Thursday, October 7

Mawan says reject outsiders

President of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party William Mawan Ikom was quoted by The Borneo Post on Wednesday (6 October 2010) as saying that Sarawakians should reject the opposition especially the Pakatan Rakyat which is composed of Peninsular Malaysia-based party.

The PR is made of up Democratic Action Party (DAP), Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Pas). (No mention of Sarawak National Party which is also part of Pakatan Rakyat).

Mawan said even if the PR wins in the ext election, they would not be able to take care of Sarawakians as they would be looking after their own interests.

“They are outsiders, so how could they look after the interests of Sarawakians?

“The BN has proven itself all these while and continue to carry out its plan to improve the livelihood of the people,” Mawan told The Borneo Post.

The question here is: what does Mawan mean why ‘outsiders’?

If all these people are Malaysians, then Mawan is obvious that he is anti-Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia.

Secondly, if he thinks that people from Pakatan Rakyat are “outsiders” how would he label people like Prime Minister Najib, and his Deputy Muhyiddin Yassin and UMNO ministers as outsiders?

Does he dare say that they are outsiders?

If we really apply Mawan’s definition of ‘outsiders’, then he should get rid of all the federal officers who are working here.

Many other BN leaders have also been saying this.

Don’t they speak through their noses? Or do they want to project themselves as ‘jagoh kampung’?

Think first before you speak because what you say will reflect how stupid or how clever you are.– The Broken Shield.


Banting said...

Does Mawan dare to say West Malaysian officers who are working in Sarawak are `penjajah`? I will not agree if says that.

Sometime, I noticed that ministers, supposed to be intelligent, but `nyanyuk` in thinking.

I still remember, when Jabu reminded `outsiders` not to come to Iban longhouses, because these people he said would bring bad luck.

Well my dear ministers, we are living in our multiracial country and encourage a sense of friendship and racial harmony amongst the people of Malaysia so that all communities live in the true spirit of tolerance, co-operation and understanding for the benefit of the people and country. To promote inter racial harmony and unity we encourage all races of different religions to mix around. Why should you reject outsiders to come to Sarawak?

Do not aggravates racial outburst and deteriorates racial harmony, instead we should cultivate mutual understanding and genuine respect for each other.My elders always advised me to respect outsiders.

Anonymous said...

Please lah Mr. Minister sir. If it is really necessary to polish apples; make sure you polish fresh and edible one.

Jangan kasi malu sama kita ITM dropouts please.

apai irau said...

SPDP=Saya pemimpin dari Pakan OR Saya pemimpin dalam Pub.Chun and ngam.He is from Pakan and he frequents pubs.I dare Mawan to say the same to West Malaysian officers serving in Sarawak only,no need to Najib.This YB is just simply a nut.PKR,DAP and DAP are truly West Malaysian based parties as they were formed there,but these political parties are national in nature which mean they can set their foot anywhere in Malaysia including Sarawak.Mawan,please apply your Diploma brain a bit lah.Dont be so arrogant just because you made your brothers Tuai Rumah and Penghulu or just because your longhouse has the computer facility and tadika.You talked so much about one middle finger Malaysia yet you only take care of yourself."Saya dan rumah panjang saya di dahulukan,rakyat rumah panjang lain di kemudiankan".One more thing,do not discount SNAP yet,you were made Yang Bodoh Sombong and Monster by SNAP.One thing for sure,SNAP will "kiss" you at Pakan in this coming election.

Ganeng said...

By Mawan's definition "outsiders" include UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, etc..
So good advise for Sarawakian to not support parties associated with these "outsider."...DUH!!

miaowkia said...

Dare remove your wig and tell us ALL that SPDP is not a component of BN. Why have to hiss foolishly like Pai Saloi. We have been long waiting forward to have someone who can speak out boldly to defend our state and its people in The Fair Land of Sarawak. It shows your true stupidity for cladding a BN armour just to stand head high in order to attain your ego spirit and the selfish deeds. Our State is plagued with rejected and unwanted officers from the SM and thus denying of our own capable human resources. Do you think this then is a fast track to enhance the state development programmes. Common tell them off they are real outsiders.

Anonymous said...

May I ask Mawan, what is the purpose of 1Malaysia concept introduced by the Prime Minister?

When all Malaysians know 1Malaysia concept is as an extension of government efforts to grow the national unity and to enable the people to live in atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect given the diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, culture and lifestyle.

By why should we reject West Malaysian people to come to our state? Why should we warned `outsiders`not to mess around with Ibans?

I am very disappointed when these words came from the mouth of our Iban ministers.

Anonymous said...

If Mawan walk his talk then he should ask all the west Malaysian civil servants to leave the state. They are too outsiders and they don't understand the customs and the traditions of the local people. Therefore they are not suitable to work here. Let Sarawakian work for Sarawakian.
Mawan is just trying to attract some attention becos he knows too well that his days are numbered. His boss who is in deep trouble with PKFZ is pondering whether to have a leadership change.There are rumour that Mawan is not well like by party supporters.
With the election getting closer, he is starting to bark. May be he should also follow DPM asking malays to return the haram money. Likewise he should also tell the Ibans to kick out all the west Malaysian in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

You can take this kampong boy out of the kampong, but not the 'kampong' out of him...

Anonymous said...

I do agree that ONLY local Sarawakian should be given the utmost priority to run the state, administratively, politically and socially. However, by looking at the current situation and the quality of our own local leaders...Naahhh!!! Maybe in another life time... Sarawak for Sarawakian!!!

Mata Kuching said...

Ex-Servicemen Association of Malaysia (PBTM)chairman Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani reminded veterans it was their duty to fight — “to the last drop of blood” — against “anti-national elements” wishing to cause instability and upheaval in the country, stressing that stability was the foundation of national sovereignty and security.

“No one should try to cause chaos in the country by claiming they are marginalised. He added that veterans should also strive to protect the Federal Constitution in its current form.

“We do not want another May 13 Incident,” he warned a full-house gathering of veterans here.

Dear fellow Malaysians, this is the sort of indoctrinations created by UMNO to stay in power at all cost. Do we want to be intimidated by certain extremist inividuals ? Who do you think this extremist group is targeting? The terrorists? Non- Malays? Pakatan? or both Non-Malays and Pakatan?

WE must be strong and united to defeat the politics of fear expounded by UMNO controlled BN. Without reforms these shall be no transformation and massive abuse of power and corruption will continue. UMNO controlled BN extremism must be defeated and replaced by middle politics represented by PAS, PKR, DAP and friends of Pakatan.