to pass judgment on Sarawak`s sustainable management standard as AG did not have the required expertise to do so.

Come on, today is not a stone-age era, people can judge you from your words.

Suspicious SDNU member said...

Dear JT,

While Land Development Minister James Masing and Director of Forests Len Talif clash over the interpretation of the causes of the logjam that spread over 250 km of the Rajang River two weeks ago, the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and the Borneo Dayak Cultural and sports Development Committee (BDCSDC) is "clashing" over who is the rightful/ authorized organizer of the Borneo Dayak Cultural Heritage Safari to be held before the end of this year.

SDNU says: (ref: Mr. Anthony Banyan's posting of 15th October 2010 in his blog Pejurai Apai Enduq).

Quote "FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010
Borneo Dayak Cultural Heritage Safari 2010 (BDCHS)
Berita di ambi ari SDNU, (by Mr. Anthony Banyan, Deputy President 1, SDNU)

Berita pasal program nemuai ke Kalimantan tau ka BDCHS 2010. Bala Dayak seluruh menua Sarawak di pinta meri sukung ngagai aktiviti ninting taun ti di atur SDNU. Aktiviti tu di kena negut ka kaul bala Dayak di Sarawak enggau bala Dayak di Kalimantan.Nitih ka berita, penyampau 20 buah kereta di sadang enggau Safari tu ila ti datai ari Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikai, Sri Aman sereta Kuching.Pekara ti silik;

1. Program SDNU : Borneo Dayak Cultural Heritage Safari 2010
2. Pejalai/Route : Kuching-Sanggau-Sintang-Bengkayang-Landak-Singkawang-Pontianak
3. Haribulan/Date : 24 - 29/11/2010
4. Kereta : Kereta biasa/4WD (2-4 participants)
5. Bayar/Fees : RM750/participant (Hotel/food/Car insurance & RTax/etc)
6. Organizing Secretariat : SDNU HQ, Tel/Fax No. 082-570433 or Exec. Secretary HP: 013-8080433

* SEMUA Bayar terus ngagai account SARAWAK DAYAK NATIONAL UNION (SDNU), CIMB: 11050004064057** Kena muai penyaru/confuse, Semina SDNU ngatur BORNEO DAYAK CULTURAL HERITAGE SAFARI 2010 ti begulai enggau MADN/DAD" Unquote

However, a friend forwarded to me an email purportedly from the "organizer" for the same event but with many different facts including;

Fees: RM1,200 per participant INSTEAD of RM750.00

Fees payable to: Borneo Dayak Cultural and Sports Development Committee Account No. 088000034003 (Hong Leong Bank) INSTEAD of SARAWAK DAYAK NATIONAL UNION's (SDNU), account at CIMB: 11050004064057

Enquiries and Registration: Mr. Salam Chimie (017-8116561), Alim Mideh (013-8374178), John N. Peter (019-8799762 and Ambau Galeh (013-8259990) INSTEAD of SDNU HQ, Tel/Fax No. 082-570433 or Exec. Secretary HP: 013-8080433

Can somebody please help clarify. Thank you

Anonymous said...

What say you Masing? Is it not the correct time for you to align your party to Pakatan Rakyat and leave BN? You are now starting to be sideline by Uban who is using all the govt machinery to discredit you. Timing is important! before you are force to ride to sunset why not follow the new dawn of Pakatan Rakyat.

Apai Semalau said...

How did this Len gets to be the director of forests leaves a lot to be desired. Sounds like he should have been appointed head of the meteological department. It sure took him a long while to come out with a lame excuse that doesn't hold water.
Who is he fooling by blaming on "natural causes" for the logjam. Can somebody please explain to this Len the meaning of "logjam" which is different from the word "flooding"!

Sri Belalang said...

Dr. James Masing sudah bertaubat sekarang. Apa yang beliau cakap ada kebanarannya.

Saya masih ingat lagi dimana beliau telah begitu khautir jika pemangkang bolih menggunakan isu ketiadaan jalan raya menghubungi Kapit dalam pilihanraya nanti. Saya pecaya beliau secara tidak langsung menginggatkan boss nya Taib untuk mengambil berat kemahuan penuduk-penuduk Kapit yang memerlukan jalan raya.

Mata Kuching said...

Do not expect any actions to be taken against the culprits who are the loggers and or companies owned by Taib's cronies. Some years ago when SESCO discovered that the main culprits of electricity theft were saw millers owned by Taib's cronies no action was taken at all.

The affected residents and the Dayaks must take matters into their own hands by voting out this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, many good and righteous civil servants were retired off leaving behind apple-polishers to man the stable of misguided squad.
When the government changes hand, the first thing the new government to do is to retire a lot of dead woods in the government departments.
Bring back the good ones even if they have retired or promote the more talented, able and energetics ones quickly.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from these well heeled civil servants who can afford to live like kings, way beyond their means? These are timber robbers' cahoots and they have no shame to lie through their teeth, treating the public like they are ignorant imbeciles just for the freebies. The best we could do is to expose their lies by finding out all the facts to counter their lies.

Anonymous said...

Can someone lodge a report to the MACC to have Len Talif and Ting Sing Kwong investigated for corruption and abuse of power?!!

Anonymous said...

To SDNU member,
lain utai ti dipejako orang, lain utai di sebut nuan ditu. Amai empelah nuan tu. SDNU has a place of its own. Lunggau.

Anonymous said...

Masing, since you know so much about all this matter then why don't you go to see CM and ask him to impound those companies that is responsible for this disaster.
Don't just bark and then silence.
Also all civil servants are BN and CM ball polisher. They are sacred that if they say too much their rice bowl will be broken.

Banting said...

Earlier the man blamed the logging activities which was the main cause of logjam. Now he blamed the spirits to have caused the disaster.

Next time, he will blame the monkeys and animals in the jungle.

What do you think of this man? Can you trust him?

Anonymous said...

To my friend - the anonymous.

Difference of opinion happens at all levels. Political / Government and Clubs / Organisations is no exception. The point is; Who benefits from such opinion scheme?

My previous posting was well on course, Ukai empelah as you claimed. Masing and Len has difference of opinion and at the organisation level, SDNU and Borneo Dayak Cultural and Sports Development Committee also has difference of opinion.

The questions is; WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH????????

Secondly, you are typical Iban Lama (please update your mentality), Ta semina bebelit lalu bekerakar ke utai ke udah nyadi. Sampai teduduk nuan mansut ke anak penemu nuan ke baka kerengin nya, nadai meh bala politician nukar policy sida ke bekaul enggau pengidup kita iban.


Good thinking.

Anonymous said...

Masing is only trying to reverse his fortune. Only now he talks about the misfortune of the Dayaks. Being a minister and all, where was he when the Bakun dam was proposed? I'm sure he was one of those who quickly put his hand up when Taib asked fro a show of support. And all the illegal timber extraction in his own backyard, only now he knows about them? I'm sure he knows who these people are. Just send the police or the army to go after them and see how fast the whole illegal trade stopped. You are in the government, for God's sake!

apai irau said...

Masing talks because the election is near,its easy to read his action.If not for the election and if the hazard ocured in other Iban areas/constituency,do you expect him to talk? no way,he's a pretender and he's Taib crony to disintegrate the Dayaks in particular the Ibans as we can see from what he had done to PBDS.He only talk about the Dayaks to save his skin,no more.

Anonymous said...

My personal experience...
When I went to register my new company the lady at the counter hastily take in my application. After a few days I went to get my newly approved company and without going through carefully I went straight to the bank to sumit my new company for a loan. To my surprise after a few days the bank call me and said the company name is spell wrongly. When I went back and confront that bloody lady who done this, she just pretend nothing has happen. After some nasty round with her she just make a simple apology.
Also the otherday I went to pay my rm25 trade license and I have to wait for about 1 1/2 hours for this simple thing. You know the lady who is suppose to collect this money have a hard time trying to repair the machine that will print out the new trade license. The queue was long but she won't care. After many failure and sensing the anger of the queue, she finally do it manually. This peas size brain should not be allow to man the counter.
Its a shame when you see such a low standard at this ervice counter, like those also at immigration, income tax, national registeration etc.
This civil servant is a eye sore of this country. There is no urgency to do their job professionally.

Vernon Aji Kedit said...

May I invite readers to view my blog which is about Dayak history. Thank you Mr Joseph Tawie.

Anonymous said...

According to Len Latif Salleh in a press conference prior to the Report being published the situation was not a logjam but driftwood due to heavy rain and the existence of rotten woods is natural because there was logging activities prior to 2007 and rivers are the main mode of discharging debris.And Len Latif reiterates that it would not be right to blame logging activities,if any, as the main cause of the massive flow of driftwood.When the Report is tabled and debated in the current sitting of the Dewan,would Masing still call the situation a man-made disaster and named the culprits?After all Len Latif had asked-Who is the man to be blamed?Please name him.Masing after hogging the limelight is now caught in a bind after breaking rank with Taib and his other Cabinet Ministers in telling the media the cause of the disaster and naming the culprits.All the indications show that Taib and the other Cabinet Ministers would not even touch Masing with a barge pole,most glaring incident in the no turn up by them at the PRS anniversary dinner recently.Masing stank badly like a week dead ikan empurau drifting glaringly in a snail pace on the Batang Rajang.Taib will make it known to Masing who really ruled the roost and make it plain to Masing who is the supplicant.What is feared among the Dayaks now is that Masing may change his storey faster than a monkey up a tree for fear of being purge as an obvious deadwood by Taib.Masing is in serious trouble.As the English say-Why start a hare that will probably lead nowhere?-.Masing must realised that he is now on Taib roller coaster,unable to slow down or get off.

Anonymous said...

@ Vernon Kedit.
Nama blog diri empu enda ga nemu nama gaya Iban ngga utai
"You're about to be redirected
The blog that used to be here is now at
Do you wish to be redirected?"
In this computer age people do not trust to be directed by website.

Anonymous said...

why grand miring ceremony since the cause of the logjam is clearly the illegal or legal loggers. If any miring ceremony should take place then it should be at the Forest Department and all the relevant authorities involved. Miring the ghost or antu out.

Anonymous said...

The sore of the logjam and the effect of the Bakun Dam impoundment on the water level of Rajang River need to be cauterized.Meaning the Report or formation of any Select Committee are already dead in the water-belly up.Events had now overtaken Masing desire to speak up.Rayong is now officially a BN member,although openly Masing specifically opposed to this,so to speak,root and branch.Next Larry Sng will be BN direct candidate for Pelagus as instucted by Taib.Masing had opened too many fronts.Masing is in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

Will the Len Latif Report be out?Awang Tengah did say in the media that a Report on the logjam/driftwood will be presented to the Dewan-will it be presented at this current November sittings?Taib wants the media glare off on the logjam/driftwood incident so that everything goes back to business as usual for his family,associated businessmen and his government.Iconcur with the comment that Masing will change his story faster than a monkey up a tree.The wily Masing is quick to deflect,blame and point the fingers elsewhere-the Gods and the Gods are crazy.Masing wants to appease the Gods and he comes knocking on Taib door for the money for the offerings/piring.But the Gods want Taib as the perfect offering/piring-nothing more and nothing less for a disaster of this cataclysmic proportions.That would mean Masing has cut and run for the tall timber leaving dead Dayak bodies behind him.The harbinger of more bad things to happen.

Tiyung Dayak said...

RM1,200 – RM750 = RM450 x 10 pax = Wow! Easy money to be made!!!

So, to be or not to be a "seafarer"?

Anonymous said...

Coba tanya sama Japut pasal itu logjam & Sungai Rajang kering..apa kata beliau?

James Adau said...

Like it or not,we Dayaks must put aside all our differences.We must stand united in order to be recognized.We all are warriors,lets fight this battle together and get it done with before its too late. We must all sacrifice for the sack of our future generations,too much is at stack so lets vote out BN come this coming election.
Come on Dayak YBs,don't be a coward.Enti kita nya mensia enda patut ga kita bangat nadai penyinu ka bansa diri.
A senior Dayak Minister in the person of James Masing is just as toothless compare to Len Talif,thats the price we have to pay when we tend to go our separate ways.

Joseph Tawie said...

To Mr. Vernon Kedit,
Your book project should be very valuable for the future generation. When you are about to go to the printer, perhaps it may be worthwihile to see the director of Sarawak foundation. SF has a fund to sponsor anyone who is writing history, personal experice, etc. Usually it gives RM30,000 to help you print the book.

Joseph Tawie

Anonymous said...

@Vernon Kedit

The Dayak history book could contain all the sad blunders by the corrupted Dayak leaders from the times of Rajah Brookes until now which caused us all Dayak still slaves, beggars at own backyard.

'Wild Crooks Of Borneo' should be the best title for your book!